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If you’re looking to start your own makeup company, the quickest, easiest, and most efficient way of doing so is by buying into a franchise. Becoming a franchisee ensures that you receive a considerable amount of assistance when setting up your business and provides you with access to a proven business model.

Fortunately, there’s a diverse array of cosmetics franchises that constitute excellent business opportunities. Here, we take a look at the makeup industry as a whole, who the big brands are, and which franchises could help you realise your dream of business ownership.

The cosmetics industry – a little context

In 2016, the UK cosmetics industry was worth around £9.4 million and was included as one of the EU’s top five cosmetics markets. Though recent years have been remarkable for the slow and steady growth exhibited by the industry (the cosmetics industry demonstrated impressive growth rates throughout the 90s and 00s), there are signs of improvement thanks to a reorientation and rebranding towards the health and well-being markets.

The industry has faced many challenges, though consumer concerns surrounding the contents of modern cosmetics has been the largest by far. Fortunately, many makeup companies have been able to rebrand their products, services, and image to appeal to a new generation of consumers to whom “natural” and “health-conscious” are in-demand qualities.

Women’s makeup companies

The UK beauty industry is incredibly competitive and boasts some of the most prestigious brand names in the world. While much of their success can be attributed to the quality of their products, new advertising methods and the adoption of “influencer” marketing practices have also helped them extend their brand reach and contributed to impressive reputations.

At the top of the pile, Charlotte Tilbury has succeeded in generating an incredible buzz around this year's product ranges. Their use of social media platforms and YouTube videos has ensured that they've built a large and loyal following. M.A.C remain a prestigious brand that knows how to sell its products. A partnership with leading retailer Debenhams provided excellent exposure. Finally, Clarins developed its digital presence through the use of some of the world’s most popular influencers and a host of tutorials and videos on their website. The effort paid dividends, as it ensured they had another stellar year.

What types of makeup company are out there?

Though the most popular makeup brands are undoubtedly the most prominent manufacturers, there are a whole host of other businesses operating in the sector. While companies like Maybelline and Clinique assume all the glory, it's the smaller retailers, distributors, salons, and experts that keep the industry going.

One of the most popular investment opportunities amongst budding entrepreneurs is beauty salons. Typically, the owner of a salon will partner with a specific makeup brand to form a mutually beneficial relationship. The salon owner receives discounted supplies, while the manufacturer gains additional exposure.

Makeup schools are also increasing in popularity. Teaching all the skills necessary to become a professional makeup artist, makeup schools are attracting large numbers of students and are demonstrating that they’re a lucrative business opportunity. Finally, hair salons that employ makeup artists, or combine hair care with beauty services, can also be remarkably profitable.

Top makeup companies to work for

If you’re considering starting a makeup business, the easiest way to do so is through the franchise system. Franchises offer you a considerable amount of guidance and support, ensuring you’re not on your own as you attempt to grow your business, while also giving you the best possible chance of success.

1. Guinot

Guinot operates a franchise business plan that involves franchisees setting up their salon stocked exclusively with Guinot products. Renowned for their high-quality, Guinot skincare products have won numerous awards and stand out as some of the best in the business.

Franchisees will be expected to invest around £90,000. In return, you'll be enrolled in a training programme that's widely considered one of the best in the industry and receive on-going support and guidance as you build your business.

2. Rush Hair

Rush Hair specialises in hair and beauty solutions and, over the last few years, has become a recognisable high street brand with a reputation for excellence. With 70 franchises across the country, they’ve managed to develop a comprehensive franchise package that meets the needs of those who require a little help getting their business up and running.

A Rush franchise will cost you around £160,000 and will grant you the rights to one of the country’s most popular salon brands.

3. CoLaz

CoLaz offers a unique take on the traditional makeup business, partnering it with laser hair removal services for an additional revenue stream. Franchisees benefit from a proven brand name and use of the franchise’s proprietary digital systems. With four stores around the UK, the franchise is currently looking for suitable candidates who could help facilitate further expansion. A CoLaz franchise requires approximately £150,000 of investment.

4. PHB Pioneers

If you’re looking for something that takes advantage of the demand for ethical cosmetics, PHB Pioneers may be for you. Dedicated to the sale of natural, vegan, and halal certified products, it’s also owned and operated by the UK’s youngest ever franchisor. With a low start-up cost and a growing market, this is an excellent opportunity to take advantage of the increasing trend for health-conscious cosmetics.

5. London Makeup School

The London Makeup School is the fastest growing cosmetics-education institution in the country. It specialises in training students to pass the Fast Track Makeup Artist (ITEC Makeup Certificate), and all classes are taught by professional artists and qualified teachers. Classes are kept to a maximum of eight students, and live models are used throughout the training period. The franchise package includes guidance with marketing, digital systems, and business management, as well as ongoing support as the franchise grows. All franchisees need relevant qualifications, and the franchisor is looking for individuals with business experience and a passion for the industry.

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