Fish and Chips Restaurant Franchises: Do It Yourself!

17/12/2018 18:00 | Fast Food Franchises

fish and chips restaurant

Brits love nothing more than visiting a fish and chips restaurant for the perfect comfort food. Enjoyed wrapped in paper walking along the seafront or being served in a fancy diner, there is no better feeling than a bag of hot fish and chips.

Although more recently Chinese, Italian and Indian cuisines have been competing for the top spot as Britains favourite food, you cant go wrong with a good fish and chips restaurant.

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A history of fish and chips

No one knows precisely where or when fish and chips were put together to make a delicious meal, however, we do know that chips arrived in Britain from France in the eighteenth century. According to the National Federation of Fish Friers, the world's first fish and chips restaurant was called Malin's and opened in 1860 on Old Ford Road, East London.

Because fish and potatoes werent rationed during the First World War, the humble fish and chips restaurant grew in popularity with 3,500 shops in the UK by the 1930s. Today, there are about 11,000 fish and chips shops across the country and are here to stay.

The average Brit consumes six serving of fish and chips each year with 382 meals dished up all together costing a whopping £1.2 billion.

Fish and chips fast food restaurant

Fish and chips are the original fast food. Despite the threat from other fast food outlets, fish and chips restaurants still outnumber even the most significant global brands. In fact, even though McDonalds has more than 1,200 restaurants in the UK, this is nowhere near the 11,000 chippies located up and down the country.

Traditionally, wrapped in greaseproof paper and newspaper sheets, fish and chips are the perfect food on the go. Unfortunately, real newspaper has had to give way to more hygienic alternatives but whether in a cone, carton or tray, a fish and chip takeaway supper is still high on the agenda for many.

So the future looks bright for fast food restaurants. In 2017, Statista found that there were more than 25,000 fast food outlets in the UK. With people living increasingly busy lives, the desire to grab fast food rather than prepare lunch and dinner is only going to rise. And with a bag of chips named as the favourite item of food in the Takeaway Economy report commissioned by Just Eat, starting a fish and chips restaurant could be a risk worth taking.

Fish and chips restaurant London

If youre interested in starting your own fish and chips restaurant, what better place to do it than London. According to the Office for National Statistics, more than 8.2 million people live in Greater London making it the largest city in the UK and the third largest city in Europe. Add to this the 19 million tourists that visit each year and the capital is the ideal location for a fish and chips restaurant.

However, with opportunity come challenges. Opening a fish and chips restaurant in London will see you have to compete with other chip shops and many more fast food outlets. So what better way to stand out from the crowd than to invest in a Harry Ramsden franchise? The brand is renowned throughout the UK and has become synonymous with sustainably sourced, quality food and friendly service.

Investing in a franchise gives you an advantage over independent businesses as people will already be familiar with the brand and know what to expect from a Harry Ramsden restaurant. When confronted with an unknown restaurant and a recognisable brand, people tend to choose what they know.

So, if you think youve got what it takes to become a Harry Ramsden franchisee, then youll require a passion for great hospitality along with the ability to get the best out of people. Youll be expected to have a good knowledge of your local marketplace and have the drive and determination to make your business a success.

There are three different types of restaurant you can invest in depending on your budget and ambition. The three formats are a Quick Service Restaurant starting at £250,000 an assisted service restaurant and a full-service restaurant, both requiring an investment in the region of £500,000. As well as franchise fees, youll also need to cover the cost of any lease acquisition costs, staff training costs along and any other pre-launch expenses.

In return for your investment, you and a key member of your staff will spend four weeks in an existing Harry Ramsden restaurant before you launch your own business. Here youll learn all you need to know about running a successful franchise including supply chain, food preparation and customer service. When your restaurant is all set up, you and your full team will be given further training before you open your doors to customers.

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When youre up and running, youll pay a 6% royalty fee and a 2% marketing fee. These are paid on a monthly basis and calculated as a percentage of gross sales. As part of your 10-year franchise agreement, youll have the right to use the Harry Ramsden trademarks and system to sell fish and chips from your restaurant as well as offer a home delivery service. At the end of the franchise term, youll have the option to renew for a further ten years.

With more than 90 years in operation, Harry Ramsden is an excellent business to join. The brand has stood the test of time and has fish and chips shops all over the UK, Ireland and Malaysia. And after a recent refresh of all restaurants, the new contemporary new look, feel, and menu ensure that customers keep returning making this an exciting and profitable franchise opportunity.

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