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fish and chips london

It could be argued that fish and chips is the most iconic dish in Britain. Whether you live by the sea or not, the local chip shop plays a vital role on high streets up and down the country. Despite this, there are relatively few fish and chips franchises.

London fish and chips

Though there are many restaurant franchises in the UK capital, fish and chip shops have yet to adopt the franchising model on a widespread basis. Currently, there are two principal franchise opportunities available to those who want to open a fish and chips restaurant.

The first is the popular Harry Ramsdens chain. Having operated for more than 90 years, Harry Ramsdens is a popular and well-known restaurant that benefits from significant brand reach and an established reputation. The franchise is a feature of many seaside towns and is attempting to expand its operations and open new locations in London. It has identified franchising as its preferred means of achieving this.

Alternatively, would-be franchisees may also want to consider London Fish & Chips, a relatively new addition to the franchising scene that has experienced great success in both domestic and international markets. Opening in 2001, the franchise chain has ambitious plans for its future and is hoping to expand its franchise network in both the UK and abroad.

Fish and chips for sale London

Both Harry Ramsdens and the London Fish & Chips franchise are actively looking for new franchisees who could assume control of a London-based restaurant and grow it into a successful and profitable business. This means that there is plenty of opportunity for those who have always dreamed of owning their own fish and chip restaurant in the capital.

Both franchises carefully scout locations before they open new franchise units, ensuring franchisees have the best possible chance of success. When it comes to opening a restaurant franchise, positioning is key, and it can take significant expertise and experience to understand what demographics your business is hoping to reach and how to achieve this. Fortunately, both franchises have dedicated franchising teams that will provide franchisees with all the guidance you require.

Fish and chips international expansion

Alongside their expansion into the London market, both businesses are interested in the idea of breaking into new global markets. While Harry Ramsden's has a presence in nations as diverse as Australia, Saudi Arabia, and Hong Kong, London Fish & Chips has worked hard to develop its franchise network in Saudi Arabia opening stores in Riyadh, Jeddah, and Madinah. Theyve also launched a total of 11 locations across the UAE.

What level of investment is required?

With both franchises, the level of investment required varies an incredible amount. Factors including location and restaurant size can increase the amount you can expect to pay by tens of thousands, particularly in the capitals famously speculative property market. For an accurate investment figure, its necessary to talk directly to the franchisors or employ the services of an experienced franchise broker.

What do you get in return for your investment?

While the franchise packages offered by these two franchises differ in certain respects, they're also incredibly similar in others. For instance, both packages offer assistance with site selection, lease negotiation, and restaurant outfitting. Both franchises recognise the importance of marketing and have invested considerable resources in developing a sophisticated and compelling brand identity. Consequently, they have a vested interest in ensuring you maintain that identity and reputation and that both you and the franchisor benefit from its use.

Likewise, both franchises enrol their new franchisees on comprehensive training programmes that cover the basics of business management and those factors specific to fish and chip shops. Marketing materials are supplied to all new franchises, and the franchise support team will help ensure that your business is given the grand opening it deserves. Finally, on-going guidance and assistance will be provided by both of the franchises experienced teams.

What kind of franchisee is required?

Neither Harry Ramsdens nor London Fish & Chips expect you to have any previous experience of the fish and chip industry. However, some knowledge of the food and restaurant industries is likely to be of significant help. The most important qualities the franchises are looking for are a passion for the respective brands and businesses, exceptional team management skills, and excellent communication abilities.

Franchisees will be expected to have done their homework and understand the market and what challenges the industry faces, as well as what opportunities there are going forward. Theyll also have to be open to taking advice and understand the importance of the franchise business plan and the need to follow it to the letter.

What is the process for becoming a franchisee?

Though many franchises will have application processes that differ ever so slightly, most follow a similar pattern. Generally, to become a fish and chips franchisee, you'll need to;

1. Complete the application

First, franchisees will have to register their interest and complete an application form. At this stage, it's crucial that you take your time and ensure that the application is completed to give you the best chance of approval. If you're not entirely confident, wait until you think you've prepared the perfect application.

2. Perform the necessary due diligence

All franchisees should carefully complete their due diligence. This is the process by which all the relevant market and financial information are collected, and a franchisee establishes whether the franchise is a viable business opportunity.

3. Meet the franchisor

If your application is approved and your due diligence has been carried out, the next move is to go and meet the franchisor. This is an important step, as youll be working closely together. Its important to make sure that you believe that a strong working relationship is possible.

4. Visit head office

Finally, it's time to go and meet the rest of the franchisor team. They'll play an essential role in supporting your new business, so make sure you feel welcome, valued, and part of the team before you sign the franchise agreement.

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