City Spotlight: 4 Advantages of Running a Fish and Chips Franchise in London

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Fancy serving up one of the nation’s favourite dishes in the UK capital? Let’s take a look at the top advantages of starting a fish and chips franchise in London.

It could be argued that a plate of fish and chips is the most iconic dish in the UK – but there are relatively few franchises selling the tasty treat. There’s no denying that it plays a significant role in the average Brit’s diet, as – according to The National Federation of Fish Friers – 22 percent of people visit their local chippy at least once a week. There’s clearly a market out there for savvy entrepreneurs, so in this article we take a closer look at the industry, why it makes smart business sense to choose London as your restaurant location and some of the franchise opportunities currently available.

Advantages of running a fish and chips franchise in London

Fish and chips can be enjoyed on the go 

We consume around 382 million portions of fish and chips every year in the UK. But one big advantage of starting a fish and chips franchise in London is that chips can be enjoyed on the go and therefore are a top choice for time-conscious commuters and workers. 

Fish and chips is a traditional dish with a large customer base

Fish and chips are a popular choice in seaside locations, areas with a high concentration of senior citizens and city centres. Keep this in mind when choosing a location for your business. As London is a heavily populated area anyway, you shouldn’t be short of customers if you provide reasonably priced tasty food and excellent customer service. But after conducting your market research, you might find that setting up shop in a residential area with a large elderly population would bring a steady stream of customers to your business.

Fish and chips has historic links to London

It is thought that fish and chips date back to the 17th century when Jewish immigrants from Spain and Portugal fried fish in London. But it wasn’t until the 1870s that the fish and chips business really took off. As railway lines were laid across the UK, fish was able to be transported from seaside towns like Grimsby and Whitby to larger cities further inland. The dish was warm, filling and easy to prepare, so it was ideal for factory and mill workers during the industrial period.

At the turn of the 20th century, there were far more fish and chips businesses in the UK than there are today. By 1910, an estimated 25,000 shops lined the British streets, and this number had increased to 35,000 by 1927. This was helped by the fact that fish and chips were one of the few food items not to be rationed during the two World Wars. 

Today, the number of fish and chips businesses in the UK is lower, but you can still find a local chippy on most high streets. The tasty dish is considered to be a British classic, ideal as a pick-me-up after a long day or a treat on special occasions.

Franchising is a less risky route to business ownership

The fish and chips industry holds great potential for savvy entrepreneurs, but any investors looking to get into the food and restaurant sector should be wary. It’s a well-known fact that many new restaurants fail within their first year. So, it’s vital you start a viable business selling a high-quality product that will continue to draw in customers for years to come – even during economic slumps.

This is where franchising can help. Franchisors will have experimented with their business model over the years, trying and testing every new idea to make sure it is robust and sustainable. When you come on board, you already know that the business is successful. It may even be recognised in your region.

You can never be certain that your individual unit of the business will generate a profit in your particular territory. However, you’ll still eliminate much of the risk involved in starting up a business by joining a franchise. On top of the proven business model you’ll have access to, you’ll also be able to rely on continual support from the franchisor team. If you ever have questions or concerns, you’ll be able to benefit from their expertise.

Fish and chips franchises in London 

Although there are many restaurant franchises in the UK’s capital, fish and chip shops have yet to adopt the franchising model in a big way. Below we take a look at two fish and chips franchises opportunities in London.

London Fish & Chips

Aspiring franchisees may want to consider London Fish & Chips, a relatively new addition to the franchising scene that has experienced great success in both domestic and international markets. The franchise chain was launched in 2001 and now has ambitious plans for its future, hoping to expand its network in both the UK and abroad.

  • Becoming a London Fish & Chips franchisee: London Fish & Chips is actively looking for new franchisees who could launch a London-based restaurant and grow it into a profitable business.  It’s important that you are passionate about the brand and have exceptional organisation skills if you want to be accepted. To find out more and apply head over to its website.

  • How much you need to invest: Get in touch with the franchise team to find out more about the investment costs. 

  • What you get for your investment: You will be supported with all aspects of the business including lease negotiations, purchasing, marketing and more. You will also take part in a comprehensive training programme and receive ongoing support.

The Corner Plaice

This franchise doesn’t just have a fantastic brand name; it also offers food made using local produce, a full vegetarian menu and Halal chicken and sausages. The Corner Plaice is keen to appeal to as many consumers as possible, which is why it also only uses uncontaminated vegetable oil suitable for vegetarians. Currently operating in Manchester, it is eager to expand all over the UK.

  • Becoming a The Corner Plaice franchisee: If you’ve got great communication skills and enjoy interesting with people check out its website for further details and to apply.

  • How much you need to invest: The franchise asks for an investment of £14,995.

  • What you get for your investment: Franchisees are granted an exclusive territory and access to a five-day training programme covering all aspects of the business and involving office-based and on-the-job work. The Corner Plaice even provides franchisees with a stationery pack of 250 letterheads, 250 business cards and 1,000 flyers.

Fish and chips industry in the UK

Whether you live by the sea or not, local ‘chippys’ can be found on high streets up and down the country. The UK fish and chip industry comprises 10,500 specialist shops and makes an annual revenue of around £1.2 billion.

Start your own fish and chips franchise in London

Live in London and want to run your own fish and chips business?  There are plenty you can get your teeth into. As long as you have a passion for the industry, commitment to your brand and the determination to push your franchise forward to profitability, you should make a great franchisee.

Unfortunately, we don’t currently have any fish and chips franchises on Point Franchise, but you can check out our food franchises. We have everything from healthy food franchises to fast food franchises.

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