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Chicken has proven to be the meat of choice for the modern generation. Whether enjoyed by the bucketload or chosen for its high protein content in a salad or wrap, the white meat is seen as a healthier option to other fast-food staples such as beef. Letís learn more about setting up your own chicken franchise.

Serving Britainís most ordered protein, chicken restaurant franchises are a go-to choice for fast-food lovers and health conscious individuals alike. In 2017, UK consumers spent £2.2 billion in chicken restaurants and this figure is expected to rise to £2.6 billion by 2022. Nearly half of Britons (43 percent) bought a takeaway from a chicken restaurant between April and June 2017, and the demand isnít likely to go down.

This list introduces some of the best chicken restaurants profiting from the UKís love of fried chicken today, and many are seeking potential franchisees.

Running a chicken shop franchise

If youíre interested in getting into the fast-food industry, there are a few factors to consider before running a successful chicken restaurant franchise. The two most prominent advantages to buying a chicken franchise are that you can operate under an established brand name and receive extensive training.

Benefits of a brand

In general, choosing the franchise route allows you to open a fast-food restaurant for a fraction of the cost. And with a tried and tested business model, everything from expenses to required stock levels has already been analysed and calculated. Consistency is key for fast-food lovers. When opting to eat in a restaurant with a reputable brand, customers visit under the pretence that a good experience is guaranteed.

The immediate brand recognition that youíll gain and the loyal customer base that come with it should allow you to see profits quickly. Whether the brand is well-known for having the spiciest chicken or being the one with the best fries, youíll benefit from buying into a chicken franchise brand rather than starting from scratch.

Access to training

The other huge advantage fast-food franchise opportunities offer is the comprehensive training package youíll have access to. This allows franchisees with no prior experience of the restaurant industry to buy a fried chicken franchise and become equipped with all the essential skills and knowledge to make the business a success in no time.

The biggest challenge for potential franchisees is finding the perfect location for the brand. The most likely demographics to visit chicken outlets are 6 to 34-year-olds, students and parents of under-16s, so itís important to find a site that will attract these groups of people.

However, donít let this put you off - these are elements of the business that the franchisor will assist with. The support youíll receive will enable you to open your fried chicken franchise quickly and efficiently with the knowledge a franchise can offer.

The Top Fried Chicken Franchises

If investing in a chicken franchise is something you want to sink your teeth into, take a look at the opportunities that are available below. Point Franchise is only advertising one chicken franchise currently. However, Chunky Chicken and Dixy Chicken are also on the lookout for franchises all over the UK.

1. KFC

KFC is one of the world's largest and most popular fast-food franchises. KFC was first introduced into Britain in 1965. It has since expanded to over 850 locations. The UK KFC restaurants operate at such an excellent standard that the British operation is the training base for many of the new restaurants opening throughout Europe.

KFC is 95 percent owned and operated by franchisees. This number is expected to rise to 98 percent. However, the brand isnít currently looking for new franchisees, but this doesnít mean it wonít again in the foreseeable future, so keep your eyes peeled on the KFC Point Franchise page.

  • Becoming a KFC franchisee: KFC franchisees should have hospitality and operating knowledge within the food and drink sector. To learn more, click here.
  • How much you need to invest: Youíll need £5 million in assets and £2 million in liquid capital in order to start a KFC franchise unit.
  • What you get in return: KFC hasnít published details about its franchise package, but you can find out more by contacting the brand if it opens up applications in the future.

2. Franzos

Founded in 2012 as an alternative to the dominant Piri Piri restaurant brand in the UK, this food franchise set its sights on becoming the go-to choice for delicious, freshly-cooked Piri Piri chicken. Franzos is determined to challenge the market leaders and encourages interested franchisees to get in touch now to reserve a territory.

  • Becoming a Franzos franchisee: The ideal Franzos franchisee is someone with a can-do attitude and a good understanding of exceptional customer service. You should be a thoughtful manager in order to understand and attend to the personal and professional needs of staff. It is essential to be passionate about all things Franzos and respect the brandís values and ethos. To learn more and sign up, click here.
  • How much you need to invest: Interested franchisees need to make a minimum investment of £150,000, including franchise fees of £17,500. The franchise suggests that the respected revenue after two years is £750,000.
  • What you get for your investment: Franzos offers in-store franchisee training spread over two weeks, assistance with the recruitment and training of staff, comprehensive business support and unique marketing campaigns to ensure that you can hit the ground running.

3. Chunky Chicken

This Piri Piri chicken franchise is a rapidly expanding food service concept that offers dine-in, takeaway and delivery options across the UK.

  • Becoming a Chunky Chicken franchisee: Franchisees must buy ingredients and minor operating equipment from designated suppliers, safeguarding quality and conforming to operating standards. To learn more and sign up, click here.
  • How much you need to invest: The information regarding franchise costs and fees is not available online. However, you can head to the Chunky Chicken website and fill in the application form for more details.
  • What you get for your investment: New franchisees will attend a 12-16-week training programme that covers food preparation, hygiene and safety, ordering and inventory control, first aid, customer service, business principles and financial reporting.

4. Dixy Chicken

Born in 1986, this franchise is one of the fastest growing chicken restaurant chains in Europe, with over 100 outlets across the UK and worldwide. Dixy Chickenís main offering is its crispy fried chicken, coated in a unique blend of spices, as well as grilled chicken and a variety of nutritious salads. This ensures the brand serves chicken that everyone can enjoy.

  • Becoming a Dixy Chicken franchisee: The ideal franchisee is anyone who strives for innovation, quality, big returns and strong international growth. To learn more and sign up, click here.
  • How much you need to invest: The minimum investment required for a Dixy Chicken franchise is around £120,000.
  • What you get for your investment: The Dixy Chicken management goes above and beyond to support its franchisees, offering help with setting up the entire outlet, maintaining brand identity, marketing and the launch day.

5. Favorite

Favorite is the biggest British-based fried chicken franchise in the UK and has been successfully trading since 1986. For over 30 years, Favorite has offered a fully structured franchise system while maintaining an affordable cost for franchisees. Not only is all the meat served by Favorite approved as halal, but in 1998 it was also the first UK food chain to declare a ĎGM Free Zoneí.

  • Becoming a Favorite franchisee: You should share the brandís passion for serving wholesome, unprocessed food. Favorite believes in offering convenient meals made from fresh chicken. To learn more and sign up, click here.
  • How much you need to invest: The franchise fee includes the cost of setting up the shop, a 10-year agreement contract with the option to renew and 12 months of exclusivity in an agreed territory. The minimum investment required for a Favorite franchise is £100,000.
  • What you get for your investment: Franchisees are allocated a field specialist from the start of the process until your unit is up and running. Youíll also be given marketing materials for local promotional campaigns and support in other aspects of the business.

Invest in chickenís popularity

Last yearís outcry when the fast-food restaurant giants KFC shut their doors due to a chicken shortage proves fried poultry plays a big role in the UKís eating habits. Luckily, plenty of other chicken restaurant options are meeting the massive consumer demand for fried chicken in the fast food industry.

To browse some of our other fast food franchises, click here.

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