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Cafes are a place we can relax with friends over a comforting drink and a bite to eat. You find them dotted around everywhere too; in hospitals, universities and on high streets. So much so, in fact, that there are around 25,483 cafes across the UK. The UK caf industry is valued at £10.1 billion and experienced a 7.9 percent growth during 2018 (Allegra World Coffee Portal). This impressive figure demonstrates 20 consecutive years of growth, with it set to reach £13 billion in three years.

UK Caf Industry

Branded coffee shops secured an 8.7 percent outlet growth last year to reach 8,149 outlets. Still, due to the unpredictability of Brexit and, consequently, the fragility of the UK economy, there is a concern for the UK high street. Cafes are an important part of the high street infrastructure, and with more retail closures, this impacts the footfall for all businesses.

Research by Allegra also suggests 45 percent of the caf industry leaders believe that social media is the most effective marketing strategy. However, the quality of coffee is the main contributing factor to a brands success. Value-focused chains did well last year too.

Caf experts predict that that the industry is still set to grow, but at a slightly slower pace than before, due to a range of factors, including, changes in retail and consumer habits, technological advancement and uncertainty over the outcome of Brexit. Still, this is a concern which will affect the majority of businesses, and the fact that the industry has experienced two decades of growth and is set to continue, demonstrates that this is a sensible sector to base your next business venture in.

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Mobile Cafe for Sale UK

If you are interested in entering the caf industry but want to avoid the set-up costs of a shop-front style caf, then starting a mobile caf could be the perfect opportunity for you. You will still use the same equipment and products as a brick and mortar caf, but without having to break the bank paying rent.

This sort of trade allows you to be flexible around your family life, promoting a healthier work-life balance. Also, you arent restricted to certain opening hours like you are in a shop-front style. That being said, you will still need to consider when the majority of your sales will take place. And this will probably mean early starts in prime locations like a popular commuting routes to offices.


One of the best franchise opportunities in the mobile caf sector is Cafe2U. The supreme bean machine brings fresh, aromatic coffee and tasty snacks directly to its customers every day. Founded in Leeds in 2004, there are now over 250 franchisees operating worldwide, and its clear to see that they are leaders in the industry.

The brand will provide you with a week-long training programme that will equip you with all the knowledge and skills necessary to be a successful caf franchise owner. Then you will undergo the territory launch programme where a Franchise Development Manager will coach you through the pilot stage. You will also be provided with marketing tools, sales support and an exclusive territory to operate in.

In order to invest, you will need to make a minimum investment of £27,000 and a total investment of £81,000.

Caf Franchises

Take a look below at three of our best caf franchises at the moment.


Esquires is the fastest growing caf franchise that values the importance of being ethical in its operations. Each delicious cup of hot coffee is Fairtrade, organic and sustainable, and each cup and lid is compostable, while plastics are recyclable. The brand was born in 1993 in Canada and started its expansion mission into the UK in 2000. There are now 43 cafes in the UK, and more in the pipeline as we speak.

If you wish to be part of a brand that truly cares about its impact on the environment, then this is the one for you. It provides its franchisees with comprehensive training, help with site selection and design, marketing strategies and much more.

A minimum investment of £85,000 is required, which includes the £22,500 franchise fee. The total investment costs £250,000.

Dunkin Donuts

Dunkin Donuts is an iconic American brand known for its delicious doughnuts and tasty coffee. It has been operating in the industry for nearly 70 years now and has set up over 11,000 locations in 33 countries. The brand is keen to satisfy its customers sweet tooth the Dunkin way, with a tempting food and drink offering and warm smiles from the staff.

Franchisees can look forward to help with site location, management, construction, marketing and much more. You will also attend a three-day franchise business course before the launch and, after this, you will undergo the initial training programme which involves time in the classroom and on online courses.

If you dream of being your own boss and being part of a brand with a huge global presence, then why not become a Dunkin Donuts franchisee. You will need to have enough capital to develop at least 20 restaurants over a certain amount of time; liquid assets of £1,200,000 and a net worth of around £2,300,000. It is also important to have previous experience in the industry and have the long-term drive to further the brands reach.

Creams Caf

This caf focuses on gelato as well as its great quality coffee. It strives to recreate 1950s America with its food offering and interior restaurant design. Its menu also includes crpes, waffles, smoothies and juices. Franchisees will be invited to attend numerous training sessions and seminars, and an intensive 21-day training course. The minimum investment is £250,000 and the franchise fees are £14,950.

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