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In the UK, the home renovation market is worth an estimated £26 billion. So, it's no wonder that there's an increasing number of renovation franchises emerging to service the market. However, not all franchises are made equal, and some offer would-be franchisees a much better deal.

House renovation companies

Though there are a large number of house renovation franchises, we consider three to be head and shoulders above the rest. To give you an insight into what makes them so special, weve created an in-depth guide to the Surface Medic, Refresh Renovations, and Trend Transformations franchises.

Surface Medic

Surface Medic is a relatively new franchise that has only existed for roughly three years. However, this hasn't stopped it from becoming one of the UK's leading home renovation specialists and a remarkably popular investment opportunity. With a dedicated support team of seven and a rapidly growing network of franchisees, Surface Medic is one to watch out for in the future.

The franchise specialises in repairing hard surfaces of all types and restoring them to their original, pre-damaged state. To do this, they utilise a wide range of cutting-edge tools and techniques, all of which are taught at the franchise's dedicated training centre. The business has strong links to the insurance industry and is one of many franchises that have experienced rapid growth due to many leading insurance companies' preference for renovation over replacement.

How much does a Surface Medic franchise cost?

Your Surface Medic franchise unit will require an initial investment of approximately £25,000. While this will get your business off the ground, additional working capital will be necessary to see it through its launch and early stages. Due to the franchises parent company being an established and well-respected organisation, its highly likely that youll be able to receive some assistance from major lenders when attempting to finance your franchise unit.

Surface Medic estimates that most franchisees will be able to achieve a turnover of around £70,000 in their first year and that, with time, it is possible to earn a six-figure income. However, they also emphasise the fact that this requires an impressive work ethic and will depend on the franchisee putting in long hours to grow their business.

What does the Surface Medic franchise package look like?

The most attractive feature of the Surface Medic franchise package is the comprehensive training programme on which all franchisees are enrolled. This focuses on ensuring that business owners have the skills required to perform the practical repair work. However, it also ensures that franchisees are prepared for the business management aspect of the role.

On top of the training programme, franchisees are also provided with launch support and on-going guidance, the business operation manuals, and a considerable amount of branded equipment. However, a work vehicle will need to be leased or bought to perform the role.

Refresh Renovations

Refresh Renovations was established in 2010, by New Zealand's foremost strategy and marketing company, Traffic. Having become a key player on the domestic renovations market, the franchise decided to expand into both Australia and the UK. Currently, the company boasts a network that encompasses 41 franchise units 26 of which are in New Zealand, 13 in Australia, and 2 in the UK. The business is looking to expand in all three of these markets and is searching for individuals with the skill sets required to become franchisees and facilitate this growth.

Refresh Renovations offer a project management service. Utilising their list of quality-assured, accredited, and approved tradespeople, they manage renovation projects for customers who want their kitchens remodelled, extensions built, or homes completely revamped. They provide a customer-focused experience that ensures the homeowner is kept in the loop and aware of developments at all times.

How much does a Refresh Renovations franchise cost?

Currently, UK franchise opportunities with Refresh Renovations are priced at £50,000. However, as more and more franchisees are added to the network, this is likely to increase. As the franchise is still in the early days of its UK expansion, territories are available up and down the country. Its also important to note that, on top of the £50,000, franchisees will need additional working capital to support the early growth of their business.

What does the Refresh Renovations franchise package look like?

The Refresh Renovations franchise package is centred on a high-quality training programme that provides franchisees with all the information and techniques they need to deliver satisfactory service. However, it also includes other essential features, such as the company's bespoke IT systems, its strong marketing support, and access to its supply chains and established purchasing power.

Trend Transformations

Trend Transformations are an international franchise with a presence in the US, Spain, Australia, and the UK. Founded by Dr Pino Bisazza and Andrea Di Giuseppe, both of whom have extensive experience working with glass and stone, the franchise specialises in providing customers with premium quality home renovation products and services. With a focus on tiling and hard surfaces, they offer a bespoke renovation service that utilises their unique materials for spectacular results.

How much does a Trend Transformations franchise cost?

A Trend Transformations franchise will set you back somewhere between £57,000 and £68,000. This can be broken down into the following payments. The initial licence costs £25,000-£30,000 (depending on the territory), the franchise package is priced at £17,500, and the tools and equipment at around £10,000-£15,000. Up to 70% of this investment can be borrowed from a major lender, but a minimum of £25,000 must come from personal assets.

What does the Trend Transformations franchise package look like?

Trend Transformations orientate their franchise package towards ensuring that franchisees are capable of managing both the hands-on work and back-office management. This means dividing the training into two separate parts and providing comprehensive instruction in both. Financial management, business planning, and marketing support are all provided, while the franchisor will also help you equip your premises and launch the new business.

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