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Steak has always been a favourite among Brits. The process of preparing the perfect steak is one that requires years of experience, and involves sourcing quality cuts of meat, ageing them correctly and cooking them to perfection to create a succulent and tender steak. With great steak so hard to come by, it is no wonder that many consumers turn to established and reputable steakhouses to satisfy their craving. So, what does a steakhouse need to have a chance at becoming an industry leader?

Firstly, good quality meat should be at the heart of your steakhouse, and therefore it is paramount to invest in trustworthy suppliers and great equipment. Still, good equipment cannot make up for substandard meat and vice versa. Carrying out thorough research to find the best possible suppliers will pay off hugely in the long-run, keeping customers coming back for more.

Once the perfect steak has been achieved, steakhouse employees should be able to give advice to their customers based on their own knowledge. Staff expertise will take your restaurant to the next level, making your menu seem even more special.

The US is famous for its many steakhouses, many of which are known for the flamboyant and extravagant way their food is presented. Some display their cuts of meat in the seating areas or deliver steaks to the table still sizzling on a hot stone. The upshot is, many customers go to steakhouses for a show, so the more exciting you can make your restaurant, the better.

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While it might be tempting to try to boost sales as quickly as possible once the restaurant is up and running, it is important to remember that meat will be wasted if businessowners overestimate their customer base, so a realistic and discerning attitude to stock requirement is necessary to limit financial losses.

Finally, a memorable setting will ensure that your steakhouse sticks in consumers minds. Pick a theme for the restaurant and be consistent. Steakhouses could choose a traditional American theme with wood panelling and mounted deer heads, or opt for a more glamorous affair, and create a spacious restaurant with copper fixtures and velvet-covered seats. These decisions should influence every aspect of the steakhouse, from the design of the menu to the waiters dress code.

American Steakhouse London

Smith & Wollensky

Many Brits head to a steakhouse to get a taste of the US, and one of Londons most well-known steakhouses is Smith & Wollensky, which describes itself as Americas Classic Steakhouse. The brand certainly boasts some impressive US sites, such as New York, Las Vegas and Miami Beach. Its London branch is the first outside of the US and is located in the Adelphi Building on the Covent Garden riverside.

Founded in 1977, this steakhouses story began with the brand name being chosen from two random names in a phone directory, and it still champions American hospitality and knowledgeable staff to this day. Customers can rest assured that this is a first-rate steakhouse, as Smith & Wollensky is the only steakhouse in London that offers single cuts of meat that are USDA Prime, dry-aged and butchered on-site.

Modern American Steakhouse

The Modern American Steakhouse or MASH, as it calls itself was launched in Copenhagen in 2009. By 2012 it had opened its doors to the people of London, with its Brewer Street site located within part of the famous Regent Palace Hotel, which was built between 1910 and 1913. This is a sophisticated art deco restaurant, with one of the most extensive American wine selections outside of the US. Unsurprisingly, MASH has been the recipient of a number of awards, including prizes for the best steak restaurant and best wine list.

American Steakhouse

Of course, the US also has its fair share of reputable steakhouses, one of which is a restaurant chain known simply as American Steakhouse. This brand has restaurants across Connecticut, in Bridgeport, Meriden and Norwalk, and claims to have been Americas favourite family steakhouse since 1978.

This restaurant goes one step further than your average steakhouse, allowing customers to make their meal selection and watch it being cooked by the kitchen staff. Customers can choose from a variety of grilled steaks and ribs, burgers and seafood, as well as handmade sandwiches and a salad buffet selection. Everyone is welcome at American Steakhouse, which presents itself as a child-friendly, family establishment.

Franchise with an American Steakhouse

Those looking to take advantage of the huge market for steakhouses might struggle to find franchises in the UK, but there are many opportunities in the US. Here is one example:

The All American Steakhouse and Sports Theatre

As its name suggests, this sports-themed steakhouse offers a true American experience. Launched in 2003, The All American Steakhouse and Sports Theatre has five affiliate restaurants and two franchised restaurants across Maryland and Virginia. Sports fans will particularly enjoy visiting branches of this steakhouse, which installs high-definition televisions and projection screens throughout the dining and patio spaces. Jukeboxes also reinforce the brands fun, casual atmosphere.

While the franchise offers friendly service and a laidback atmosphere, it takes its food seriously, hiring a dedicated in-house butcher for each restaurant, who ensures that the steaks which are supplied from Midwestern farms that breed grain-fed cattle are aged and cut to the brands high standards.

Potential franchisees can choose to manage single or multiple units of the steakhouse, but the brand asks that investors have a total net worth of $1.5 million (£1.16 million) as well as a liquid capital of $350,000 (£270,650). Franchisees should also possess some amount of experience in the food or restaurant industry, but extensive training and ongoing support will be provided.

Alternatives at Point Franchise

Although Point Franchise doesnt offer any steakhouse franchises, there are several American-inspired food franchises to get involved with, including burger franchises and fast food franchises.


Wimpy is one example of an American restaurant model that has found success in the UK. Founded by Edward Gold in 1934, Wimpy offers burgers, salads, toasties, breakfast dishes, milkshakes and a range of indulgent desserts.

Those looking to benefit from Wimpys worldwide franchise model should have prior managerial experience and good business judgement. An investment of £220,000 is required to open a 60-seat restaurant, while an express unit can be launched with just £80,000. A conventional Wimpy restaurant should have a minimum of 1,200 square feet of space, and express units should have at least 500 square feet. A two-week training scheme will brief new recruits on the Wimpy model, providing franchisees with all the tools and know-how to lead their business to success.

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