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Jasper's catering franchise information

If you've always dreamed of owning you own catering franchise, look no further than Jasperís. This thriving brand provides delicious food for meetings, corporate functions and other events, and is constantly on the lookout for ambitious individuals that have an interest in corporate hospitality and are looking for exciting new franchises to buy.

About Jasperís Franchise

This catering franchise serves bowl food, buffets, tapas, fruits and snacks and hot food, all of which is prepared in a commercial catering unit. Each franchisee serves between 70 and 100 clients by the end of the first 12 months of operation, which means there are excellent income opportunities throughout the year.

Headquartered in the affluent West Midlands suburb of Sutton Coldfield, about eight miles northeast of Birmingham city centre, Jasper's was founded by Nathan Siekierski and Paul McMahon in Birmingham in 2003. Realising the demand for their services was increasing, they set up the first Jasper's franchise in Northampton in 2007, knowing the business had a proven model.

Since then, Jasperís has become well established across the country, as motivated business owners have taken advantage of one of the best franchise opportunities in the corporate hospitality sector.

The market for business catering

As you might imagine, the market for this type of service is particularly large, with the sandwich industry worth nearly £3 billion alone. The average value of a Jasper's order is £64, compared to just £4 for a retail customer. Fortunately, with lower overheads than a retail business, just 50 weekly customers can provide a Jasper's franchisee with the equivalent of £250,000 turnover in a year. Thatís in a network where turnover is already about 20% higher than the franchise industry as a whole.

Further research published by IBIS World in 2017 also found that corporate functions represented the largest service segment of the UK's catering services industry, accounting for just under 50% of the industry's revenue. If youíre looking for one of the best franchise opportunities in the food and hospitality sector and look after the catering of some of the countryís leading companies, this is the perfect opportunity.

Why open a new catering franchise with Jasperís?

One of the main advantages of becoming a franchisee with Jasperís is that you'll benefit from very low overheads. Thatís because this is not a retail brand with high rents and rates, which means you can become a highly profitable business for relatively minimal cost. If youíve always wanted to own and operate a business with low overheads, Jasperís is one of the best franchises to buy.

The joining process

Once you've joined Jasper's, you'll receive an exclusive franchise territory so you can start operating with the assurance that the franchisor will not open any other local franchises that might put you at a disadvantage. You'll be responsible for all your day-to-day business processes and procedures, which will range from meeting with customers to working with your production team and delivering the highest standards of corporate catering.

Jasperís will assist you in finding your new premises and getting the best deal with landlords, which could save your catering franchise up to £30,000 over 5 years.

Training and support

You'll also receive the design plans for your new professional kitchen, a detailed training course before you start trading, and deposits for a chilled delivery vehicle (including signage). Plus, youíll get full business manuals on everything from sales to human resources so you can get your business off to the best start.

Each training programme at Jasper's includes a rigorous 16-week course with training on sales, how to use the network's systems, and production manuals. You'll have additional ongoing training, books and audios to help you learn more about the business, and field sales training and assessments.

All of this will be signed off by you, which means you'll continue to receive training for as long as you need it.

Other benefits

That's not all: Jasper's also offers a unique customer identification process that isolates £1,000,000 worth of business which franchisees can target in their first year. In addition, you'll receive a development programme and marketing campaign before you launch, and a license to operate Jasper's Business Management System so you can get everything running as smoothly as possible.

Case study

Paula Hancock had always wanted to run a business with her husband, Andy, so they could be their own bosses and build something that appealed to both. After finding out about Jasper's while reading an article, they decided to open their very own Jasper's franchise, which seemed like a good fit for both. After a few years in business, they've built up a fantastic team, and have customers who've been with them right since the start. Paula and Andy say the challenges and rewards of owning their own business are really empowering, and they're eager to keep expanding their franchise as more opportunities arise in the future.

Paula and Andy are just one of many success stories at Jasperís.

Financial information

Hereís a breakdown of the cost of setting up your own Jasperís franchise:

  • Franchise fee: To invest in a Jasper's franchise, you'll need to pay £29,997 + VAT
  • Working capital: At least £25,000 of working capital is recommended
  • Ongoing business fee: After the first six months, you'll pay an ongoing management service fee of 10% of your turnover up to £5,000 a week, which will be reduced on turnover above £5,000 and reduced again on turnover above £10,000 a week.

If you don't have all the money available, you may be able to get assistance with financing your investment from credible lenders that support Jasper's and have expertise in the franchise sector. The network has preferential lending with NATWEST, Lloyds TSB and HSBC, and you're strongly advised to talk to people with specialist knowledge of the best franchise opportunities. This is because staff at your local branch may not be very familiar with the specific requirements of this sector.

Youíre also recommended to have enough funds to cover the costs of:

  • Setting up your business
  • Legal advice
  • Moving

If you want to live your dream of operating your very own catering franchise, then get in touch with Jasperís today to find out more.

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