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Franchising has long been associated with the fast food industry. Every few years, focus shifts to the next big thing and customers start looking for something different. Recently, weve experienced the rise of Mexican street food and the burrito. Here, we take a look at how you could manage your burrito restaurant in London and how franchises are experimenting with weird and wonderful fusion recipes like the new sushi burrito.

Sushi burrito London

After emerging from the kitchens of trendy West Coast eateries in the USA, the sushi burrito has finally landed in the UK and is making something of a splash. The latest foodie trend has already won over numerous fans and is looking like the next big thing on the food-to-go and fusion culinary scenes.

Currently, in London, there is a lack of franchise opportunities for anyone wanting to open their own business selling sushi burritos. However, this doesnt mean that theres no room for a new franchise to begin building an expansive network of stores across the capital and other UK cities.

UK consumers have already demonstrated their appreciation for a new type of fast food restaurant, particularly if it specialises in Mexican cuisine or involves sushi. Both of these foodstuffs have been the subjects of their own trends in recent years, and the new sushi burrito craze makes the most of customers love for international dishes. This is demonstrated by the rise of a number of independent businesses specialising in sushi burritos.

Burrito London restaurant

At the head of the London sushi burrito scene is SoHo Sushi Burrito, a relatively new restaurant in the heart of the city. Run and owned by Chef John Lee, the business offers a wide range of fusion dishes, ranging from fresh fish burritos to soft shell crab bowls and every conceivable combination in-between. In terms of UK sushi burrito offerings, its way ahead of the curve and is one of the first businesses to specialise in this unique mixture of Japanese and Mexican foods.

However, when it comes to traditional burrito eateries, London has more than its fair share of options. El Mexicana is a strong contender for the biggest Mexican franchise in the capital, while Chipotle is also a popular option though it doesnt offer franchising opportunities.

The next wave of burrito and fusion franchises

Despite there already being many burrito and sushi burrito options in the UK capital, theres also a new wave of businesses looking to crack the market. US-based Komotodo is currently looking for franchisees to take their burgeoning business international and break into the UK market. Similarly, Mucho Burrito has also expressed interest at expanding internationally and attempting to make it in the UK.

Understandably, due to its proximity to Mexico, the USA is home to a large number of burrito franchises, many of which hope to build an international network of franchisees and to whom London makes for an attractive target. This means that there are a lot of options out there for a would-be franchisee whos willing to take a slightly riskier route and sign up with a franchise thats yet to be tested in the UK market.

However, the lack of UK burrito-based franchises also suggests that theres an opportunity for a suitably talented entrepreneur to launch their own franchise. But how would one go about doing this? Below, we take a look at five critical considerations youll need to make if you decide to build your own franchising empire.

1. Its all about that brand

With a franchise, its all about reputation. Franchisees dont buy into your business so that you can help them set it up. They want to buy into your brand and your identity. They want a name and an image thats instantly recognisable, and thats capable of generating a buzz. This means that youll need to work long and hard to develop an identity thats appealing to customers. As your franchise grows, it will quickly become your most valuable asset and the factor that convinces new investors to join your blossoming business.

2. What style of restaurant are you aiming for?

The great thing about burritos is that theyre relatively simple to make and dont require an enormous amount of kitchen equipment or space. This ensures that theyre well suited to pop-up kitchens, kiosks, and smaller restaurants, as well as traditional, sit-down locations.

As a franchisor, youll have to consider what type of restaurant you want to develop and what options youre going to offer franchisees. Can they choose between various kinds of restaurant or will all be the same? Does your preferred franchise unit take the form of a food truck, a takeaway kiosk, or an elegant, full-sized restaurant? How you grow is almost as important as where you grow, so its important to give this issue careful consideration.

3. Is the business model replicable?

Franchising is based on the idea that a business model can be successfully replicated identically across a large geographic area. As your franchise network will start as a single business and grow from there, youve got a little time to refine and improve your business model to ensure that its replicable in other locations. However, before you begin, its important to understand whether the business concept is suitable for franchising at all. The number of burrito franchises already in operation suggests that this style of food is well suited to franchising, but its essential you test and amend your own business plan.

4. What legal framework do you have in place?

A franchise is a network of complex legal agreements between individuals who are both working for themselves and each other. To ensure that everyones interests are protected, a high volume of legal documents is required. As a franchisee, youll need to employ the services of a legal professional to establish this legal framework. If you dont build your business on strong legal foundations, its sure to run into trouble further down the line.

5. How do you distinguish yourself from the competition?

Finally, its vital that you consider how youre going to distinguish yourself from the competition. While the market is not yet saturated, there are a large number of burrito restaurants in operation, and youll need something that gives you the edge. Be it your brand, pricing, or killer recipes you need to stand out if your business is to move on.

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