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FASTSIGNS franchise

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FASTSIGNS is one of the most exciting franchise investment opportunities out there, despite having been on the market for more than 30 years now. Its continued success and relevance has depended on its ability to innovate and move with the times, incorporating the latest technology as it does. If you're interested in starting up your own signage business, there's a number of options available.

However, FASTSIGNS is the only signage franchise with the history, experience, and expertise to say that they're the best. Here, we take a look at what makes them such an enticing investment opportunity and why you should consider becoming their next franchisee.

Franchise background

FASTSIGNS was established in 1985, by partners Gary Solomon and Robert Schanbaum. At the time, their respective specialities were print brokering and catalogue designing, though they quickly switched to sign making. This change occurred in 1985 when the partners visited a computer shop and realised how much of an effect digital production methods would have on the industry. Towards the end of 1985, they opened their first sign-making store and their first franchise opened a year later.

The FASTSIGNS network now encompasses more than 675 franchise units, across a number of countries. There are 20 units currently operating in the UK, with the central franchise management team looking to add to that number as soon as possible.

Industry context

The sign industry has come a long way in recent years and a number of new developments have made it an exciting investment proposition. Sign franchises can take advantage of the latest digital techniques and technologies to open up new markets and reach new clients. A recent study highlighted the fact that 84% of UK retailers consider digital signage to be "opportunity to significantly raise brand awareness."

It's not all about new signage techniques, though. There's still a significant amount of business to be had in traditional mediums. The demand for high-quality products is there, too. 98% of surveyed businesses believe high-quality signs and graphics "give a positive impression of a business. As a FASTSIGNS franchisee, youll be taking advantage of the franchises superior techniques and technology to deliver the best product on the market.


FASTSIGNS provides high-quality printing solutions to individuals and businesses across the globe. Primarily focused on signage and print graphics, the FASTSIGNS franchise is able to produce a wide range of goods, including digital signage, banners, vehicle signs, wall and window signage, and large signs for buildings. The business understands how important it is that organisations advertise, market themselves, and raise their profile in the right way. Thats why they focus on providing businesses with the best product available.

At FASTSIGNS, theres an emphasis on combining creativity and technological know-how. Theyre a franchise thats interested in bringing together the latest techniques and equipment and individuals with a passion and talent for graphic design. While you dont necessarily need these skills if youre buying a franchise, it does help if youre interested in the industry and have a basic understanding of how it operates.

What level of investment is required?

In order to become a FASTSIGNS franchisee, you'll require an initial investment of around £150,000. This covers the franchise fee, premises acquisition, equipment, training, advertising, professional fees, and the required working capital to keep the business afloat during those first few months. As an established and well-respected franchise, applicants to FASTSIGNS may be able to borrow as much as 70% of this amount from major banks and lenders. However, the rest of the investment must be raised from your own personal assets. FASTSIGNS is a British Franchising Association (bfa) accredited franchise. This means that they follow financially responsible and ethical franchising practices.

What do you get in return for your investment?

In return for your investment, franchisees are given the right to trade under the FASTSIGNS name and utilise the franchise's brand image. They'll also be granted the rights to an exclusive territory and be provided with assistance in finding a suitable business property. The central management team provide all new franchisees with extensive training and enrol them on a four-week programme to ensure that they're ready to launch their very very own unit. This four-week scheme consists of one week in an existing FASTSIGNS shop, two weeks of classroom-based training, and one week in your new FASTSIGNS store.

Theres also assistance provided to help with the pre-opening marketing campaign, the grand opening event, and first few weeks of business. The franchise enrols all franchisees into their peer-to-peer mentor programme and offers ongoing sales support as your business expands. New franchisees also benefit from reduced royalty fees for the first 12 months, giving you a better chance of turning a profit in those tricky early phases of business development. Finally, the FASTSIGNS management team provide guidance, support, and advice to all franchisees, as and when they need it.

What kind of franchisee is FASTSIGNS looking for?

FASTSIGNS dont require applicants to have previous experience in the sign-making industry. Its not about your practical skills its about how you manage your team, communicate with customers, and work to grow your business. Training and guidance are provided by the franchise, meaning youll learn a great deal on the job.

More than anything, FASTSIGNS want individuals with the right attitude. Applicants need to be driven, determined and dedicated. They must lead from the front and share the franchise's vision. The FASTSIGNS franchise values individuals with a business-orientated mindset, who work hard to achieve their goals, and who demonstrate that they're committed to the business' long-term future.

FASTSIGNS have demonstrated the success of their business model time and time again. Currently, there are as few as 20 FASTSIGNS franchise units in the UK. This means that its the perfect time to join the organisation and grow the network. With plenty of territories available, its also highly likely that youll find a location that suits you. This appealing franchise opportunity benefits from excellent franchisor support, a successful business model, and high demand, making it a great investment for future franchisees.

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