5 Things You Didn't Know About Sandler Training

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Sandler Training is an international franchise that provides training in key business skills to clients across the globe. Sandler Training offers entrepreneurs the chance to launch their own business and see consistently high income under the guidance of an industry-leading brand.

Lets take a look at five things you might not have known about the franchise:

1. It is the top training franchise in the world. Although this sounds like conjecture, it is true that Sandler Training frequently tops industry rankings; for example, it was listed as the best business services franchise in 2019 by the Franchise Business Review and has been recognised as the top training franchise 13 times by Entrepreneur Magazine. Sandler Training has cultivated an expansive network of over 250 local offices across more than 25 countries in order to ensure that most clients can find a Sandler Training outlet within a reasonable distance. Its significant reach is demonstrated in the business statistics; every year, it provides a total of more than 475,000 hours of training to thousands of people worldwide.

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2. It has changed significantly over the years. Sandler Training was first launched in 1967 by David Sandler, who introduced a revolutionary sales training programme for all businesses. This was called the Sandler Selling System, which utilised the concept of reinforcement training in other words, strengthening client knowledge through specific training techniques. In 1983, David Sandler chose to adopt the franchise business model to further international expansion and, in doing so, created the Sandler Sales Institute. In 2007, the business changed names again to become Sandler Training as we know it today. It was thought that this name better reflected the business diverse range of classes, which had evolved from sales training to offer further training in management, leadership, negotiating and customer services. Sandler Training is no longer headed by David Sandler himself; instead, David Mattson serves as the companys president and CEO.

3. It varies its approach to ensure clients get maximum value out of sessions. As weve already discovered, Sandler Training is all about reinforcement training, which helps clients retain information for longer. The company also understands that clients are unlikely to take in complex or in-depth information if theyre sat in a classroom for hours on end scribbling notes into a pad. Thats why it imparts information through four different approaches: classroom learning, problem-solving workshops, high-energy boot camps and use of interactive multi-media material via Sandler Online. This is Sandler Trainings exclusive online portal, which helps clients supplement their learning and monitor their progress. It enables groups to connect with each other through discussion rooms and learning communities, creates personalised dashboards that tracks an individual or teams data, and assessment software that corroborates progress and allows clients to note their weak areas.

4. It has developed an extensive support scheme for franchisees. Franchisees can only succeed with the support of the franchisor. Sandler Training knows this, and has developed a detailed support package to help ensure that new franchisees get off to the best start with the business. Of course, franchisees will benefit from the business 50 years of industry experience and 1,500+ hours of training material, not to mention its market-leading systems and strategies, but there is far more on offer for entrepreneurs who choose to franchise with Sandler Training. Franchisees will become part of an international business with a local touch with the guidance of a central research and development team to make sure the business is at the forefront of the industry. When they first join Sandler Training, the business will collaborate with them to create an effective business plan, incorporating both professional and personal long-term goals. Franchisees will generate income from both existing and evolving products. Whats more, franchisees are granted a certain freedom to run the business in the way that works best for them and even have the option to work from home, which will reduce the initial investment significantly. Ultimately, franchisees will be given the tools to create a profitable business that, in time, produces a revenue of over £1 million.

5. It has created a partnership with Harvard University. The value of Sandler Trainings teachings was demonstrated when it became affiliated with Harvard Business School in 2018. It was revealed that the MBA course, Entrepreneurial Sales and Marketing offered by the university now includes a case study highlighting the importance of Sandler Trainings taught techniques. Students studying the course examine a case study that compares representatives who exhibit Sandler Trainings techniques with those who do not in a series of video clips. The students, therefore, are taught to recognise the significance of the sales techniques Sandler Training promotes, which proves the franchises position as an industry leader.

Alternative Franchising Opportunities


If youre interested in starting your own training franchise, Kumon could be the one for you. This franchise provides Maths and English lessons to children who need a little extra tuition outside of school hours. Founded in 1954, it has 65 years of experience in the training industry and has seen plenty of success stories over the years from children who have excelled academically thanks to Kumons educational programmes. Kumon does not mirror structures inherent to schools; instead it has created The Kumon Method, which groups children together based on ability rather than age.

If you would like to become a Kumon franchisee, you must be prepared to make an investment of at least £3,000. This will cover your initial licence fee and the marketing fee for the first 12 months of the franchise contract period. Kumon is a training franchise and, as youd expect, its team doesnt leave you in the dark when you sign on with them. They provide a comprehensive training package of six sessions to make sure all franchisees are equipped with the necessary tools to make their business a success.

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