8 Advantages of Running a Falafel Franchise

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The humble falafel has risen in popularity over the past few years in the UK. In this article, we take a look at why the tasty foodstuff is a tempting investment and why you should consider joining a falafel franchise.

Healthy, tasty and almost addictive, falafel is quickly becoming one of the UKs go-to options for a filling snack. Investing in a business selling falafel could be a quick ticket to profitability; heres why you should consider the savvy move.

Advantages of running a falafel franchise

  1. Falafel is becoming more and more popular in the UK. As weve already mentioned, its now a common choice for meat-eaters, veggies and vegans alike. But its more than just a meat alternative. It holds its own as a tasty meal with many nutritional benefits too. When compared to other veggie and vegan foods, such as tofu, falafel isnt as divisive and isn't perceived as belonging exclusively to vegetarians or vegans.
  2. Consumers are becoming more adventurous. Falafel has a long history as a staple of Middle Eastern cuisine and has introduced fans to new flavours and textures. As the UK food market becomes increasingly diverse and consumers opt for more exotic foreign foods, falafel is fast becoming a favourite amongst hungry Brits.
  3. Its easy to cook. When youre running a food business or restaurant, specialising in a simple dish can save you a significant amount of time and stress. Falafel is simple to prepare and can be served in a quick service environment, giving business owners the chance to welcome a high number of customers and boost their income.
  4. Theres a gap in the market. Many restaurants serve falafel in the UK, but a high percentage of them are based in large cities, most notably London. This high concentration is mainly down to these areas having a more diverse population and a greater demand for international foods. But setting up a falafel franchise unit in other locations could be profitable too, particularly if theres no competition.
  5. You can boost your profitability by targeting certain demographics. Currently, falafel restaurants are particularly popular in areas with large populations of students and young professionals. Setting up a business near a university campus, for example, could give you the opportunity to make a great return on investment.
  6. Falafel can be sold in a range of different business formats. Kebab shops offer it as an alternative to meat-heavy dishes, while chic, trendy cafes and restaurants use it to pep up salads and wraps. You can choose to open a certain type of business, depending on the principal demographic in your chosen location.
  7. You can stay put or head out on the road. If you want to start a falafel business, you have lots of options. You could open a large, sit-down restaurant or a chilled caf. Alternatively, you might prefer having the freedom to run a mobile food truck. Many van-based franchises offer low investment costs, so theyre a great option for those on a budget.
  8. Falafel is here to stay. One of the biggest challenges facing entrepreneurs in the food industry is working out whether the latest trend is a flash in the pan or here to stay. With falafel, you dont have to worry too much, as its now been around for a considerable amount of time and has proven its staying power. Still, its worth noting you should always choose a franchise with a great brand identity. Dont invest in a business relying on gimmicks; go for a franchise portraying itself as a serious industry player with longevity in the market.

The current state of the falafel restaurant sector

The growth in falafel consumption in the UK can be attributed to a number of factors. The two biggest contributors are the emergence of Middle Eastern cuisine and the development of vegetarian and vegan diets.

Back in 2016, meat-free food sales really started to take off, increasing by 1,500 percent as the UK population began to embrace vegetarian, vegan and flexitarian eating habits. Consumers are becoming increasingly concerned with the ethical, health and environmental concerns, and this movement towards meat-free living is set to continue into the future.

Now, there are food businesses selling falafel in every major town and city. From salad and pitta bread stalls to huge restaurants offering a menu of delicious Middle Eastern delicacies, the tasty treat is served in a range of different ways. As increasing numbers of consumers discover the foodstuff and add it into their diets, theres great potential for savvy entrepreneurs to take advantage of a growing market.

You only need to look at the impressive success of Eat A Pitta to see just how much consumers love Middle Eastern cuisine. By joining a falafel franchise with the flexibility to serve tasty food all day long, you can maximise your customer base, just like Eat A Pitta has done. Youll be able to take advantage of the high numbers of consumers looking for a healthy breakfast, lunch, mid-afternoon snack or dinner.

Get started on your franchising journey

We dont have any specific falafel franchises on our books at the moment, but its worth checking back, as its likely new ones will join our network in the future. For now, why not explore similar routes to business ownership? You might like to explore our healthy food franchise opportunities.

Also, you may want to consider investing in a vegan food franchise. While this might seem like a fairly niche option now, the vegan market is set to grow rapidly over the coming years, as its already found a sizeable customer base. Of course, putting your capital into a food franchise with a good variety of vegetarian and vegan options is also a great move. Click on the link to browse our entire catalogue of food and restaurant investment options. Youll be able to sort the selection by popularity and investment price to find the right franchise for you.

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