Forbes reveals 100 top-earning athletes: Is there money in sports franchises?

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Is there money in sports franchises?

Forbes Magazine has recently revealed the names of the 100 top-earning athletes in the world, and it consists of some unbelievable numbers. The most significant number of all is the combined total that the 100 athletes earned in 2017, coming in at a whopping $3.8 billion. This is an increase of 23% compared to 2016.

Regaining his number one spot, US boxer Floyd Mayweather earned the equivalent of an eye-watering £205 million for his fight in August 2017 against UFC star Conor McGregor. Who, by the way, bagged fourth position on the list thanks to the money earned during the much-anticipated boxing match.

Cristiano Ronaldo who has enjoyed being at the top of the list for the past two years takes third place while his footballing rival, Lionel Messi, beat him into second place.

But for the first time since 2010, there were no female athletes on the list. Serena Williams was ranked as the 51st highest paid athlete in 2016 as the winner of 23 grand slam tennis singles titles. However, after giving birth to her daughter, Serena has taken time out of the game and therefore dropped out of the list altogether.

Thankfully, there are many more women represented in the world of franchising, but theres still work to be done

Why owning a sports franchise is a good idea.

For many, the best franchises to own are ones that involve fitness, exercise or sporting activities. This is because franchisees can combine their love of sport with being their own boss. If this sounds like your idea of a perfect business opportunity, then there are plenty of different franchises to choose from.

But with all this money being earned by the worlds top athletes, is there any left to be made by owning a sports franchise? Thankfully, the answer is yes. In fact, starting a franchise that is fitness related can be very lucrative, but there are many other reasons too.

1. Theyre affordable

As a sports franchise doesnt generally require any business premises or expensive equipment, the investment tends to be relatively low cost. A great example of an affordable sports-related franchise is Rugbytots.

For an unbelievably low minimum investment of just £500, you can start your own franchise teaching children how to play Rugby. Established in the UK in 2006, there are now over 100 franchisees sharing their passion for rugby by running 4,000 classes per week. The demand for classes is always increasing which makes this one of the best franchises to own for entrepreneurs who want to invest in a secure and sustainable business opportunity.

Investing in a low-cost franchise means that you'll be able to achieve profitability sooner than a business with higher overheads. It can also make growing your franchise more achievable because you'll be able to afford to expand by opening additional territories.

2. The demand for services is consistent.

Parents are happy to pay for your services if it keeps their children happy and healthy. This means that youth sports franchises can continue to perform well even in the most turbulent of economic climates.

Starting a franchise such as Premier Sport will ensure that your business will remain strong even through the toughest of times. This is because they provide sporting activities for schools and local communities. Once youve established relationships with educational facilities, repeat business will be generated providing youre committed to giving them and their students the best service possible.

Whats more, Premier Sport offers three packages for franchisees ranging from £15,000 to £30,000. This enables you to join up to the introductory package and then as your confidence grows alongside the demand for your services, you can invest more in the additional packages.

3. It's a rewarding career.

Working with young children, in particular, is very rewarding. In this technological age, children can be reliant on computers and other electronic devices for entertainment. However, according to NHS guidelines children and young people aged five to 18 need to do at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day to maintain a basic level of health.

Knowing that youre contributing to improving the health and well-being of the children you provide sporting activities for is priceless. And with a third of children aged two to 15 currently considered overweight or obese, your services will be valued by parents and teachers too.

One of the best franchises to own if you want to make a difference in your community is Waterbabies. This well-known franchise helps children how to learn to swim as well as developing self-esteem and social skills from a young age. Not only do you get the joy of working with very young children and their families, but you can take pride in the fact that youre teaching your students an essential life skill.

4.You get to have fun

Finally, starting a franchise that brings together the pleasure of sport and the excitement of working with children is a winning combination. If youre looking for the fun factor in your chosen franchise, then look no further than Tatty Bumpkin.

Tatty Bumpkin is a yoga-inspired franchise that teaches children the importance of movement. Encouraging flexibility and creativity, this business can be as big or as small as you need it to be. You can choose when are where you work so that it can fit around any other personal commitments that you may have.

Being a franchisee can be tough at times, so being able to have fun when you work makes all the effort worthwhile. And when youre having fun, the children you teach will enjoy your classes even more. What better way to earn a living than bringing joy to your community?


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