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In recent years, there has been an explosion of Japanese cuisine and culture all over the UK. From quick, lunch-break ramens to the emergence of Japanese designers in London, the UKs hunger for Japanese inspired cooking and exports has grown way beyond sushi.

Why has Japanese Cuisine taken the UK by storm?

Japanese food is never predictable or boring, with a large variety of flavours, ranging from sweet Unagi to salty Yakitori. Japanese food has also prompted us to try foods with an interesting and unique texture, such as soft mochi, silky fish and chewy udon. In addition, the UK has adopted smaller portions and seasonal food, both trends quintessential to Japanese food.

The Japanese food craze isnt just limited to London. With Japanese ingredients now being easy to source, people all over the UK have access to all they need to recreate the colourful dishes at home. Often, Japanese restaurants in the UK used to be small, traditional, family-run spaces that could be rather intimidating if you didnt know exactly what you were ordering. But nowadays, restaurants usually opt to focus on the playfulness of Japanese cuisine. YO! Sushi is a sushi brand at the casual fast-food end of the market that made sushi accessible, with the conveyor belt eliminating the challenge of ordering unfamiliar dishes.

And its not just the UK that loves Japanese cuisine - Peru has a flourishing Japanese food scene and Rue Sainte-Anne is Pariss Japanese food haven where you can sample authentic dishes.

Also, the increase in people with a social media presence has contributed to the rise in Japanese foods popularity. With the cuisine often being beautifully and intricately presented, the food is incredibly Instagram-worthy.

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Japanese Food Franchise

It is clear that the Japanese food industry in the UK provides scope for lucrative investment opportunities. However, investors should consider whether they wish to buy a franchise or start their own business.

The main benefit of franchises is that they offer the independence that owning a small business brings, whilst being supported by the benefits of a large business network. Also, it isnt essential to have any prior experience in the sector to run a franchise, with franchisors usually providing comprehensive training programmes on everything from hiring staff to following the business model successfully. It is often easier to secure finance for a franchise and they have a higher success rate than start-up businesses. Finally, franchises generally have an established brand name that people recognise, which means there is an existing customer base from the get-go.

Ichiran Ramen

Ichiran Ramen is Japanese food restaurant chain, specialising in tonkotsu ramen, that came to life in Fukuoka, Japan, in 1960. It started out as a modest ramen stall called Futaba Ramen but was later renamed Ichiran which translates as one orchid in 1966. After 30 years of serving ramen from this single location, it opened its first concept store under the management of the CEO Manabu Yoshitomi, which served as the outline for all future Ichiran Ramen locations.

Rather than opting to diversify its food offering, Ichiran Ramen became the restaurant most dedicated to tonkotsu in the world. The chain boasts that over 40 specialists are involved in each bowl, and it only offers the highest quality and safest ingredients, so you can enjoy the authentic taste of tonkotsu stress-free.

Ichiran believes that respecting and valuing its staff is the key to ensuring customers are provided with the best service and tastiest food. The brand recognises the importance of praising and encouraging staff and operates under the notion that understanding employees unique skills and thinking of them as family is much more important than focusing on money and objects.

There are restaurants in over 65 different locations in Japan, as well as outlets in Hong Kong, Taipei and Brooklyn, New York. The chain plans on opening at least three more US locations by 2020.

Ichiran Ramen Franchise

Ichiran does not offer any franchising opportunities unfortunately, as it opts to operate under the direct management of its administration both in Japan and internationally. Thus, the brand isnt considering any investment or joint business expansion ventures at the moment.

However, take a look below at similar opportunities available through Point Franchise.

Similar Opportunities

Marugame Udon

Marugame Udon is a Japanese food franchise that specialises in freshly-made on-site udon - thick wheat flour noodles. The restaurant concept also serves mouth-watering tempura, omusubi rice balls and many more delicacies in a cafeteria-style, self-service environment. Because this mimicks what dining in a busy Tokyo block would feel like, it is one of the most authentic Japanese food experiences outside of Japan.

Marugame aims to serve its customers within 30 seconds of taking the order, which means there is the potential to serve over 250 udon-hungry customers an hour, which equates to more than one every 15 seconds.

The restaurant strives to build a friendly relationship with its customers by upgrading their meals with a variety of complimentary toppings, including green onion, ginger and sesame seeds. It is the mix of generous portion sizes and low prices that makes this franchise in a great position in the Japanese quick, casual dining food sector.

There are over 1,000 restaurants in Japan, South-East Asia, Australia and in California in the US. But the franchise has now set its sights on franchisees in the UK to further is global expansion.

Depending on the type of store you chose to buy - the food court, street-front or stand-alone model - an investment of between £225,000 and £500,000 is needed. The chain is especially interested in master franchisees who are prepared to build five or more units in one particular region.

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