7 Tips for Marketing Your Hair, Beauty or Cosmetics Business

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If you’re running a hair, beauty or cosmetics business, you’re going to want to stand out from the crowd to attract clients and ensure they stay loyal to your brand. To help you understand how you can market yourself effectively, we’ve compiled seven top tips.

With the hair and beauty industry generating over £7.5 billion for the UK economy, it’s easy to see why it’s such an attractive sector for budding entrepreneurs. With there already being around 43,000 beauty businesses in action, it’s important to market yourself well to draw in clients.

The digital age has taken the beauty industry to new heights, with us being more connected than ever. It’s never been easier for hair, beauty or cosmetics businesses to communicate with customers across the globe through different channels and various types of content. To navigate your way through the exciting and constantly evolving beauty industry, we recommend trying to incorporate these five marketing ideas.

7 tips for marketing your hair, beauty or cosmetics business

1. Include testimonials in your product web pages

Satisfied customers are the best advertisement you can get. Beauty is one of the main industries where we rely on the opinions of others before trying products out for ourselves. You can simplify your customers’ research process by giving them all the information they need, and valuable links related to the product they’re looking at. If someone wrote a positive Google review of one of your products, add a link to it in your product description and just wait for sales to soar.

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2. Micro-influencers are the way forward

In recent years, there’s been a major shift in the beauty industry and how businesses spread word of their brand. Now, customers often prefer to interact with real people who have the same everyday struggles. In fact, it’s been found that in 2018, 80 percent of professionals in fashion, luxury and beauty launched campaigns with influencers, and nearly 76 percent obtained better sales as a result.

This is why micro-influencers have become so popular with beauty-lovers and are arguably becoming the ‘face of beauty’. They establish communities based on trust and authenticity to win over customers.

So, we recommend finding out which influencers are popular in your area and establishing a relationship with them. They can then share their thoughts on your hair, beauty or cosmetics business’ products or services with their loyal followers.

Looking good is big business The hair and beauty industry generates over £7.5 billion for the UK economy

Business spotlight – Fenty Beauty

Fenty Beauty is a cosmetics brand owned by global popstar Rihanna. When it launched in September in 2017, it had a 100 percent digital campaign that mainly involved content on Instagram with influencers.

With a refreshing ‘beauty for all’ concept and reviews from models, industry professionals and your average make-up lover, its Instagram account gained 1.4 million followers in just four days.

It still uses this approach across its digital channels and uses YouTube tutorials to engage fans and add hype around each new product that it releases.

fenty beauty

Source: lvmh.com

3. Offer flash sales

Hair businesses can offer flash sales on social media to entice new customers to visit. You could tweet about a £5 haircut for anyone willing to let new talent show off their skills and award the discounted price to the first couple of respondents.

4. Produce interesting video content

To make your men’s grooming business stand out, you could produce excellent video content like tutorials. As your trusty employees keep on top of the latest trends and get new certifications, you can use their expertise to educate and impress your audience.

5. Create a selfie station

With so many of us posting regular updates about our lives on social media, there are many free marketing opportunites to be had. You can dedicate a small area of your hair or beauty business to a selfie station where happy clients can take photos with a professional light in front of your company logo. Once your customers have shared this on social media, their friends and family might be tempted to try out your salon when they’re next in need of a treatment.

Business spotlight – Dove

Dove has cemented itself as one of the nation’s favourite personal care brands. This is partly thanks to its refreshing campaigns that feature ‘real models’ and promote body positivity. Its #ShowUs campaign aims to shatter beauty stereotypes and ‘offer a more inclusive vision of beauty to all media and advertisers’. And, with 72 percent of the women in the UK not feeling represented in advertising, this is clearly something that all beauty businesses should incorporate into their marketing strategy.


Source: unilever.com

6. Sponsor a fashion show

As a beauty businessowner, you can get involved in your local community by sponsoring a fashion event. In exchange for providing your services to a local runway show, you could get advertisements in the brochure, use the professional photos from the day and make the most of valuable networking opportunities. You can also use the event to host interviews with local media and build a public relations campaign.

7. Create a unique logo

What do global brands like Google, Nike and Starbucks all have in common? A unique logo. To make your cosmetics business stand out, it’s helpful to have a memorable logo. Research the logos of other beauty businesses and be sure to create something distinctive that is a visual treat for your audience. If done right, the logo can speak volumes about your brand identity and values. Don’t forget that the logo will be present on everything from your marketing plans to your adverts, so take the time to create a logo you’re proud of, that’s worthy of representing your brand in a competitive market.

Start using these marketing tips today

By taking these marketing ideas onboard, you should hopefully receive more interest from new customers or clients. If you’re still not sure whether the beauty industry is right for you, check out another one of our articles ‘8 advantages of running a hair, beauty or cosmetics business.’ And, if you’re interested in knowing more about the current trends shaping hair, beauty and cosmetics businesses, click here.

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