Make the Old Look New Again With These 3 Furniture Restoration Franchises

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If you’re looking for an affordable business investment that will equip you with useful skills, you may want to consider joining a furniture restoration franchise. Here, we explore the industry before taking a more in-depth look at three of the most popular restoration franchises.

The furniture repair industry

The furniture repair and restoration sector generates approximately £235 million a year and employs more than 3,000 workers. However, these figures are growing year on year as new tools and techniques become available to those working in the industry. Environmental concerns have also boosted demand in the market, as consumers are becoming reluctant to throw away furniture, opting instead to get it repaired or restored.

Work in the furniture repair industry

This is a varied sector, involving a broad range of opportunities for budding entrepreneurs. Here are just a few of the areas you could work in:

  • Reupholstery – This involves carrying out structural repairs and replacing fabric and padding.
  • Antique furniture repair – To do this, you’ll need specialist skills, particularly in woodwork.
  • Buying and selling – This involves less ‘hands-on’ work; buying old furniture, touching it up to make sure it’s in good condition and then selling it on to individual buyers and collectors.

Within these categories, there are many different positions you can take. By far, the most popular role is that of technician, but there’s management and administrative positions too. So, what do these roles entail?

  • Furniture technician – The responsibilities for this job vary depending on the company you work for, but they’re likely to involve repairing, rebuilding or finishing a range of different furniture items. Technicians use their own hands and machinery to carry out their work – which can be dangerous at times. Depending on the specific role, a furniture technician might specialise in one area, such as wood or antique pieces. Workers can either join a furniture repair business or go freelance, but bear in mind that being self-employed may result in inconsistent hours.
  • Furniture repair administrator – This role will be similar to that of administrators in other companies. It revolves around making sure the little tasks are done so the business can run smoothly. It might involve organising company meetings, answering phone calls, ordering office equipment and conducting research within the furniture repair market.
  • Furniture repair company manager – Again, the responsibilities will be comparable to manager posts in other businesses. They could include setting long-term business goals, meeting with partners, inspiring the workforce, interviewing and hiring new employees and delegating tasks to others.

Top 3 furniture restoration franchises

When it comes to franchising, new recruits will have to do a little bit of everything. All of the franchises we’ve listed below expect their franchisees to perform repair work, manage their business affairs and market the franchise unit. So, candidates need to be adaptable, versatile and skilled in a number of different areas.

1. Surface Medic

Surface Medic specialises in repairing and renovating damaged surfaces and home materials. In recent years, this has become an increasingly profitable industry, as consumers look to save a little money and adopt a more cost-effective approach to home repairs. Rather than simply replacing items, homeowners are far more likely to spend a little extra time finding a suitable repair business, particularly if it saves them a little extra money.

Established in 2016, the furniture repair business has experienced a period of rapid growth, developing a franchise network of 53 franchisees in just two years. Its parent company, Service Solutions Group has accumulated a huge amount of experience and expertise over 17 years of trading, which has helped Surface Medic expand at this impressive rate.

To become a Surface Medic franchisee, you’ll need to part with around £25,000. This is a relatively low investment cost for the industry, making the business one of the more affordable franchise opportunities on the market.

In return for your investment, you’ll be enrolled on a four-week training programme that teaches franchisees how to use equipment and how to repair and renovate any surface. This includes wooden floors and doors, glass and UPVC repairs, amongst others. Franchisees will also receive ongoing advice and guidance from the dedicated support team.

2. Furniture Medic

This furniture restoration business offers both domestic and commercial repairs and has worked hard to develop expertise in a wide range of fields. For instance, it trains technicians to restore leather, furniture frames and antique furniture.

Furniture Medic was founded in 1992. The idea behind it was born when the founder moved house, only to discover that many pieces of high-value furniture were damaged in the process. Rather than buying replacements, he looked for a repair specialist and, finding none in his local area, decided to launch his own business. Starting with a simple idea, Furniture Medic grew to encompass more than 500 franchise units in countries across the globe.

After being launched, Furniture Medic quickly grew to become one of the world’s largest furniture renovation companies. In 1996, it was acquired by Service Master, which also operates TruGreen, Merry Maids and Rosemary Bookkeeping.

To start a Furniture Medic franchise, you’ll need to invest roughly £22,000. The franchise package includes a considerable amount of training and support. Franchisees can attend regular seminars and workshops, and receive check-ins from the franchise team. All franchisees also spend two weeks at the Furniture Medic academy, where they’re trained in all the skills they need to make it as a franchisee.

3. Magicman Franchise

Magicman is a surface repair franchise based in Brighton. It was established in 2003 and now has a network of more than 15 outlets across the country. Because Magicman is a van-based franchise, the majority of its repair work takes place on-site or at customers’ homes or commercial properties. Franchisees will spend most of their time attending call-outs, meeting with clients and performing repair work. This makes it a hands-on job that suits those who like to be in the thick of it and don’t want to assume a purely managerial role.

To become a Magicman franchisee, you’ll need to make a total investment of £30,000. Once the money is invested, franchisees will be given an exclusive territory and the chance to enrol on a five-week training course covering the latest industry tips and techniques. Magicman is also renowned for its excellent support system, so it’s a great franchise to join if you’re just starting out in the industry.

Join a furniture restoration franchise today

This sector holds lots of potential for entrepreneurs who want to be involved in a specialist and rewarding trade. If you’re interested in running your own business with a furniture repair franchise, browse our current opportunities here.

Alternatively, take a look at our franchise opportunities in other sectors; just click here.

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