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Working from home franchise

Working from home has many benefits. The biggest of all is the advantage of increased productivity that many homeworkers experience. The concern that youll be distracted by TV, the ironing or the family pet just isnt true for most people who choose to base their business at home.

If youre self-disciplined, then working at home lets you get more done with fewer interruptions. So, heres some top tips for making a success of your home-based franchise.

Be disciplined

Its true that working from home does require more discipline. You dont have a boss looking over your shoulder to keep you in line, and it can be quite easy to get distracted. But starting a franchise is often born out of the desire to be your own boss and have control over your destiny, so the chances are youll be more motivated to stay on track when youre running your own business.

Set a daily schedule. Know the night before when your next working day will begin and end. Of course, there will be times when this has to change slightly, but try to stick to it as much as possible. One of the biggest benefits of working from home is that you can dictate your hours, so dont fall into the trap of working later than planned simply because your laptop or phone is to hand.

Yes, dedication and commitment do lead to success, but bear in mind that youre in control of your schedule; not the other way around. Dont work to the point where your energy and motivation is impacted. This will ultimately defeat the objective of choosing a home-based franchise.

Create space to work

If possible, its recommended that you have a dedicated space for your work. This doesnt have to be anything extravagant. Turning the spare bedroom into an office, or simply putting a desk in the corner of the dining room. The point is, having a set place to work from allows you to switch into productive mode.

Generally, opportunities that are based from home have low start up franchise costs, so put this saving to good use by investing in some office equipment. Sitting at a computer all day can take its toll so make sure you get the ergonomics right and your physical health will benefit short-term and long-term.

Once youve created your work space make sure you keep it organised. A clear desk equals a clear mind and you wont get dragged into any unnecessary distractions just because theyre in view.

Dont get distracted by the housework

Even if you have created a dedicated space to work, theres no getting away from the sight of the laundry basket on your way to the kitchen. Its human nature to want to get things done there and then, but whipping out the hoover every time you see a crumb will lead to the line between your work and home routine becoming blurred.

Of course, putting out the odd line full of washing to dry is fine. Its one of the perks of working from home, but often housework is used as a way of putting off important franchise related tasks without you even realising it.

The best way to avoid using distraction as a coping technique is to keep housework to the evenings and weekends and work during the hours that you have set.

Dress to impress

Starting a franchise and working in your pyjamas is a contradiction in terms. To get into work mode, you need to feel the part. This means getting up, showering, brushing your teeth and dressing for the day ahead.

Pin stripe suits and heels are not required, but getting dressed into an outfit that helps you get into the right mind-set to tackle the day ahead is no bad thing. In fact, it helps to inform your brain that youre moving from rest to action. As a result, your energy levels will be fired up ready for a productive day as a franchisee.

You have the advantage of dressing for comfort, rather than the board room, so be comfortable too. Starting a home-based franchise is worth being able to wear your favourite jeans and comfy jumper alone.

Dont become isolated

Lets face facts. Working from home can be lonely. This works for certain people who like their own company, but for some the thought of no interaction with others is enough to put them off considering starting a franchise based from home.

If you like the company that work colleagues provide, then its important that you include meeting people during your working week. Plan your day to suit your need for companionship. Most low start up franchise investments that are based from home involve an element of meeting clients regularly.

Even if these meetings can be fulfilled over the phone, ask if you can meet local clients face to face. Not only will this mean that you get to leave the house occasionally, but from the clients perspective youre providing exceptional customer service.

If your franchise doesnt give you the opportunity to meet with others very often, then take matters into your own hands. Arrange to work from a coffee shop a couple of afternoons a week, or organise your schedule so that you get to meet friends for lunch every now and again.

Even if youre happy to work alone, its good for your energy levels to meet up with other people and chat; whether thats work related or not.

Enjoy it

Youve chosen to start your new franchise business from the comfort of your own home so enjoy the flexibility that this brings.

No more commuting, traffic jams and constantly rushing from one place to another. Spend the time that youve got back to improve your work / life balance. Invest your time in learning yoga, picking the kids up from school or making home cooked meals for your family.

Whatever you choose to do with the flexibility and freedom that working from home gives you, just remember to enjoy it.

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