Does Bershka Franchise?

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does bershka franchise

For many of us, feeling confident in what we wear has the power to completely transform our mood. We can express our unique taste, our individuality and our personality through our clothing and accessories.

This translates in the fact that the British public spends on average a massive £1,042 a year on updating their wardrobes (Ariel). Also, according to Mintel, the womens clothing market is expected to continue growing for the foreseeable future, with a 14 percent increase expected between now and 2022. This will mean that in three years time, the womens clothing industry is estimated to have an incredible value of £33 billion.

This just proves that despite more and more people looking to avoid fast fashion and shop sustainably, coupled with the economic uncertainty from our unpredictable political climate, the fashion industry is thriving.

One fashion company with a strong global presence is Bershka. This article will look at the brand is more detail, including whether or not it franchises, and then another fashion franchise opportunity.


Bershka is a retail chain and part of the Spanish multinational clothing company, Inditex. Its parent company is the biggest apparel retailer in the world, also owns Zara, Pull&Bear, Massimo Dutti, Oysho, and other retail brands.

Berskha was launched in 1998 and after just two years it had firmly established itself in the marketplace with 100 stores. It now has more than 1000 shops operating in over 70 markets and its sales represent nine percent of Inditexs total revenue.

Keen to always stay up to date with the latest trends, Bershka used its easily adaptable business model to suit the changes that emerge in different seasons. This means that the retail giant can launch new lines in shops in the quickest time possible.

Bershkas design team is made up of over 60 experts who are constantly observing innovation and change in the industry. Through evaluating the wants and needs of customers, Bershka offers more than 4,000 different items every year.

In the UK, there are currently Bershka stores in Bristol, London, Stratford, Cardiff and Brighton. You can also find the trendy stores in much of Europe, Asia, the Americas and Africa. But dont worry if you live in northern England, Scotland or Wales, because Bershka has a great website where you can purchase their entire product offering.

Who is Bershka targeted at?

Berskha is aimed at young people who like to explore and like to keep up with the latest trends not only in fashion, but also in technology, social networks and music.

Bershkas Concept

So, what can you expect when you head to your nearest Bershka? Think chic style, modernity, vibrant colours and striking graphics. Stores are placed in a carefully considered location with high footfall and in interesting buildings that are refurbed to fit the brand philosophy.

Bershka is keen to give its customers a shopping experience, which is why it has a distinct brand image that is realised through its screens, music, contemporary furniture and lighting. The space is set to appeal to young people who want to have some fun with shopping rather than it being a mundane experience. Therefore, whilst customers are on the hunt for some new jeans or a leather jacket, they can listen to the latest tunes and take inspiration from urban art graphics and photos.

The windows are updated every season and are reflected by the stores interior. But it doesnt stop there like many shops on the high-street, the whole space essentially feels like a shop window due to the features mentioned above.

How is Bershka environmentally friendly?

Bershkas business model attends to sustainability through saving energy, encouraging an eco-efficient shopping experience, reducing waste and recycling. The company also ensures to educate all staff of all these commitments and consistently raise awareness to them.

The brand aims to reduce its energy consumption by 20 percent and recycle store furniture, decorations, packaging, hangers and alarms. Countless amounts of the last two are recycled every year and processed to become different plastic-based items.

Bershka uses campaigns and training programmes to encourage staff to make more sustainable life choices. For instance, using more eco friendly transport and ensuring they follow measures implemented in the workplace.

In terms of the products, the retail chain supports organic farming and selected garments are made with 100 percent cotton with no trace of any chemicals, bleaches or pesticides. The organic cotton pieces have a different label to the rest to differentiate them.

When it comes to the companys treatment of animals, everything that contains animal products, such as leather and fur, come from farms raising animals for food purposes. They never come from animals who are killed specifically for their skins to be sold.

Does Bershka franchise?

Unfortunately, there is no information online to suggest that Bershka offers franchising opportunities. However, if you head to the Inditex website, it does state that in some countries its stores are franchises. If you are interested in opening one of Inditexs brands a franchise, the company encourages potential franchisees to contact them directly.

Similar Opportunity

Lets now take a look at the fashion franchise opportunity on our books at the moment: Noa Noa.

Noa Noa

This fashion brand aims its product offering at the modern Bohemian woman who can use her apparel to express her individuality and creativity. The inspiring collections are designed in Denmark.

When franchisees become one of the Noa Noa family they will have access to extensive training programmes and constant support. For instance, the store designer will be by your side at launch day to make sure everything runs smoothly and the visual merchandiser with help decorate the store to fit the brands image and ethos. There will also be help with training staff, marketing planning and purchasing analysis.

If you want to be part of a unique brand that operates in 20 countries from 90 concepts stores, you will need to make a minimum investment of £40,000.

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