More Uplifting Examples of Point Franchise Businesses Using Digital Marketing to Build Strong Customer Relationships During the COVID-19 Crisis

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It’s a challenging time for all businesses. But many are combatting the COVID-19 crisis by focussing on building strong customer relationships. Let’s take a look at some of the best examples of digital marketing.

Our first article on digital marketing amid the COVID-19 crisis proved successful – but since we published it, even more companies have stepped up their social media marketing game. We’ve collected some more examples of Point Franchise businesses showing us how to build strong customer relationships through online marketing. Take a look below at some of the proactive steps franchises have taken in the past few weeks.

1. Introducing a home delivery service

As a result of the COVID-19 crisis, many of us are now dependent on home deliveries. Whether we’re buying food, clothes or homeware, we’re all on the lookout for retailers with the capacity to drop their products at our doors. Wine franchise Cavavin recognises this, and made the decision to put its drinks online.

Now, customers can browse and buy their favourite beverages on the Cavavin website. The franchise announced the move in a Twitter post, saying:

“Don’t come to us, we’ll come to you with our local drop-off and delivery service. #stayathome”

2. Providing health and safety tips for delivery drivers

By relying on delivery and courier firms, consumers can keep buying all their favourite products without having to endanger themselves by leaving the house. This puts transport drivers in a high-risk category, as they’re handling goods and interacting with others throughout the day.

Driver Hire is one franchise with a lot to lose. So, it has created a list of top tips for its delivery drivers to stay safe during the COVID-19 crisis. The pointers not only help workers protect their physical health, but their mental wellbeing too. Check out the list of tips on the Driver Hire website.

3. Teaching parents how to give lessons from home

Franchises providing education services for children have seen a steep rise in interest from parents over the past few weeks. With schools closed to all pupils excluding the children of keyworkers, lots of parents have had to take over teaching duties. Private tutoring franchises like Kumon have been able to use their expertise to help adults provide high-quality lessons while still carrying out their job every day.

Tutor Doctor has created a useful guide for adults teaching their children from home. Suggesting they do what works for them and end lessons on a positive note, the franchise aims to ease the pressure on parents. It also created a helpful infographic called ‘10 Tips for the Reluctant Student’. They included using digital media to present facts and encouraging children to keep a daily ‘achievement’ journal.

Source: @tutordoctor

4. Making online content accessible for parents and teachers

As computer equipment and online tools develop over the coming years, programming skills will become increasingly valuable. While children are away from school, parents can take advantage of the free time and teach their children how to program. Technology franchise ComputerXplorers has fostered strong customer relationships by launching its very own online Python Programming course.

Its introductory Twitter post included all the information parents and teachers needed: the start date and time, the price of the course and the organiser’s contact information.

5. Sharing instructive video content showing how to minimise germs

Franchises don’t always have to create fantastic content if they want to engage their customers. Promedica24 shared a video posted by the BBC on how to care for a loved one with coronavirus. The care franchise’s customer base is largely made up of relatives of elderly or vulnerable people, who all probably want to know how to look after their loved ones if they contract COVID-19.

So, Promedica24 recognised the concerns of its followers and shared content reflecting them. This is just one way of driving strong customer relationships without developing new content yourself. It also gives you the opportunity to shine a spotlight on other local businesses.

6. Launching a 20-day cleaning challenge

It’s safe to say the world has gone into overdrive when it comes to cleaning – and rightly so. Good personal hygiene and high standards of cleanliness in home and work environments are key to eradicating the coronavirus. But sometimes the endless streams of content on how to minimise germs can be overwhelming.

Ovenclean turned the tables by launching a 20-day spring cleaning challenge. The franchise provided a much-needed distraction with its daily project suggestions. Tasks included wiping light fixtures, washing curtains, deep-cleaning the bins and de-cluttering.

7. Creating a challenge for children

It’s not just adults who need distracting. Children are also in need of some fun activities as we remain in a state of lockdown. ComputerXplorers, which usually runs fun technology workshops for school pupils, built on its strong customer relationships by developing a 30-day LEGO challenge with a range of different structures.

Thanks to the business, parents could set their children a challenge every day without having to spend their time coming up with good ideas. ComputerXplorers knew that most children have LEGO at their disposal, so most families would be able to get involved in the ongoing project.

From Star Wars movie sets to pirate ships and tree houses, there are plenty of inspiring designs for children to create.


8. Asking a question to promote home deliveries

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppe grabbed the reader’s attention by asking a thought-provoking question in one of its recent social media marketing posts: Would you give anyone your last egg? At a time when panic buying is prevalent and food shortages are on the rise, this question is particularly timely.

Of course, the sweet shop franchise was talking about its delicious fried egg candies, but it got the reader thinking about their own food stocks. Mr Simms followed the question up with:

“To see if your local Mr Simms home delivers, visit, find their details and ask them!”

By making its sweets readily available through online ordering and home deliveries, and promoting the service through clever digital advertising, Mr Simms is sure to boost customer loyalty.

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To read more about protecting your business amid the COVID-19 crisis, see our bank of helpful articles, covering everything from comeback strategies to wellbeing tips.

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