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According to Fashion United, the fashion industry is worth a staggering £66 billion. With 555,000 people around the globe working in textiles and fashion, roughly one in six people are employed in the fashion industry (The Green Hub).

While there is plenty of negative press surrounding fast fashion and the detrimental effects of the industry on the environment and human rights, the fact remains that 80 billion items of clothing are purchased every year across the world (The Green Hub).

Benefits of a fashion franchise

If ethical decisions are made when choosing a franchise, keeping sustainability and human rights in mind, the fashion industry has many advantages over other sectors.

Firstly, fashion is a truly creative industry, and working in a fashion business will most likely mean that you are surrounded by interesting, passionate and inspiring individuals whose livelihoods depend upon creating unique and innovative visual pieces.

Secondly, even disregarding seasonal trends that come and go, the fashion industry is continually shifting and evolving, meaning that life is never staid or boring. There are always new things to learn and try.

Thirdly, with so many people employed in the fashion industry, there is always the opportunity to meet new and exciting people from a range of different backgrounds.

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Fashion Boutique Franchises

If youre looking for a boutique fashion store in particular, there are many relatively small-scale franchises out there that sell sustainable and sophisticated clothing. For example, Traveling Chic Boutique in the USA offers high-quality fashion and the services of a personal stylist.

Whats more, Traveling Chic Boutique hosts monthly Shop For a Cause days to donate to a number of chosen charities, and if customers bring their own bag, the company will give $1 to one of five charities, of the customers choosing.

Fashion Franchise Opportunities

Point Franchise currently offers one fashion franchise. Lets take a closer look:

Noa Noa

As an international fashion franchise, Noa Noa sells clothing aimed at the modern bohemian woman. Rooted in nature as well as a Danish design tradition, Noa Noa prides itself on its high-quality clothing and accessories, focusing on the small details, such as fabric-covered buttons, hand-sewn hems and lining worth showing.

The franchise doesnt skimp on more expensive fabrics, manufacturing its garments in natural elements such as wool, silk and 100 percent organic cotton. Noa Noa steps outside of the fast fashion circle, selling clothes made in its own company workshops with slow craft, which uses a combination of traditional and modern techniques that ensure a high-quality outcome.

Whats more, the brand has recently increased its customer returns period from eight days to a month, with the belief that no one should be stuck with an item of clothing that isnt them, minimising the amount of clothes that will inevitably end up in landfill.

With a presence in over 60 concept stores and over 400 multi-brand stores across 20 countries, Noa Noa is an exciting franchise to get involved with, particularly as consumers are displaying an increased interest in the sustainability of its belongings.

How do you apply?

Noa Noa is excited to welcome new franchisees and, as a result, has curated a detailed initial franchising process which will support new members of the Noa Noa team as they take their first steps with the business.

Potential franchisees will need to make a total investment of between £50,000 and £100,000 and can sign up for a five-year contract, with the possibility of extension in the future.

Two initial meetings will cover concept, finances and site location. Once a site has been chosen, franchisees will meet their store design manager who is responsible for all the Noa Noa shop interiors, and plan interior design and decor together. When this is done, it is time to meet the Noa Noa team at the head office and sign the contract.

Noa Noa franchisees will have the freedom to personally select the products that they sell in their store. One week before the store opening, the store design manager will help fit out the shop, and two days before, the store designer will style the shop and ensure that it is perfect for the opening.

Fashion Franchise UK

Other than Noa Noa, there are many more fashion franchises that occupy the high street in the UK, particularly selling womens clothes and accessories. Here are a couple of examples:


While Debenhams is a household name in the UK, with a swathe of stores in all major cities and towns, the brand is constantly working to increase its number of outlets on foreign soils. Since opening its first store in Bahrain in 1997, Debenhams has built on its brand to establish its international presence. Debenhams currently operates 58 physical stores in 19 countries across the world, primarily in the Middle East, South East Asia and Eastern Europe. However, with an international web platform, the department store sells to more than 60 countries online.

With the aim of maximising the amount of stock sold and increasing potential sales, Debenhams makes sure to work with franchisees to finalise the product selection sold in individual stores. This means that the brand benefits from business people who can identify its local seasonal trends and its customers shopping habits.

French Connection

Since 1972, French Connection has been supplying quality and affordable fashion and homeware to men, women and children across the world. Through its main distribution channels - retail stores, e-commerce, wholesale and licensing - the brand delivers its products to customers in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Australia and the Middle East.

French Connection offers a range of different brands available in-store and online, which include TOAST (beautifully-crafted clothing and distinctive homeware), Great Plains (a fashion basics range) and YMC (modern, edgy fashion).

With around 100 brand-owned stores and 200 franchised or licensed outlets, the company has a strong presence both nationally and internationally, and, as a brand that is proud of its production process in a world of fast fashion, French Connection represents an advantageous franchise opportunity for potential investors.

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