Minster Cleaning Services could be the management franchise for you.

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Minster Cleaning Services

If youíre considering starting a franchise, then you may want to take a closer look at the opportunity that becoming a Minster Cleaning Services franchisee can offer.

Minster Cleaning Services is the largest commercial cleaning franchise in the UK with over 40 branches nationwide. Established in 1982 and franchised ten years later, the Minster business model has more than 35 years of being tried and tested achieving phenomenal success in a highly competitive market.

Minster franchisees also have plenty of opportunities to develop and grow too. Each territory is large enough to secure many years of franchise growth without the concern of running out of customers or having to compete with another Minster franchisee.

If youíre looking to build a sustainable management franchise business in a market with consistent demand and high returns, then here is some more information about Minster Cleaning Services.

Whatís required?

Although you donít need any experience in the cleaning sector, Minster is seeking investors with a proven track record of management. You'll need to demonstrate that you can communicate effectively with prospective and existing customers, as well as possessing the qualities required for this management franchise.

These include determination, resilience, commitment, self-motivation and the ambition to develop and grow your business. With these qualities, along with the support that Minster provides, youíll be well on your way to starting a franchise which is sustainable, lucrative and rewarding.

Training and support

When you become a Minster franchisee, you'll receive all the training and support you need to enable you to manage your cleaning franchise effectively. Youíll start by attending a week-long training programme at Minsterís Head Office in Birmingham. Here youíll be taught about Minsterís marketing system and operational structure, as well as how to complete the necessary admin and accounting tasks.

And the training doesnít stop when you leave Head Office. For the first eight weeks that youíre in business, a member of the Minster support team will visit your branch to offer all the advice and guidance you need during the crucial first couple of months. This on-the-job training will be invaluable, particularly if you're a first-time franchisee.

Once youíre up and running, youíll continue to receive training which is relevant to your role as a franchisee. Youíll learn how to run effective local marketing campaigns, how to recruit quality members of staff and how to win new business, as well as many other skills that will help you to improve your business know-how.


Case study

Arthur White has worked in managerial positions within the manufacturing industry all his career, but one day he decided that he'd had enough. Arthur realised that he could use all the business and managerial skills he had gained over the years to become his own boss. After considering many different franchise options, Arthur chose to become a Minster Cleaning Service's franchisee in 1996 by purchasing the Accrington branch.

Arthur was drawn to Minster Cleaning Services for a few reasons. Firstly, he was impressed by their willingness to answer any questions he had and to share all the relevant facts and figures that Arthur needed to make an informed decision. Secondly, he appreciated that the commercial cleaning sector is relatively stable, and this was an opportunity that remained attractive even in the most uncertain of economic climates. Finally, it was clear that Minster was a franchise based on people and so Arthur felt that he was a good fit for the business.

After nearly a decade of dedication and commitment, as well as benefiting from Arthurís well-established management skills, the Accrington branch soon achieved a turnover of more than £1 million. Business was booming, and Arthur decided to invite his daughter, Emma, to join the company and share in his success.

Emma agreed and joined the company as a Business Development Manager in 2005. Emma has the same drive and ambition as her father, and following a promotion to Operations Director, became a joint franchisee in 2011.

Emma loves the variety that being a franchisee offers. As sheís responsible for the day-to-day running of the management franchise, she has to wear many different hats. From visiting potential clients to dealing with health and safety issues, no two days are ever the same. Itís not a standard nine-to-five job, but a work/life balance can be easily achieved with organisation and hard work.

Financial information

When you decide to become a Minster franchisee, you'll be up and running in no time. Youíll quickly see a return on your investment while enjoying the many benefits of being your own boss.

Starting a franchise with Minster Cleaning Services will require an initial investment of £28,225 exclusive of VAT to fund your licence, territory and training. Youíll also need between £40,000 and £60,000 working capital.

Once youíve invested the franchise fee and set-up costs, youíll also need to pay a monthly royalty fee. This is calculated as 7% of your monthly branch sales turnover. Youíll also be charged a monthly marketing fee. This is a payment that all franchisees make to contribute towards nationwide advertising campaigns.

The term of your franchise agreement will be five years, with an automatic right to renew. During the term of your contract, itís possible to achieve a £1 million turnover however this does depend on your skills, ambition and determination.

If youíre a people person looking for a new challenge, then this cleaning franchise could be perfect for you. To succeed youíll need to be a strong motivator as youíll be responsible for leading a large workforce who will rely on your support. But with this responsibility comes the opportunity to build a valuable and rewarding business, from both a professional and personal perspective.

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