Furniture Restoration Businesses: Develop Your Own with a Franchise

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If you’re looking for an affordable franchise that can equip you with useful skills and is likely to prove a highly profitable investment, you may want to consider a furniture restoration business. Here, we take a look at the industry in general before taking a more in-depth look at three of the most popular restoration franchises.

Antique furniture restoration

The furniture repair and restoration market generates approximately £217 million every year and employs more than 3,000 workers. However, these figures are growing year on year as new tools and techniques become available to those working in the industry. The recent economic downturn has provided a boost to businesses in the sector, as consumers look to limit their spending on new items and repair those that they already own.

Furniture restoration jobs

In the furniture restoration industry, there are many different positions you can take. By far and away the most popular role is technician, though employees can also work in administrative roles, too. There are also management positions to consider. When it comes to franchising, new franchisees will have to do a little bit of everything. All of the franchises we’ve listed below expect their franchisees to perform repair work, manage their business affairs, and market the franchise, so individuals need to be adaptable, versatile, and skilled in a number of different areas.

Surface Medic

Established in 2016, Surface Medic has experienced a period of rapid growth, expanding to encompass a franchise network of 53 franchisees in just two years. Much of this expansion can be attributed to the experience and expertise that the franchise's parent company, Service Solutions Group, has accumulated over 17 years of trading. Their understanding of both the insurance and renovation industries has put them in a commanding position and allowed them to develop some exciting franchise models.

The business specialises in repairing and renovating damaged surfaces and home materials. In recent years, this has become an increasingly profitable industry, as consumers look to save a little money and adopt a more cost-effective and frugal approach to home repairs. Rather than simply replacing items, homeowners are far more likely to spend a little extra time finding a suitable repair business, particularly if it saves them a little extra money.

To become a Surface Medic franchisee, it’s necessary to invest approximately £25,000. This is a relatively small amount for the industry, making the business one of the more affordable franchise opportunities on the market.

In exchange for your investment, you’ll enrol on a four-week training programme that teaches franchisees how to utilise all the equipment at your disposal and how to repair and renovate any surface you encounter. This includes outside, bathroom, wooden floors and doors, glass, and UPVC repairs, amongst others. Franchisees will also receive ongoing advice and guidance from the dedicated support team.

Furniture Medic

Furniture Medic was founded in 1992 and quickly grew to become one of the world’s largest furniture renovation businesses. In 1996, the company was acquired by Service Master, which also operates the TruGreen, Merry Maids, and Rosemary Bookkeeping brands. The idea for the business was born when the founder moved house, only to discover that many pieces of high-value furniture were damaged in the process. Rather than buying replacements, he looked for a repair specialist and, finding none in his local area, decided to launch his own business. Starting with a simple idea, Furniture Medic grew to encompass more than 500 franchise units in countries across the globe.

The franchise offers both domestic and commercial repairs and has worked hard to develop expertise in a wide range of speciality fields. For instance, Furniture Medic train technicians in antique furniture restoration, leather repair, and furniture frame renovations. From a domestic perspective, much of the work occurs after fire or flood damages homes. On the commercial side, hotels, restaurants, and offices generate a significant amount of income.

To start a Furniture Medic franchise, you’ll need to invest approximately £22,000 +VAT. This can be broken down into a £10,000 franchise fee and another £12,000 for the starter pack. Franchisees will be able to finance a large portion of this via a lending arrangement with a reputable lender.

In return for this investment, the franchise package includes a considerable amount of training and support. Franchisees can attend regular seminars and workshops and will receive check-ins from the supervisory team. The franchise has its own technical team to ensure that all equipment and digital systems operate as they should, and the head office staff are well versed in HR, marketing, IT, and health and safety matters. All franchisees spend two weeks at the Furniture Medic academy, where you’re trained in all the skills you’ll need to make it as a franchisee.

Magicman Franchise

Magicman is a surface repair franchise based in Brighton. The business was established in 2003 and now encompasses more than 15 franchisees spread right across the country. As a van-based franchise, the vast majority of the work takes place on site, at customers’ homes and commercial properties. Franchisees will spend most of their time attending callouts, meeting with clients, and performing repair work. This makes it a hands-on job that suits those who like to be in the thick of things and don’t want to assume a purely managerial role.

To become a Magicman franchisee, you’ll need to make an initial investment of around £12,500. However, franchisees can expect to make a total investment of approximately £30,000. Franchisees can apply for financing if they require additional capital.

Once the money is invested, franchisees will be granted the rights to an exclusive territory and begin preparing for the business launch. A five-week training course gets franchisees up to date with the latest tips and techniques and shares all the knowledge required to operate a franchise. Magicman is also renowned for its excellent support system, and franchisees consistently praise the extent to which the franchisor guides and assists them.

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