8 Advantages of Running an Interior Decorating Franchise

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Becoming an interior decorating professional can be a great way to earn a living while developing your skills and meeting lots of new people. There are also lots of exciting franchises in the sector. Let’s run through the biggest benefits of joining an interior decorating franchise.

Interior decorating covers a wide range of sub-sectors, from painting and home renovations to loft conversion and window coverings installation. There are even some fairly niche areas, like plant and flower design and Christmas decorating.  

Regardless of the type of interior decorating business you decide to run, there are a whole host of advantages when it comes to being your own boss in the sector. Here are some of the biggest ones.

Advantages of running an interior decorating franchise business

1. Demand is high

Two main factors have caused demand for interior decorating businesses to grow in recent years: the increase in house prices and the coronavirus pandemic.

As people increasingly shun house moves for home renovation work, industry professionals are kept busy. Plus, we’ve all spent more time in our homes during the Covid-19 crisis, leading many people to consider their design choices and decide to upgrade their surroundings. 

2. You can choose your specialism

The interior decorating sector is diverse, full of interesting businesses offering specialised services. Entrepreneurs considering the franchise industry have the freedom to choose the area they prefer, depending on their ambition and interests. 

Even if painting and small DIY jobs are your thing, you can opt to focus on residential clients, large homes or commercial projects, such as hotels and restaurants. 

3. Investment opportunities are usually inexpensive 

Most interior decorating franchises are mobile businesses operating from a fleet of vans. There’s no need to lease a business premises and pay through the teeth for rent, utilities and other fees. As a result, franchise start-up costs are relatively low in the interior decorating sector, and you can get your business off the ground for several thousand pounds. 

4. You could work from home

Of course, this advantage depends on the type of business you run. If you carry out jobs yourself, you’ll need to travel to people’s homes and business properties. But if you take on a managerial role and work in the interior design side of the industry, you can complete many of your tasks remotely. 

Read our article to find out more, Sector Spotlight: How To Run An Interior Decorating Franchise From Home. 

5. It’s fun and rewarding

Every client has their own specific vision and requirements, so every day is different. You’ll get to work on a variety of different projects and even have the chance to get your creative juices flowing to create beautiful spaces.  

Plus, once you’ve completed a job, you’ll have made a real difference to someone’s home or business, which is incredibly rewarding. This is a sector offering great levels of job satisfaction. 

6. There’s always more to learn

No matter how many years of experience you have as an interior decorating professional, there’s always the opportunity to expand your knowledge. New products, techniques and trends come along all the time, and learning about them will help you continue to grow your skills. 

Depending on your franchise’s regulations, you may even be able to incorporate some of the current trends into your business model to capitalise on customer demand and boost profits. 

7. There are lots of opportunities to promote your business

Interior decorating is all to do with the visuals, so promotional activity is fairly straightforward. Once you’ve built up a portfolio of photographs of completed projects, you can publish them on your website, social media profiles and any marketing campaigns you organise. 

There are also various trade shows and business exhibitions for the home improvement industry, which you can use to meet like-minded people and make contacts. 

8. You can benefit from word-of-mouth marketing

When customers are pleased with work completed on their property, they are eager to tell friends and family all about it. By upholding high standards, you can help make sure your clients recommend the business to others. The more jobs you finish, the more leads you can expect to generate. 

The current state of the interior decorating sector

We’ve already highlighted the growing demand for interior decorating businesses across the UK, so let’s look at consumer behaviour in the sector.

On average, Brits redecorate their homes 36 times in their lives and spend £36,205 on supplies and labour. Renovation work tends to take up a total of two years across a lifetime, as each individual task lasts around 18 days. 

Many people love refreshing their decor. More than 15 percent of us get out the paint pots every single year, and almost a quarter don’t wait more than two years between applying new coats. In fact, over half of Brits plan to carry out renovation work within the next year (Anglian Home Improvements). 

If you’re wondering where in the UK people spend the most on interior decorating, there are no prizes for guessing it’s London, followed by the West Midlands and Wales. Residents in the capital fork out an average of £5,781 per year on renovations and new furnishings. Scotland is the least profitable region for interior decorating, with homeowners spending just £566 on their homes every year (Hillarys Blinds).

Join an interior decorating franchise

There’s a lot of choice on offer for investors considering the interior decoration sector. From shutter installation firms to furniture repair companies and plant installation specialists, there is a huge variety of franchises in operation. 

Take a look at our home improvement, construction and interior decorating franchise opportunities to get the ball rolling. You can request more information on each franchise’s profile page and read up on its latest news articles. 

You can also find out more about becoming a franchisee with our selection of data-driven business guides. 

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