Top New Franchises in 2019

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New franchises that you may not have heard of

You've decided you want to become a franchisee, but you're unsure of the best franchises to buy. This is a common concern of many wannabe entrepreneurs. You may find yourself attracted to big franchise brands such as Subway and McDonald’s but they could be out of reach financially. Fear not. Thankfully, there are lots of new franchises that are entering the marketplace and give you the opportunity to become your own boss for a more affordable franchise fee.

Franchise Industry 2019

Franchising employs more than 710,000 people in the UK, a figure that is up 14 percent from 2015 (British Franchise Association/2018 NatWest Franchise Survey). Also on the rise is the number of franchised units. Currently, there are around 48,600 franchised units, which is an increase of 4,400 from 2015. Collectively, they contribute over £17 billion to the UK economy. This demonstrates that the franchise industry is thriving and there has never been a better time to take the next step and invest in a franchise.

Entrepreneurs are clearly noticing the advantages of franchising rather than taking the independent start-up route when it comes to running their own business.

Start your Franchising Journey

Investing in one of the many new franchises available could offer you an excellent opportunity to become part of one of the biggest franchise brands of the future right from the start. Of course, less established franchises do come with extra risk, but this can be mitigated by performing some additional due diligence before you invest.

Franchises come in all shapes and sizes, so regardless of your preferred industry, experience and budget, there’s bound to be an opportunity for you.

We now take a look at the top three new franchises in 2019.

Top New Franchises in 2019


This franchise is a lifestyle financial planning process for IFAs (independent financial advisors) or people interested in becoming an IFA. The one holistic service combines financial planning, financial advice and life coaching. This truly is a unique franchise opportunity that isn’t possible through another company.

PlanHappy provides its clients with a complete retirement lifestyle plan, which includes the costs of everything from hobbies to holidays. If the client wants to do it, PlanHappy can sort it out.

It is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) and has attained additional permissions needed to advise on Defined Benefit/Final Salary pension transfers.

PlanHappy pays for its franchisees to become qualified Independent Financial Advisers, which will mean you will hold a degree level Diploma in Financial Planning. You will also be supported by a team of over 60 individuals, including business support, paraplanners, marketing professionals and more.

An investment of £42,000 is required. To find out more about the support franchises receive and to show your interest, click here.

Match Options

Match Options is an employment business and recruitment agency that operates in the social and healthcare industry. Its long list of clients includes the NHS, local authorities, HM Prison Service, BUPA etc. It essentially matches the options available in both the temporary and permanent health and social sectors for the employer and the job seeker.

To get involved with this franchise opportunity, you need to make a minimum investment of £30,000 and a total investment of £70,000.

Ecotec Autogas

The Ecotec Autogas brand was born in 2011 and is the only LPG Conversion franchise in the UK. With fuel costs and city centre congestion charges on the rise, combined with our global mission to be less harmful to our environment, the demand for LPG conversions for all petrol cars has never been higher.

To invest in this franchise, you need to have access to around £20,000.

The following franchises have been in business a while longer than the ones mentioned above. However, they are all exciting opportunities that you might not have thought of.

Activ Net Marketing

If you’re interested in starting a franchise to achieve the ultimate in flexibility, then this internet franchise could be perfect for you. With Activ Net Marketing, you get to work from the comfort of your own home, operating the hours you choose, while earning as much as you desire.

Sound too good to be true? It isn't. Active Net Marketing and other similar web marketing businesses are experiencing huge levels of growth, which would put your services in demand.

Activ Net Marketing was the first company to offer low-cost, fixed-price websites in the UK and has since helped thousands of small businesses to develop and improve their web presence. And, starting from just £9,995, you too can offer customers in your area the same services, even if you don’t have any previous experience in this sector.

Lockforce UK

Lockforce UK is one of the most exciting emerging franchises in the country. By joining one of the new franchises on the market, you'll benefit from huge growth potential in a sector that is pretty much recession-proof.

This locksmith franchise was established in 2012 but has quickly built up a reputation for quality and reliability. One of the reasons for Locksmith UK’s success is because it is part of the larger organisation, The Forces Group. This means that you’ll benefit from the experience of an established business with the excitement of a new franchise opportunity.

You’ll also enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with this van-based franchise. You are able to choose when and where you work, while serving a variety of domestic and commercial customers. So, if you’re looking for an affordable and mobile franchise, this locksmith franchise could be the key to your success.

To be accepted as a Lockforce franchisee, you need to have access to a minimum investment of £10,500.

Nicholas Humphreys Estate Agency

Nicholas Humphreys was established back in 1998 but didn’t become a franchised business until 2012, following several years of success. Breaking the mould of traditional letting agents, Nicholas Humphreys introduces a fresh style and innovative approach to the profitable student letting industry. For this reason, it’s one of the best franchises to buy if you want to invest in a dynamic and highly regarded company.

You don’t need any previous business ownership experience, nor are you required to have a background in the property letting sector. To become a successful Nicholas Humphreys franchisee, you need to be ambitious, enthusiastic and self-motivated.

The size of your business and the rate at which you grow is entirely down to you. You can choose to start a field-based franchise to keep costs to a minimum, or you can find a fixed location ideally placed to encourage customers to visit. You’ll also receive full training and be supported every step of the way in the launch of your new estate agent franchise.

Nicolas Humphreys asks for a minimum investment of around £9,000 and a total investment of £31,200.

The London Vape Company

The London Vape Company has enjoyed unbelievable growth since it was started as a family-run business in 2014. From a small shop in Barnet, this ambitious company is now one of the largest e-cigarette franchise brands in the UK.

As a franchisee, you’ll get help to select the ideal location for your store – which will be fully kitted out – access to marketing collateral, use of the London Vape Company’s brand and some of the industry’s top products and e-juice flavours.

To be a successful franchisee, you'll need to be hardworking and determined to succeed in a highly competitive market. Experience in the vaping industry is preferred, and a background in retail management is beneficial. Once on board, you’ll receive comprehensive and tailored training programmes in order to optimise your abilities.

To invest in this franchise, you need to make a minimum investment of £30,000 and a total investment of £60,000.

Quokka Solutions

If you’re looking for an extremely low-cost franchise opportunity, then look no further than Quokka Solutions. This business model is based on a network of independently owned businesses that all work in partnership together. Each franchisee can access the Quokka Solutions customer base as well as being able to offer their industry-leading products and services.

The benefit of this model is that you can continue to offer customers a local and personalised service, with the backing and products of a national brand. This is a potent combination, which provides a great opportunity for success and profitability.

If you're a management professional and have ambitions to join a growing business with a community of other like-minded franchisees, then this could be the franchise for you. All you need is passion, determination, excellent communication skills and the drive always to be the best. If this sounds like the perfect fit for you, then Quokka Solutions are waiting for you to get in touch.

Unfortunately, Quokka Solutions isn’t looking to expand its UK franchise network at the moment. But watch this space in case it starts to re-advertise the opportunity.

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