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We spend a lot of money on buying clothes in the UK. In fact, according to Ariel, we part with a hefty £1,050 a year on updating our looks and keeping up with the latest trends. Mintel predicts that the womens clothes market will reach an impressive £33 billion in 2022, which is a growth of 14 percent from 2018.

Industry Analysis

The uncertainty of Brexit and how it will affect the economy and trade could be a concern for some entrepreneurs thinking of entering the clothes industry. Also, in recent years there has been more awareness of the negative impact of fast fashion and buying brand new clothes all the time. However, clothes shops are always going to be in business. Its how clothes businesses incorporate these factors into their business model, finding a USP and appealing to customers, that will dictate which will thrive and which will flop.

Based on market share, the top four clothing and footwear retailers based on market share in 2018/2019 were M&S, Next, Primark and Arcadia (Retail Economics).

Why work in the clothing industry?

If youre passionate about fashion and want to be a part of an industry that is constantly evolving, starting a clothes shop franchise could be your next business venture. Starting your own business gives you much more flexibility, as you can pick and choose your hours. This can help you achieve a healthier work life balance and allow you to cherish precious moments with friends and family.

Should I take the franchise route?

If you invest in an existing franchise, youll benefit from a well-established brand with a proven business model. The operational processes will be tried and tested so it is generally a less risky option than starting a business from scratch. If the franchise has already seen success in different cities and already built up a strong social media following, it can entice more customers to come to your shop in the early stages. This coupled with an excellent marketing strategy should help you establish a large, loyal customer base.

Clothes Shop Franchises UK

To get more of an idea of what you can expect when you invest in a clothing franchise, including the support, investment costs and also what each franchise expects from its franchisees, lets look at five clothes franchises in more depth below.

Suit the City

The Suit the City franchise opportunity will involve managing a team of Consultant Tailors who will collectively help clients look on top form with custom made suits. No sewing skills are needed to be a franchise owner, only dedication, ambition and a lots of business acumen.

A standard day involves networking, meeting with clients, leading events, and liaising with agents. Only the finest British and European clothes are used to craft the suits, along with personalised details that clients can choose, all at a competitive price.

Suit the City has developed a comprehensive training programme and offers extensive training manuals, which you can refer make to at any time if you have uncertainties. The training will cover measuring techniques, expertise in luxury fabrics, bookkeeping, sales advice, marketing strategies, and much more.

To invest in this franchise you will need to make a minimum investment of £19,950.


Reiss is a popular UK-based fashion brand with a presence all over the world. You can buy a large selection of menswear and womenswear from its stores up and down the UK, and in the US, Europe and Asia. There are currently around 135 stores, but the brand is keen to further its international expansion through the franchise model.

To find out more, head to its website, where you can also find the franchise enquiry email address.

Ulla Popken

This retail franchise specialises in ladies fashion in larger sizes. Customers all over Europe can order its clothes from its website, and there are also over 300 stores in Germany, Belgium, the Netherlands, Austria, Luxembourg, Switzerland, France and the UK. On top of this it has an international franchise agreement with partners in Hungary, Greece, Poland, Kuwait, Egypt, Katar, Cyprus and Russia.

When you become a Ulla Popken franchisee, you can look forward to operating under an established and respected brand name, support with launch day, help with visual merchandising, advertising and sales strategies, and ongoing guidance in all areas.

If youve got great business acumen, have experience in retail and are passionate about the growth of the brand apply on its website today.

Karen Millen

Karen Millen is a high-end womens clothing franchise specialising in eveningwear, coats and tailoring. You can purchase the brand in over 400 stores and concessions across six continents in 63 countries.

Founded in 1981, the company is known for its signature style across the globe and this, combined with its established franchise model, is why it has achieved such successful international expansion.

When you invest in this franchise, you can benefit from operating under a reputable brand and proven business model, and receive support in all aspects of the business including sales.

To find out more and apply you can head to its website and contact the specified email address.

Opportunities with Point Franchise

We currently have one fashion franchise in our network at the moment. Lets look at the franchise in more depth to see if this could be your next business venture.

Noa Noa

The brand focuses its product offering on the modern bohemian women who wishes to express her creative freedom. The stylish clothing items are designed at the head office in Denmark.

When franchisees join this franchise, they can expect to be supported in all areas and never feel like they dont know what theyre doing. The store designer and visual merchandiser will be with you at the store for three days to help with launch. There will also be assistance with training staff, purchasing analysis, planning marketing strategies, a visual mechanising workshop and more.

To invest in Noa Noa you need to make a minimum investment of £40,000.

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