Five Signs That You've Found The Perfect Franchisee

20/02/2018 19:00 | Start a business

The perfect franchisee

When we think about examples of franchises that have proven to be an overwhelming success, elements of the business model such as brand, marketing and innovation come to mind.

The famous golden arches, the smart marketing campaigns, and the constantly updated menu of McDonald's are undoubtedly critical factors to its success and longevity. But does anyone ever give any thought to the real driving force behind the triumph of these companies?

The franchisee. Yes, the one that makes the franchise investment and becomes the glue that binds together the branding, systems, products and service. Think about it you may have the best business model in the world, but choose a franchisee that isnt the right fit for your business, and it can all go wrong.

Common traits of the ideal franchisee

When a prospective franchisee is considering starting a franchise, they will typically complete a degree of due diligence, perform some market research and prepare questions to ask you about the opportunity. Because of this, many candidates can come across very confident and suited to the role of franchisee. But, you must look deeper than first impressions.

What you're looking for in the perfect franchisee cannot be taught. No amount of training will be able to instil these traits into your chosen franchise partner.

So, here are the five attributes that the perfect franchisee will demonstrate:

1. Conviction

First and foremost, you want your franchisees to be as passionate about your brand as you are. Many candidates are drawn to a particular franchise because they love its products or services. Often this isnt enough of a reason to make a franchise investment, but when the culture, business model and budget all fit a franchisees' requirements too, it makes for a compelling match.

As a brand ambassador, the franchisee will ooze positivity when they deal with customers, staff and suppliers. They tend to be high performers because they genuinely love what they do. They become a cheerleader for your franchise and are always proactively promoting the business and are keen to increase sales and profit.

The most effective way to recruit a franchise with such brand conviction is to look within your existing pool of employees or customer base.

2. Works hard

Many entrepreneurs choose a franchise investment because they may not have all the business ownership know-how that's needed to start an independent venture. This is why training programmes are so crucial to your franchisees success. Being able to share all your experience and expertise with them stands them in good stead to own and operate a profitable franchise.

So, franchisees can be taught how to run a franchise, but theres no substitute for hard work. Having a strong work ethic will often deliver reliable performance and compensate for lack of specific skills and experience. The perfect franchisee is 100% committed to succeeding, no matter what it takes. Theyre the first to arrive and last to leave. They are happy to serve customers, clean toilets and will do everything in their power to keep employees satisfied.

3. People person

As soon as you meet a prospective franchisee that has a natural ability to interact with people of all levels, youll be overwhelmed by their likeability factor. Having the skill to communicate in a friendly and positive manner is an advantage for those starting a franchise in customer-facing sectors.

Having a franchisee that understands that customers and employees are vital to achieving success, is a massive benefit. They will be able to build relationships that dont feel forced or false. As a franchisor, you can be confident, that should any issues arise regarding customer complaints or employee dissatisfaction, your franchisee will be able to deal with the situation professionally and efficiently.

In fact, from the outset, it will be evident that this is a glass half full' person. Answers and opportunities come more easily than questions or complications. They will take care of problems by solving them instead of involving you unnecessarily.

4. Determination

During the hiring process, youll hear prospective franchisees tell you repeatedly how determined, dedicated and self-motivated they are. The trick is to be able to recognise those who have this attribute from those who just know that this is one personality trait that franchisors are looking for.

The reason that a determined streak is relevant to those starting a franchise is that once theyre trained, they require minimal input and support. Running a franchise means that the franchisee must wear many hats; from recruiting staff to mopping the floor and everything in between. The chances are that there will be many elements of franchise operation which will be unfamiliar to the franchisee. The good news is that when a franchisee is self-disciplined, theyll do what it takes to get the job done; whether its something new to them or not.

Just be mindful that too much determination may cause a franchisee to become a maverick. There are many examples of franchises that have hired self-disciplined individuals who then fail to recognise that theyre part of a more significant business model and so need to work within that framework. Avoid this happening to you by encouraging self-discipline while ensuring that your franchisees remain coachable.

5. Driven

Youre looking for a franchisee who ultimately has the same attributes as you. They want to succeed, work hard, innovate, achieve their goals and are natural problem solvers. When youve found a franchisee with this drive, chances are theyll be a good fit for your franchise.

While franchising may not be for everyone, it can be an ideal situation for the right person. These five attributes, along with adequate financial backing, are crucial to succeeding in the franchising world. If you come across a prospective franchisee that displays these traits during the recruitment process, do all you can to get them on board. If you dont, there will be plenty of franchises queuing up to hire the perfect franchisee.

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