Fed Up With the 9-to-5 Perhaps Starting a Franchise Business Is Your Best Next Career Move

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fed up of 9 - 5 franchise

If youíre tired of the 9-to-5, starting a franchise is a fantastic way for you to take back control and stay firmly in the driverís seat. Letís find out whyÖ

The traditional workplace hours of 9-to-5 are starting to die out in lots of businesses. You might be surprised to learn that just six percent of people in the UK work in that time schedule (YouGov). But what about everyone else? Nearly half of people work flexibly with compressed hours or job-sharing arrangements so they can juggle their other commitments. If youíve recently returned back to work from furlough and are struggling to adjust or have been crying out for some more flexibility in your working schedule for some time, starting a franchise could be the best career change decision in your lifetime.

How does starting a franchise unit give me more flexibility?

So, youíre fed up of the daily grind Ė what options do you have? Well, one business move that allows you to have much more flexibility in your daily life is franchising. Letís explore three reasons whyÖ

1. You are your own boss

While you do have to adhere to the franchise agreement, you are still your own boss. This means that you can decide when and how many hours you want to work. You no longer have to miss important events with family and friends, as you can leave your franchise in the hands of your trusted employees. This does, however, make it very important to recruit staff that are highly skilled and reliable, so you donít need to worry about stepping away from the day-to-day operations from time to time.

Carly Poyser, owner and director of childrenís rugby franchise Little Scrummers Rugby, has nothing but great things to say about flexible working:

ďEven if you canít do a full-time, nine-to-five job, you can still build your own business and be successful.

ďAs a franchisor Iím quite flexible when I work Ö sometimes it is 7am, other times it is 11pm.

ďWhen youíre working with children, being available outside of the nine-to-five benefits everyone.Ē

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2. You can work from home

If youíve enjoyed the time youíve spent at home while furloughed or remote working under lockdown, starting a franchise unit could be a smart business move. Operating a home-based franchise business allows you to have a healthier work/life balance, ditch the dreaded commute and enjoy fewer overheads. Promedica24 is a home-based franchise in the care industry.


Promedica24 is a senior care agency that offers its clients 24-hour care in a variety of ways. Whether itís emergency care, short-term or long-term care, the franchise provides first-class medical services as well as help and companionship. This allows people to live at home for longer without feeling like they're a burden on their loved ones.

  • Becoming a Promedica24 franchisee: Thereís no need to worry if youíve never worked in this sector before. As a Promedica24 franchisee, you wonít be responsible for delivering the care yourself.

  • How much you need to invest: In order to become a Promedica24 franchisee, you will need to make a minimum investment of £1,000 and a total investment of £40,000.

  • What you get for your investment: You wonít have to be concerned with recruiting carers as this is all done for you. Your role as a Promedica24 franchisee is to find and sign up new clients so that you can develop and grow your business. Youíll also receive expert marketing support and have access to bespoke CRM systems.

Check out the top eight home-based franchises for every investment level.

3. You can work part-time

If you want to operate a franchise on the side of another business venture or would like to work fewer hours because of other commitments like being pregnant, a new mum or a carer, there are countless part-time franchises out there. Better still, they are often some of the most affordable investments on the market. With many of them, you can enjoy reduced overheads and start-up costs.

Matthew Simmonds, franchise director at Oast House Farm Snacks suggests that certain franchise sectors offer a lifestyle solution that allows people with time restraints to have more flexibility. He notes that this can be more difficult in areas like food service and retail, but there are still lots of opportunites where it works perfectly. This is because these two types of business are open the same hours each day, and you will be taking on a lot of responsibility. However, if you can imagine yourself as hands-on for the day-to-day operations, these are two very lucrative and exciting industries to get involved with. And, when youíre up and running, you will be able to take a step back and delegate responsibility to your team, if thatís what youíd rather do.

Our UK franchise directory is bursting with franchises that can be operated part or full-time. One of these is Tubz Vending.

Tubz Vending

Tubz Brands is the number one tower vending franchise in the UK and Europe.

  • Becoming a Tubz franchisee: Investors have the flexibility to run their franchise unit in the way that best suits them, so you can operate it from home as a part or full-time business, depending on your preference.
  • How much you need to invest: This is a low-cost franchise opportunity; youíll only need to make a total investment of £3,295.
  • What you get for your investment: There are no management, monthly or annual fees when you become a Tubz franchisee. Youíll get full training and ongoing support, a two-year guarantee on all new equipment and branded product stickers and uniforms. The franchise package also includes stock from popular brands like Pringles, as well as the opportunity to introduce a nutritious snack tower for the growing number of health-conscious consumers.

Leave the 9-to-5 working schedule for good

Itís likely that the 9-to-5 will become a thing of the past over the coming the years. The COVID-19 crisis has proved that remote working is very successful for many businesses, and workers have got a taste of working hours that fit around their schedules. The great news is flexibility is inherent in the franchise system. If youíve been tempted by the prospect of working from home full time, you might be interested in how to choose a home-based franchise thatís right for you.

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