Bigger and Better: Our Top Master Franchise Opportunities

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The best master franchise opportunities in 2018

Are you ready to up your game and reap the rewards of owning a master franchise? If you have strong communication, management and organisational skills, then you could be ready. Experience as a franchisee is definitely preferred, as a master franchisee role is a huge responsibility. But, with a more prominent role, comes more significant benefits too.

Advantages of being a master franchisee

  • Theres more profit to be made

    When you own a master franchise, youll receive a considerable percentage of the initial franchise fees and the ongoing royalty fees from the franchisees that you recruit. Of course, in return for this percentage youll be responsible for hiring, training and support for the franchisees, but its worth the effort to benefit from a profitable franchise.
  • Proven business model

    Just as with a typical franchise investment, a massive benefit of being a master franchisee is that youre investing in an established business with a recognised brand. You dont have to build your business from scratch as youll be taking on a proven business model with a system that is already successful. You can effectively hit the ground running as the franchisor has done all the hard work for you.
  • Being granted territory exclusivity

    Most master franchise agreements consent to the master franchisee having exclusivity of an agreed territory. This means that for the area you've been given, only you and the franchisees that you recruit can do business. There will be no stress or hassle of having to compete with the same franchise as yours. This results in a very profitable franchise structure for the master franchisee.
  • Being in total control

    Although you are acting as the middleman between the franchisees and the franchisor, you have complete control within your territory. Your primary responsibilities are to expand the business through quality recruitments and supporting your franchisees. The difference between being a master franchisee compared to other business entrepreneurs is that youre your own boss.

Master franchise opportunities

So, if you like the idea of making a franchise investment as a master franchisee, here are our top opportunities available for consideration.

Bagel Corner

Bagel Corner is looking for master franchisees with adequate investment capacity to open stores to support their ambitious development plan. The goal of Bagel Corner is to open 100 restaurants across Europe by 2020, introducing the franchise to countries such as Luxembourg, Scandinavia, Belgium, the UK and beyond.

Does this sound like something you want to be a part of? Heres some more information.


Bagel Corner was founded in 2010 in France and is now growing into a recognisable international brand. The idea arose when the founders realised that there was a gap in the market for quality, fresh bagels, made in front of customers.

Each one of the 30 outlets across France now offers a wide range of bagels, salads and soups all prepared with fresh produce in front of customers. As well as quality, theres an aim to provide food quickly too. With customers served within 70 seconds of ordering, Bagel Corner has indeed achieved this objective.

The Bagel Corner menu is also very affordable, therefore catering to the budgets of all customers; from students looking for snacks to business people popping in for lunch.


Heres a breakdown of the franchise investment required:

  • Franchise fee £15,000
  • Minimum investment £500,000
  • Royalty fee 5%
  • Advertising fee 4%


As a master franchisee, youll receive an intensive 10-day training programme which will be a mixture of classroom-based learning and onsite support. Once you're up and running, you'll continue to have access to guidance and advice whenever you need it.

Card Group

Are you experienced in general business and sales? Do you enjoy working out and about as well as from an office? Do you have adequate communication skills? And, do you have a positive attitude with a desire to succeed? If the answer to these questions is yes, then a Card Group master franchise could be for you.


Started in 1997 in Sweden, Card Group is an award-winning greeting card and gift franchise. The brand currently has master franchisees in more than 45 countries all over the world and has proven to be a profitable franchise everywhere.

As a master franchisee, youll be trained to build a team of around 15 franchisees, each with their own territory. They will offer a merchandising and sales service to all kinds of shops that sell greetings cards and gifts, such as supermarkets and gift shops.

Your role will be to recruit these franchisees and provide support and guidance as and when needed to develop a lucrative business venture for all concerned.


The required franchise investment to join Sweden´s largest export company is relatively low cost compared to similar franchise opportunities:

  • Franchise fee £13,500
  • Minimum investment £40,000


Your initial training will take place at the head office in Sweden. You'll receive comprehensive support from a dedicated International Sales Manager during your start-up period. This support will continue during the term of the franchise agreement, which will be customised to suit your needs. There's also an annual conference that takes place in Sweden, so you can meet other master franchisees.

Do you have what it takes to be a master franchisee?

Being a master franchisee is not easy. Youre expected to take on the role as a mini-franchisor within a specific area, and you'll have responsibility for recruiting your team of franchisees. Youll be accountable for training, marketing, and quality control for your franchisees businesses.

As youre effectively the franchisor in your territory, youll also take on a management role to ensure that your franchisees adhere to the terms of the franchise agreement. To be successful in this role, you need excellent organisational and operational skills. But, if you have ambition and determination, the opportunity to be a master franchisee is one that brings both professional and financial rewards.

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