A takeaway for all taste buds: Start a fast food franchise

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A takeaway for all taste buds: Start a fast food franchise

Fast food businesses were amongst the first companies to truly embrace the franchise model and demonstrate just how effective it can be. While most of the original fast food franchises followed a similar approach and sold a similar type of food, the restaurant industry has gone through enormous changes in recent years, with a great deal of diversification occurring and many new cuisines being introduced to the UK market. Recognising these cultural and behavioural shifts, many new and exciting franchise operations have begun rolling out their business model across the country. Here, we take a look at five of the most significant takeaway food franchises on the market.


Subway is one of the most well-known fast food franchises in the world. Founded in 1965, the franchise has grown to encompass more than 22,000 franchisees, in 112 countries. With successful franchise units operating throughout the UK, this is a takeaway franchise that's perfected its training and support structures, and that understands what is required to succeed. Potential franchisees will need to raise a total startup investment of around £200,000 to become a part of the Subway team; setting up a store can take anywhere from two months to a year.

Once on board, franchisees are enrolled on a two-week, introductory training course, which covers Subway management basics. Afterwards, ongoing support and guidance are provided via online e-courses, newsletters, and close communication with the franchise management team. If youre looking for a fast food franchise that benefits from incredible brand name recognition, you wont do much better than Subway.

Papa Johns

Alongside a small number of other big-name brands,

Papa John's

are one of the most recognisable pizza franchises in the world. Boasting an extensive franchise network of over 5000 franchise units in around 40 countries, the business has experienced incredible growth since their first restaurant was opened in a broom cupboard, 34 years ago. With a reputation for excellent pizza and superb service, anyone considering starting a franchise in the fast food industry should consider Papa Johns. The initial investment required amounts to around £200,000, though this figure may rise or fall depending on the location and size of your business premises.

All franchisees go through a six-week training programme that includes practical experience in a Papa John's restaurant and classroom-based learning, too. Staff and franchisee education continues once the store is up and running, with the franchisor offering plenty of training opportunities. They also provide help in choosing and fitting the premises and ongoing support and guidance to franchisees for issues like business management, marketing, and the franchises digital systems.


While most fast food franchises wont win any health food awards,


specialise in spectacular Asian cuisine thats beautifully cooked and incredibly good for you. Serving dishes from Thailand, Malaysia, China, Japan, and Indonesia, the franchise benefits from a diverse array of influences and a varied menu. With more than 25 franchise units spread around the UK, theres plenty of opportunities for potential franchisees looking to expand into new territories.

The total investment required for a Wok&Go franchise is around £200,000 +VAT. Once the franchise is fully operational, a royalty fee of 6% of net sales +VAT is payable to the franchisor, alongside a 1% +VAT advertising fee. All recipes are created by the Wok&Go team, who also offer their franchisees a turnkey store design solution and ongoing training and support. Interestingly, Wok&Go also advertise a franchisor-managed investment opportunity. This is for those investors that have the resources to finance a new Wok&Go franchise unit but don't necessarily want to manage it themselves. Having set up the new unit, the franchisor manages the day to day operations, and the investor draws a regular wage from the business. This investment flexibility makes Wok&Go an attractive proposition.


As a relatively new franchise on the UK market,


has aroused a great deal of interest amongst those that understand the fast food industry and have an eye for the latest dining trends. Taking Italian street food and adapting it to the needs of UK customers, Wolf has a total of four operational franchises, with at least another 10 in the development stage.

All new franchisees are put through an intensive four-week training course, which will cover all the skills required to manage a Wolf franchise unit successfully. The minimum initial investment is set at approximately £200,000 +VAT, and franchisees can expect to pay a royalty fee of 6% of net sales +VAT. On top of this, an advertising fee of 1% of net sales +VAT is required. The expert franchise management team at Wolf is incredibly experienced and are idectally positioned to provide incredibly useful support and guidance.

Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt

Tutti Frutti

is the world's largest self-service frozen yoghurt vendor. With over 1000 franchise units, in 50 different countries, there can be no doubt that their franchise model is proven to work. Selling over 80 flavours, as well as a large number of toppings, Tutti Frutti also offers a wide range of frozen yoghurt varieties suitable for those with special dietary requirements.

To open a Tutti Frutti Frozen Yoghurt franchise, an initial investment of £100,000 is required. This includes the £20,000 franchise fee. All new franchisees will go through a two-part training course, which involves a day of classroom-based learning and then three days of practical, in-store shadowing. Small, monthly contributions to the franchises marketing budget are required, but in return the franchisee benefits from increased brand awareness and access to the franchises marketing portal. As a franchise with a great deal of potential, Tutti Frutti is a promising investment with a bright future.


All five of our takeaway food franchises are enticing propositions. Some have been established for decades, while others have only emerged in the last few years. Some specialise in relatively new takeaway food, while others stick to the always-popular takeaway options. When considering which franchise is right for you, its important to look at these differences and consider what best fits your particular approach to business.

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