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It is estimated that more than 2.3 million vehicles were sold across the UK in 2018, contributing to the more than 38 million vehicles that are currently on the roads of the UK. The automotive industry is vast, employing over 856,000 people and generating a turnover of £82 billion. Considering that the average household has at least one car, these figures are hardly surprising.

Car dealerships are perhaps the most obvious business to open to take advantage of the booming industry, but there are plenty of other areas in which business owners can thrive, such as vehicle repairs and car washing. Also, why not start a business selling automotive products? Consumers are always looking for accessories for their vehicle; to improve its appearance (e.g. car covers, car seat covers, storage organisers and paint), its protection (e.g. anti-theft locking devices), its performance (e.g. digital tyre inflators, petrol cans and replacement windscreen wipers) and even its smell (e.g. air fresheners).

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Automotive Product Franchise Opportunities

Here, we look at some of the best automotive products franchises on the Point Franchise network.


Autoglym was established in 1965 and has been selling valeting and car-care products for more than 50 years. It has used the franchising model to expand the business over the past 23 years and is now a fully accredited member of the British Franchise Association. Its customers include valeting companies, car distributors and transport mechanics.

For £50,000, you can become an Autoglym franchisee and gain all the benefits of joining a business with an existing customer base and tried and tested business strategies. Once youre on board, youll be enrolled onto a training scheme to learn more about the industry and the demands of the business. It will cover product inventory, sales, marketing, customer support, service orientation and the IT system, so you will start franchising with a robust basis of knowledge.


If youd like to sell automotive products, another option is Autosmart. The business was founded in 1979 and introduced its franchise model in 1999, so it has over 35 years of industry experience and 150 British franchisees. Autosmart customers include car dealerships, valet services, hauliers, vehicle rental services and coach companies. They can buy deodorisers, maintenance products, hand cleaners and paint, among many other products for vehicle maintenance.

It is difficult to say how much an Autosmart franchise would cost to set up, as the cost depends on the territory allocated to the franchisee and, therefore, the territories that are available at the time of enquiry. However, investment could start at just £15,000. For this, you would get training in sales and marketing, as well as ongoing support to ensure that your franchise is a success. When you join Autosmart, you will agree to a five year contract that can be renewed for periods of up to 30 years, should you wish to continue franchising with the company.


As you might expect, Etyres specialises in tyre replacement. Etyres vans are fitted with tyre-changing equipment, allowing franchisees or their employees to travel to customers immediately. It is the first online tyre franchise to launch in the UK and has been in operation since 1992 and franchising since 1996.

To get involved, youll need funds of at least £24,000. This will give you access to Etyres training scheme that covers sales strategies, product information, marketing, IT systems, data management and practical training. Etyres franchisees will benefit from the support of the business, which strives to keep franchisees informed about its latest products, as well as new industry practices.


Another mobile tyre replacement franchise, Hometyre, provides tyre fittings and wheel alignment services. It has forged business partnerships with famous brands like Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin and Toyo and, as a result, sees a turnover of £5 million.

To benefit from this franchises business model and brand awareness, an investment of £40,000 is required. For this, you will, of course, be enrolled onto a training programme. Week One provides more information on the business and its strategies, Week Two offers hands-on training and Week Three revisits and summarises the information provided in the first two weeks. Hometyre takes the stress out of being a mobile tyre replacement professional, as it takes care of sales enquiries, logistics management and product restocking so that franchisees can concentrate on setting up their business and ensuring it is a success as soon as possible.

Alternative Franchises in the Automotive Sector

Hot Rod Fun

If youre after something a little bit different, why not consider Hot Rod Fun? This franchise certainly puts fun first, providing customers with the opportunity to drive hand-crafted hot rod cars that are built in the Wenckstern factory near Hamburg, Germany. They are miniature replicas of vintage automobiles from the 1920s, 30s and 40s and can legally be driven on certain European roads. This is where Hot Rod Fun comes in. The franchise made a note of the roads on which it was legal to drive the Wenckstern hot rod cars and began to develop guided tours across Europe. Today, car fanatics can take the wheel in Bucharest, Romania and a number of locations in Germany, including Munich, Hamburg, Flensburg, Dresden, Ingolstadt, Muenster, Werther and Stuttgart.

If you would like to see the joy on your customers faces as they hop into the Wenckstern hot rod cars, you will need to make a total investment of £75,000 and pay a franchise fee of £40,000. Once youve made the investment, Hot Rod Fun will provide you with training and support you throughout your franchising journey. You will receive guidance in site selection and set-up, business operations, financial planning and sales and advertising concepts, so theres no reason why you shouldnt see success with this fun franchise.

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