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It all started in 1762, when the Earl of Sandwich demanded that his food be placed between slices of bread so he could continue his card game - the sandwich has been adored across the UK ever since. The firm favourite is a go-to choice for lunch - with its versatility and wide variety of fillings on offer, whatís not to like?

With the sandwich industry estimated to value approximately £7.8 billion (The Sammies), there are numerous potentially lucrative franchise opportunities at stake. This being said, the sandwich industry is fiercely competitive and if you decide to open a sandwich franchise, you will be competing against supermarkets, cafes, bakers, sandwich shops and workplace canteens.

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Jimmy Johnís

Jimmy Johnís is an American sandwich restaurant franchise. It offers sandwiches Ė made really fast - with a choice of seven meats, two breads and one cheese which combine to create 25 different sandwich combinations. The brand also specialises in delivery, which sets itself apart from its competitors. The delivery areas are small to ensure that customers get their food fast and fresh. On top of this, Jimmy Johnís offers a catering service: 12-packs and 24-packs of Mini Jimmys, party platters and box lunches. It promises to perform on huge, last minute orders, due to its simple system and only offering cold sandwiches.

Is Jimmy Johnís a franchise?

It was founded in 1983 by Jimmy John Liautaud and is headquartered in Champaign, Illinois. Jimmyís dad was his partner, so they split the profit until two years later when he bought out his dadís share and the business was all his. Fast forward ten years and Jimmy owns 10 stores and, in 1994, adopted a franchise model.

Now, with over 2,700 stores in 43 states and 98 percent of them being owned by franchisees, Jimmy Johnís is on the hunt for savvy entrepreneurs to join the franchise network.

However, according to the Jimmy Johnís website, itís only looking to expand in the US at the moment. But being such a successful and ambitious franchise, watch this space for franchise opportunities in the UK in the future.

Why choose Jimmy Johnís?

The chain avoids offering other classic food options for this sort of franchise, such as soups and hot sandwiches. Instead it puts all of its efforts into cold sandwiches. This clear business model is just one of a myriad of reasons why it is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in America.

All of the meats are all-natural (no artificial ingredients and minimally processed) and the vegetables are hand sliced in-house every day. The bread is baked fresh all day. Jimmy Johnís is dedicated to producing fresh food from scratch and it has been since 1983.

The brand spends six hours slicing and baking every day so it can make its sandwiches in a rapid 30 seconds. Getting the prep out the way, the system allows for a fast, flawless execution every time.

The average annual gross sales are $1,128,648 and the average net profit from operations is $109,959. And it has an array of impressive awards under its belt, including the Top Brand and Top Food Franchise in Entrepreneur Franchise 500 2017.

A Generous Brand

Jimmy explains that he was bullied when he was younger and, since then, has decided that he wanted to give back to people who need a helping hand. One of the amazing things Jimmy does to have a positive impact on peopleís lives is arrange and pay for his staffís dental work. Him and his family have even funded the initial start-up costs and operation costs of the Francis Nelson SmileHealthy dental clinic in Champaign, Illnois. The dental centre provides treatments for adults with a low income.

Another of his focuses is the military. Jimmy acknowledges that it is because of the men and women of the armed forces sacrificing their lives for our freedom. To say thank you, Jimmy Johnís donated $1 million to the Folds of Honor, an organisation that provides educational scholarships to the families of killed or disabled American military.

Jimmy Johnís also donates funds to an abundance of causes that support the education, research and promotion of good health. It gives significantly to hospitals such as Mayo Clinic, St. Jude Childrenís Research Hospital and Childrenís Hospital of Philadelphia and to philanthropic organisations like American Heart Association Prostate Cancer Foundation and Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.

Who is Jimmy Johnís looking for?

The chain asks for genuine individuals who enjoy food and are willing to go the extra mile to make great sandwiches for its customers. Itís a tough, yet rewarding industry, so only apply if you think you have the right skill set to thrive in a booming and evolving sector.

What support will franchisees get?

As soon as you become a Jimmy Johnís franchise owner, its highly skilled team is there to help you get your business off to a flying start. Support is provided in the areas of construction, real estate, training, operations, marketing and purchasing. The franchisor is there to serve you every step of the way, from finding the perfect location to visiting the restaurant regularly to offering ongoing support, so youíre never on your own.

The team of training managers educate the new franchise owners on all the processes and procedures that are essential to running the franchise in compliance with Jimmy Johnís brand standards. The training programme is made up of classroom and in-store training, on top of four weeks of hands-on management training. Franchisees are exposed to every aspect of store management, from slicing vegetables to managing food costs. With 100 percent commitment to the brandís standards, the training programme provides the tools and training needed to run a successful franchise.

How much is a Jimmy Johnís franchise?

In order to invest in a Jimmy Johnís franchise, you will need $80,000 of your own cash and a $300,000 net worth.

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