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If you’re looking to become franchisee with a renowned Locksmith franchise, look no further than Lockforce UK. As one of the country’s most exciting emerging franchises, it’s able to offer franchisees an invaluable combination of industry expertise and ongoing support – providing you with enormous potential for growth in the process. Here, we take a look at why they’re one of our top franchise opportunities.

Becoming a locksmith – the business basics

The locksmith industry offers a fantastic opportunity to those capable of exploiting it. In many ways, locksmiths offer a service that isn’t as exposed to economic upswings and downturns. While not entirely recession-proof, demand for locksmith services are likely to stay relatively stable. This is largely due to the fact that it’s an essential service. No matter what’s happening in the wider economy, customers still lose keys, lock themselves out and require the assistance of a trained professional. With the right attitude and a strong business plan, Lockforce UK franchisees can take these sound economic foundations and build a thriving business.

Lockforce UK and its background

Though Lockforce UK is a relatively young business, it has quickly established a strong reputation for customer satisfaction. Operating since 2012, the franchise was built on the success of its predecessor – Pestforce Ltd. This strong and stable foundation has enabled it to expand quickly to encompass ten franchise units around the UK. It also benefits from being part of a large organisation, The Forces Group, that offers high quality facilities management services.

As a van-based franchise, Lockforce UK can offer franchisees a degree of autonomy and individuality, while also providing ample support and assistance when necessary. It is this combination of managerial freedom and business support that makes Lockforce UK such an attractive proposition. It's also important to note that franchisees require no experience of the locksmith industry and will be trained in all of the practical skills needed to succeed. Instead, the franchise prioritises working with individuals who can learn quickly, display commitment and a willing attitude, and who demonstrate that they’re able to operate within the parameters of the franchise business model.

One of the critical benefits of owning an established security franchise like Lockforce UK is the wide variety of customers you can expect to attract. Domestic and business call outs will form a large percentage of your sales, Lockforce UK also works hard to ensure their franchisees are able to build local contracts. As Lockforce continues to grow the vision is like we do in Pestforce we will be able to win, large-scale national contracts, providing franchisees an additional revenue stream that’s typically unavailable to smaller businesses.

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Owning a Lockforce franchise requires a minimum investment of £8,500 plus VAT. Lockforce works with a third party finance company that allows the investment to be paid away over 5 years. Starting a franchise often requires greater investment than initially estimated, as not all franchise units begin turning a profit immediately. While Lockforce UK suggest that franchisees will be making a profit in a fairly short period of time, it’s a good idea to give yourself some breathing room by ensuring you’re not operating on too thin a margin. Once your business is up and running, Lockforce UK believe it’s possible to generate £50,000 worth of revenue within the first two years of operation.

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What you get in return

In return for your investment, franchisees will receive exclusive rights to a territory that’s able to sustain a new locksmith business. All tools, equipment, and uniform will be provided, and an initial training period will allow you to learn the ropes and get to grips with the service you’ll be providing on a regular basis. This training period will also cover basic business management practices and help you understand exactly what is required of you as a Lockforce franchisee. Alongside this early support, Lockforce UK also offer long-term assistance. This extends to;

  • A local website that’s tailored to meet the needs of your specific area.
  • Business planning consultations and regular contact with franchise specialists within the Lockforce UK organisation.
  • Marketing materials and support from a dedicated, in-house marketing team that knows how to make the most of the various advertising channels at their disposal.
  • Public Liability Cover, so that you’re covered while out on call.

One of the key advantages of working with Lockforce UK is the amount of franchising expertise they have at their disposal. Having worked hard to accrue extensive experience of UK franchising, they’re perfectly positioned to guide your new franchise through the early stages of its development.

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Who are Lockforce UK looking for?

When it comes to starting a Lockforce UK franchise, it’s not necessary to have previous experience in the industry. Rather than a trained professional (though this would not be a disadvantage), the franchise is hoping to attract individuals who can demonstrate the following qualities;

  • Excellent communication skills – Franchisees will need to be comfortable communicating with customers and enjoy providing friendly, high-quality customer service. A sociable outlook is generally a good quality for a locksmith, as is the ability to put people at ease and make them feel comfortable, even though they may be in a vulnerable position.
  • Determination and business smarts – Running a new business takes perseverance, dedication, and patience. It also requires a certain amount of business acumen and experience. While much of this will be covered in the initial training, the determination to succeed is something only you can bring to the table.
  • Interest in the technical side – Though there’s no need to be a trained locksmith in order to join Lockforce UK as a franchisee, you will need to demonstrate an interest in the technical aspects of the role. This means being good with your hands and showing you’re willing to learn.


For those hoping to invest in an affordable, mobile franchise, Locksmith UK could be the ideal solution. With the support of large parent companies, years of experience and a high-demand service, they’re a franchise with a lot going in their favour. If you’re considering thanking the plunge, get in touch today to request more information and begin the franchisee application process.

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