Hummus Restaurants: The New Franchise Craze?

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hummus restaurant london

Not so long ago, hummus was viewed as a niche food that only vegetarians ate. Now itís considered to be the best thing that chickpeas have ever given us and even has its own International Hummus Day celebration, which takes place on the13th May of each year.

But how did this humble dish become so popular in the UK with at least one hummus restaurant in most towns and cities across the country?

How hummus has become mainstream in the UK

Hummus is an ancient peasant dish originating from the Middle East and eastern Mediterranean countries. Made from mashed chickpea, tahini, lemon and garlic, the dip is traditionally served with unleavened bread.

Brits first became aware of the delicious dip when travelling abroad for holidays became more popular during the 1970s. As tourists visited Cyprus, Turkey and the Greek Islands, they discovered new tastes and experiences. However, when they returned home, they found that hummus was not widely available in shops and restaurants and many began making it themselves.

It was a while before supermarkets caught on to the growing trend, but itís thought that Waitrose was first to stock hummus towards the end of the 1980s. Marks and Spencer werenít far behind in 1990 with Tesco following suit in the late 90s. Now itís a staple item on shopping lists all over the country with 12 million tonnes of hummus enjoyed every year.

Itís not just travel that has contributed to the popularity of hummus. Compared to other dips, its relatively high protein but low saturated fat content has made it an obvious choice for those following a healthy eating plan. Hummus can also be eaten on the go with vegetables for a nutritious snack, which is perfect for busy Brits.

Finally, the rise of vegetarian and veganism in the UK has had a significant influence on the amount of hummus consumed. Research commissioned by found that 7% of the UKís population is now vegan. This is a whopping 700% increase in the past two years alone. And a further 14% of Britainís population Ė more than seven million people Ė are now vegetarian.

Hummus restaurant London

With the number of vegetarians and vegans growing at a rapid pace, restaurant owners have started to respond to the demand. Most recently, the hummus restaurant concept has taken off, particularly in London. Lebanese restaurants such as Yalla Yalla and Ishbilia are well-known for their traditional creamy hummus, which are included with almost every dish on the menu.

So, are there any franchiseable hummus restaurants in the capital? Currently there are no franchised outlets in London but that is sure to change soon.

But are there hummus restaurant franchises available throughout the UK for aspiring entrepreneurs who want to take advantage of the latest culinary craze?

Hummus restaurant franchise opportunities

Well, you won't go far wrong with a visit to Humpit. With fresh hummus and warm pittas, this is the UK's first 100% plant-based food franchise.


HUMPIT franchise


The only 100% plant-based food franchise in the UK

£30,000 Minimum investment
Restaurant, Coffee Shop & Pub
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You can become part of the exciting new Humpit restaurant franchise which is looking to expand throughout the UK by opening an additional four stores in 2019. The stores offer customers the chance to experience humble street food made from quality ingredients at a price to suit all pockets.

If you're interested in becoming a Humpit franchisee, you'll need to make a minimum investment of £30,000, have an entrepreneurial spirit, a good attitude and the commitment to work hard in order to make your business a success. In return, Humpit will provide you with all the training and support needed to get your hummus restaurant off to the best possible start.

There arenít many hummus restaurant franchise opportunities available for investment, but this is likely to change as existing restaurants look to expand their brand through franchising.

Alternative restaurant franchises

Here are a couple of alternative healthy restaurant franchises for you to consider.


As far as food franchise opportunities go, Wolf is one with a difference. Established in 2015, Wolf offers its customers delicious, competitively priced Italian street food available to eat in, take away, or delivered.

The business model has been designed to be a low skill but high-quality operation that has strong branding and mass appeal. Catering to the needs of busy, health-conscious Brits, the food Wolf serve does not have the high carbohydrate and saturated fat content that we commonly associate with Italian food. And, whatís more, speed is of the essence with quick service being a priority.

A total investment of £200,000 plus VAT is required to become a Wolf franchisee. Once youíve signed on the dotted line, youíll receive a four-week intensive training programme plus additional pre- and post-opening store support. And, to make sure you get your business off to the best possible start, a marketing plan will be developed specifically for your trading area.

The Avocado Show

The avocado is possibly the trendiest health food out there at the moment. On Instagram, #avocado returns well over 8 million results. The Avocado Show is one of the most exciting food start-ups in the world, which has taken the popularity of the avocado and the worldís increasing love of social media and combined the two.

All the healthy dishes on the menu revolve around the avocado and as well as being delicious, theyíre made picture perfect for every fan to enjoy and share. The restaurant serves a mix of classic and contemporary cuisine, which are served quickly and presented beautifully.

This is a relatively new franchise that was established in 2017 but has already created a lot of interest across the globe since the first restaurant opened in Amsterdam. If youíre interested in becoming a franchisee with The Avocado Show, youíll need to make a total investment of £149,000. In return, youíll attend a comprehensive training programme based at Amsterdam HQ followed by on the job training at your restaurant before your official launch.

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