Do Hertz Franchise in the UK?

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Hertz rental franchise

In the UK, the vehicle rental and leasing industry comprises more than 3,500 businesses and employs over 37,000 people, contributing almost £50 billion to the economy every year. Opening a franchise in the rental industry, then, could be a highly lucrative business move.

People turn to vehicle rental firms for a variety of reasons. Some drivers prefer to minimise wear and tear on their own car by hiring a vehicle for long journeys, while others require larger vehicles for specific purposes, such as transporting bulky items or going on a family holiday. Also, workers who commute into towns and cities are increasingly opting to use public transport during the week and renting a car for specific trips at weekends in order to avoid owning a car that sits on the driveway depreciating in value most of the time. Vehicle rental businesses can provide a first-rate solution to people who find themselves in situations such as these.

Whats more, these businesses can offer a range of perks to those looking for a rental vehicle, such as the freedom and privacy of their own car without the long-term responsibility or expenses associated with car ownership, and the choice of different models, from Minis to 4x4s to Ferraris depending on budget, of course. Also, rental vehicles are regularly upgraded and well-maintained, giving renters reassurance that they are safe and reliable.

Large vehicle rental franchises also tend to have the upper hand in the rental market, as smaller businesses may suffer from a lack of brand awareness and, as a result, lack of trust. Also, it is likely that renters will have to return the vehicle to the same depot they collected it from if there is only one in the region, meaning that limitations are put on drivers trips from the get-go.

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As one of the UKs leading car rental companies, Hertz operates a huge range of different services on top of its car rental facility, including Hertz truck and van rental; Hertz entertainment services (offering vehicles for events and television/film productions); Hertz lease; Hertz car sales; Hertz equipment rental (for construction and industrial use); and Hertz claim management. The rental franchise also offers Hertz 24/7, which customers can use to rent a car for shorter lengths of time such as by the day or even by the hour.

Hertz has been in operation for more than 90 years and has built its reputation as a high-quality rental service that is trusted by the masses. Many people choose Hertz because of its affordability, reliability and flexibility three attributes that make the brand a highly successful franchise in the vehicle rental sector.
The various aspects of Hertzs business model feed into each other to boost the success of the business as a whole; for example, the reliability of Hertzs cars can be put down to the fact that the brand eliminates cars from its rental programme once they reach a year of service, selling them on in Hertzs Car Sales division.

Hertz Rental Car Franchise Opportunities

Hertz currently has branches in 150 different countries worldwide, where it has fostered partnerships with airports, railroad companies and hotels in order to maximise profitability. The franchise is looking for potential franchisees to further expand the business across the globe and those interested in starting up their own unit should apply via Hertzs website.

Hertz Franchise UK Cost

While there is no official information relating to the cost of a Hertz franchise, recent figures suggest that a prospective franchisee should make an investment of around £385,000. By following the Hertz business model and utilising available franchise support, franchisees could expect to see a revenue of around £450,000 after two years.

Other Opportunities with Point Franchise

Green Motion Car and Van Rental

Green Motion is the only vehicle rental company in the world that is managed solely by franchisees. As its name suggests, it is also a franchise that considers its impact on the environment. Thanks to Richard Lowden, who founded the company in 2005, customers who choose to rent from Green Motion can choose from zero-emission, electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, low CO2 vehicles and filtered diesel vehicles.

This franchise has seen huge success over the last ten years, having opened branches across 40 different countries, including 20 in the UK. The brand has also established more than 45 distribution channels, including Expedia, Rentalcars and Holiday Autos. As a result, Green Motion is now the sixth largest car and van rental company in the world.

Green Motion is on the lookout for single and multi-unit franchisees who can further expand the rental company. It will take £140,000 to become a franchisee, as well as £39,500 in franchise fees. At a time when experts and the general public alike are looking for ways to reduce their carbon footprint, Green Motion offers a potentially lucrative business opportunity that is also kind to the environment.

Motor Republic Vehicle Leasing

This franchise offers longer-term vehicle leasing arrangements rather than rental opportunities. With a total investment of £18,000 and £18,000 in franchise fees, investors can benefit from this business 20 years of industry experience. Franchisees who opt to do business with Motor Republic can also rely on an established support network provided by more than 30 staff members in the firms head office. After two years of franchising with Motor Republic, franchisees could see a revenue of more than £100,000.

Hot Rod Fun

For something a little bit different, investors could forego the standard vehicle rental route and franchise with Hot Rod Fun, an automotive franchise that provides hand-crafted Wenckstern hot rod cars for fun guided tours across Europe. Members of the public can drive miniature replicas of the vintage automobile from the 1920s, 30s and 40s that are street-legal on some European roads.

This is a quirky franchise that enables tourists to see Europe in a truly unique way. A Hot Rod Fun franchise requires a total investment of £75,000 and a franchise fee of £40,000, after which, franchisees can delight customers with a taste of automotive history.

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