Give the Gift of Holiday Cheer with a Christmas Decorating Business

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If you enjoy making others happy and getting into the festive spirit, you could start a Christmas decorating business. Although it’s probably not the first investment idea to come to mind, it can be a fun and rewarding way to generate a good income all year round. Despite their name, these types of businesses aren’t just for Christmas...

Christmas decorating businesses design and install lighting and displays for residential and commercial properties. Running your own business in this sector, you could also specialise in consultation and maintenance, offer a takedown service or work on events year-round to maximise your income.

Why Christmas decorating businesses are a good investment

It’s no secret; people spend hundreds on Christmas decorations every year, so there’s great potential for entrepreneurs offering design and installation services. Here are just a few statistics demonstrating just how lucrative the market can be: 

  • Last year, UK consumers spent over £23 million on Christmas decorations, but this isn’t the most extravagant we’ve been - in 2013, the total hit £57 million (Statista)

  • Individually, Brits spend roughly £185 on Christmas decorations every year (Hayes Garden World)

  • In total, Brits spend an average of £567 each over the festive season - 42 percent more than the average person in Europe, who spends £400 (Deloitte)

  • Most Brits are willing to spend £100-£200 on Christmas preparations and decorations before they even start buying presents (Statista)

  • The average UK household spends an extra £800 in December, and most people don’t set a budget for their festivities (Bank of England)

Celebrating the holidays as a business

Come Christmas time, businesses can encourage customers through their doors by getting out the decorations and creating a cosy atmosphere. From retailers to restaurants, inventive displays and lighting are used to help businesses secure their share of seasonal sales. 

Christmas decorating businesses also have the chance to work with a wide range of other clients, from event managers to hospitality venues. Christmas parties, winter weddings and New Year’s celebrations are all opportunities for revenue in the seasonal decorating business. 

Advantages of running a Christmas decorating business 

1. By delivering a professional service, you can build up a pool of loyal customers who will return to you for all their lighting and decorating needs year on year.

2. Starting a Christmas decorating business can be a great way to complement another seasonal job, or gain some extra income during the winter months.

3. Lighting and decorating opportunities crop up throughout the year, especially in the entertainment sector, so you’ll be able to expand your business to find regular work.

4. Most Christmas decorating franchises don’t require any particular business experience or skills, so you don’t need expertise to get started. Plus, with so much money spent on Christmas decor every year, securing a portion of the lucrative market should be easy. 

5. By opting to go down the franchise route, you can benefit from training, support and ongoing education, as well as a wealth of knowledge from your franchisor. With a Christmas decorating franchise business, this can mean support in delivering precise installation methods and techniques, adhering to strict safety measures and comprehensive electrical tutorials.

Start a Christmas decorating franchise business

You can fast track your way to business success by joining an established brand with a tried and tested model. Christmas Decorators is a successful business with branches across the UK, and it’s looking for new investors to set up additional locations. Here’s a bit more information about the brand: 

Christmas Decorators

Christmas Decorators takes pride in being the only company of its kind in the UK. It has 20 offices around the UK and Ireland, in most major towns and cities. Its professional and dedicated team make sure all its decorating services exceed client expectations. 

Becoming a Christmas Decorators franchisee: 

As part of this franchise, you will install high-quality Christmas decorations and the modern LED lights using the latest technology in energy-saving and safety. Your clients will include top hotels, restaurants and prestigious retail and event venues.

Although Christmas Decorators is a seasonal business, you will work on developing your unit and doing other jobs throughout the rest of the year. To be successful as a franchisee, you will need to do a lot of marketing and networking among prospective residential and commercial clients. The profit potential in a business like this is huge, as long as you’re hardworking and committed.

How much you need to invest: 

You will need to invest £25,000 +VAT to start your Christmas Decorators franchise unit. You will also be required to pay a 10 percent royalty fee and two percent marketing charge.

What you get for your investment: 

The franchising team offers its full support and guidance as you get your unit up and running. When you first join, you’ll have the chance to take part in a 10-day training scheme involving both classroom-based and hands-on learning. Once you’ve established your unit, you’ll be able to take advantage of professional development opportunities in the form of additional training courses. 

All franchisees are assigned a dedicated business development manager, who is available for one-to-one meetings to help you grow your unit. You’ll also get your own exclusive territory and access to all Christmas Decorators’ high-quality products. 

I enjoy building relationships with my clients and seeing their happy faces once the installation has been completed. Christmas is a delightful time for all, and it’s so thrilling knowing that you’ve made their holiday even better! - Pia, North London Christmas Decorators franchisee

Get your business into the holiday spirit

Launching a Christmas decorating business is a fantastic choice if you want to spread a bit of festive joy whilst generating a good income and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. You can find out more about taking advantage of Christmas Decorators’ lucrative investment opportunity here at Point Franchise or browse our full selection of construction and home improvement franchises

Alternatively, why not boost your franchising knowledge with our range of informative business guides? We publish data-driven articles every day to help entrepreneurs see success. 

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