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Chopstix is a national Asian food business that specialises in fresh, tasty dishes that can be eaten in or taken away. The restaurant company prides itself on its innovative fusion recipes that can be prepared in a flash and served to time-poor customers looking for a healthy meal. The business can also cater for a range of different food requirements and provides Halal certified chicken.

Chopstix is a popular restaurant for consumers who are in a rush. Although all meals are cooked in the restaurant itself, customer transactions usually take less than a minute, giving consumers the ability to order their favourite dish safe in the knowledge that it will be available in no time. This is perfect for busy workers nipping out for their lunch break in search of sustenance or sightseers who need food to go.

Like many Asian food restaurants, Chopstix offers customers fully customisable dishes. First, you choose your base: egg fried rice or vegetable noodles. Then, add one of a range of toppings, including sweet chilli prawns; katsu chicken; beef and broccoli; salt and pepper potatoes; and vegetable curry. If you have spare room, fill the gap with a side of prawn crackers, prawn toast or spring rolls.

Chopstix has seen huge success in the UK. The brand has established 80 stores across the UK, which can be found from London to Aberdeen and in Ireland. Whats more, Chopstix has cashed in on the demand for food delivered to consumers doors. Having established partnerships with Deliveroo and Just Eat, Chopstix has maximised its customer pool by catering to consumers who want to eat restaurant-standard, delicious, nutritious food from the comfort of their own homes.

Franchise with Chopstix

Here comes the good news: you can franchise with Chopstix. This Asian food franchise is keen to take advantage of customer demand and build on the brand to increase its customer base. Therefore, the brand is advertising national and international franchise territories, creating huge potential for prospective franchisees.

Investors must be prepared to open more than one store, as Chopstix is only offering multi-site and master franchise opportunities. However, Chopstix has a flexible business model and restaurants can be opened on sites measuring as little as 16 square feet.

Support for Franchisees

Investors and their workforces can learn the ropes by attending a comprehensive, two-week training course at one of the brands centres of excellence across the country. Franchisees can also access an online Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software programme called Noodles to manage data and information from the Chopstix headquarters. This helps franchisees with business operations, product preparation, distribution, marketing, staff training and health and safety. Franchisees and site managers can also attend the Chopstix Group Annual Conference, where topics such as site location, lease negotiations, menu planning and software development can be discussed with other Chopstix representatives.

On top of all this, Chopstix franchises will be subject to the brands mystery shopper procedure four times a year. During this process, the branch is assessed for customer satisfaction and the mystery shopper reports back to the Chopstix headquarters, with the objective of subsequently improving the branch.

Skills Required

Central to the job of a Chopstix franchisee is the management of a team of chefs and sales assistants. This means that those interested in investing in a franchise must have strong leadership skills. Franchisees must also be knowledgeable when it comes to food preparation, hygiene and health and safety, as well as being able to provide good customer service.

Ultimately, franchisees must have industry and entrepreneurial experience in order to successfully manage a Chopstix outlet. As the brand explains, weather, local events and annual holidays will all have an impact on the business, so the franchisee must be capable of ensuring the smooth running of the branch during tumultuous times.


Because of the flexibility of the Chopstix model, set-up fees can vary. A Chopstix franchise that operates from a small kiosk will require an initial investment of £65,000, while a larger restaurant will cost at least £100,000. The franchisor will also need at least £15,000 in franchise fees to cover extra costs. Chopstix has a link to HSBC, which can lend up to 70 percent of the total start-up investment. To secure this, franchisees will need to be in possession of a satisfactory credit history and develop a solid business plan.

Once franchises are up and running, royalty fees of eight percent of the total turnover will need to be paid to the franchisor, alongside marketing fees of two percent. In time, individual franchisees could make a profit of £90,000, allowing them to break even within nine months, according to Chopstix.

Alternative Franchising Options

If Chopstix isnt quite right for you, there are many other restaurant franchises in operation across the UK. Lets take a look at another Asian-inspired takeaway outlet.


This is a similar Asian food outlet that offers customisable food boxes to take away. Combining food traditions from Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, China and Japan, Wok&Go offers noodle and rice dishes, salads, soups and Asian ice creams. Quick service is prioritised here too, and dishes are only cooked after they have been ordered by a customer, ensuring that food is freshly prepared every time. In a Wok&Go outlet, customers can enjoy a typical New York noodle bar experience by sitting at high tables or taking their food away in a box.

The first Wok&Go store was launched in 2008 and the brand has used its accumulated industry knowledge to open 17 further sites across the UK. In order to open your own Wok&Go franchise, you will need £200,000 to cover the site set-up as well as £15,000 in franchise fees. This will go towards recruitment and staff training, and ensure the allocation of an area manager who will make regular trips to the branch and provide feedback.

Today, many consumers value quick, fresh, healthy and tasty food options, so opening a new Wok&Go franchise could be a highly lucrative business move.

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