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New Look is one of the UK’s most popular fashion brands, with almost 800 stores across the country. It also has an international presence, with a further 100 stores across Europe, Asia and the Middle East. It offers the latest trends to its young target audience at an affordable price, with ranges for women, men and children, which include shoes, accessories and jewellery. However, in recent years it has struggled to keep up with the emergence of online fast-fashion brands that have poached much of its target audience, and it is no longer the industry leader that it once was.

New Look entered into a CVS (Creditors Voluntary Agreement) last year to try to resolve some of its debts and has been strategically closing some of its worst performing stores across the country to turn its finances around. Hopefully, this stalwart of the high street will be able to resolve its financial woes soon and return to its former glory.

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Is New Look a Franchise?

New Look is a private limited company, meaning it’s not currently open to investors through the stock market. It was founded in 1969 in the UK and at its height, it was one of the most popular and profitable retail stores in the country. Most of the fashion brand’s stores are company-owned and operated, meaning that all the profits or losses they generate go directly back into the company. There aren’t currently any franchise opportunities with New Look in the UK, but the retailer has welcomed franchisees in a few of its territories. It has used franchise partners to expand across the Middle East, Eastern Europe and Asia and has around 84 franchisees across these territories who run their own stores.

However, most of its stores, particularly in its largest market - the UK - are company-owned, and as the fashion brand has been weathering a trying few years, it seems unlikely that it will begin looking for franchisees again. New Look’s sole focus at the moment is restructuring its UK operations and ensuring that it can rectify its financial woes before growing its presence again.

However, if you’re looking to start your franchising journey in the world of fashion, there are plenty of opportunities out there. Whether you want to join an alternative brand for strong women or a quick-turnaround tailoring franchise that re-invents tired clothes, take a look below and see what awaits in the world of fashion franchising.

Noa Noa

Fashion franchise Noa Noa is the perfect choice for people who want to join a unique brand that’s made for strong, powerful women. Inspired by the modern Bohemian woman, its pieces are fashionable, striking and unique and the brand goes against the trend of ‘fast-fashion’ by creating clothing that will stand the test of time.

Each franchisee will become part of the Noa Noa family and will be supported fully throughout their franchising journey. Brand store designer Christian Baumann visits every new store and spends three days with each franchisee to make sure everything goes according to plan. Following this, visual merchandiser Satijana Blazeska will dress every new store prior to the grand opening to make sure that its visual impact is as great as possible. Other training provided includes evaluation and planning meetings, staff training, purchasing analysis and marketing planning to ensure your store has maximum impact upon the local community.

Noa Noa is seeking franchisees who have a love of and experience in the fashion industry to take its concept to even more people across the globe. With a name that means “simple and harmonious” in Tahitian, the fashion franchise is looking to launch its timeless clothing all across the world for women who want to stand out in the best possible way. Noa Noa is sold across more than 20 countries in more than 90 concept stores, as well as having concession stands in over 350 multi-brand stores worldwide.

For a surprisingly low investment, you could become part of the Noa Noa family and enter into the exciting world of fashion franchising.

Zip Yard

If you love the world of fashion but don’t fancy opening your own retail store, there are other options. You might prefer to help people make the clothes customers already own into something fantastic, and remedy pesky tight zips and baggy waistlines. If so, Zip Yard could have the perfect opportunity for you. Most of us don’t have the embroidery and sewing skills needed to make alterations to our own clothes, so we put up with ill-fitting, uncomfortable and unflattering garments. Clothing alterations franchise Zip Yard offers the solution, as its skilled seamstresses and tailors can alter virtually any item to make it perfect for you.

The franchise can even take on more ambitious projects that call for a bit of creativity. Maybe you’ve got a beautiful vintage dress that you’d love to wear, but feel its cut is dated, frumpy and unflattering. Zip Yard can transform any item into something totally new, maintaining what you loved about it but making it infinitely more wearable.

From simple jobs such as hem adjustments and sleeve alterations to completely reinventing garments that are in need of some serious TLC, Zip Yard aims to carry out every job within 48 hours. Its business model has been recognised by the Irish Franchise Association, and its picked up several awards including the Supreme Award Franchise of the Year, and has made the finals of the Retail Excellence Awards several times.

Zip Yard is one of the fastest growing organisations in its sector and is actively seeking new franchisees to join its brand. Each new franchisee will receive extensive training on everything including recruitment, software and sales, as well as all the equipment and furniture they’ll need to get their business up and running.

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