3 Things You Didnít Know About Green Motion Car Rental

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Green Motion was established in the UK in 2007 and has earned global recognition for being a leading provider of low CO2 car and van rental.

Green Motion Car and Van Rental

Back in 2005, Richard Lowden decided that he needed to play a part in reducing the effects of climate change. It is our global responsibility to be more aware of how we as humans are having a detrimental effect on the environment and, therefore, to be as environmentally friendly as we can. So, with this in mind, Richard created the worldís first vehicle rental company that is less harmful to the environment. Green Motion provides vehicle hire solutions for both business and leisure purposes alike at market leading prices.

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3 Things You Didnít know About Green Motion

1. How Green Motion Watches its Carbon Footprint

Our day-to-day business operations tend to have a negative impact on the environment, but Green Motion recognises the importance or protecting and improving the environment by implementing well thought through management processes and practices.

Green Motion considers the environment at every stage of its business decisions and opts for more environmentally friendly alternatives where possible. Its ambitious aims to try to be greener include reducing its water and energy usage and preventing land, air and water pollution. On top of this, it aspires to minimise waste and increase recycling, make use of more eco-friendly products and sustainable materials and promote environmentally responsible purchasing. Lastly, Green Motion aims to involve its customers, suppliers and partners in its execution of these objectives.

Is it achieving these goals?

Where it can, the car and van rental franchise uses power generated by solar technologies or wind turbines. Before a new Green Motion location opens, it is fully assessed to understand the power requirements so the company can establish the most appropriate ways to provide heat and electricity. Also, in each new location there is the installation of eco-friendly flooring.

Green Motion locations features low-energy lighting units and sensors that turn lights on and off automatically in certain circumstances. The brand strives to use shop fitting materials that are sourced from environmentally conscious suppliers, and made from recycled materials or from renewable sources.

It would be pretty hard to completely eliminate its use of paper but, wherever possible, Green Motion locations go paper-free. Also, every location features environmentally friendly sanitary items and toiletries. Stationery and office materials are recycled and sourced from the marketing department. This even extends to envelopes and photocopy paper.

Product-specific recycle bins are placed in every location, which are used in the correct manner to ensure that every last bit of waste is disposed of through the correct channel. Customers are provided with a waste collection bag when they hire a vehicle and encouraged by the company to place all waste in the bag and hand it back in when they return the vehicle. That particular branch can then go on to recycle the waste in the correct way.

Lastly, Green Motion only uses approved, eco-friendly chemicals when cleaning its vehicles. All Green Motion franchisees and employees are responsible for the upholding these policies.

2. Drive Green - Green Motionís Loyalty Programme

Drive Green is Green Motionís loyalty programme that thanks its customers for continuing to support the company and seek out its vehicle rental services. There are four different levels that customers can work towards: after 6 rentals, itís green; 10 rentals is silver; 14 rentals is gold; and 20 rentals is VIP. When you reach green, you receive 5 percent off all future hires and up to a 10 percent discount on your birthday. At silver, you will receive 10 percent off future hire, 15 percent off on your birthday and a discounted additional driver. Gold gets you 15 percent off future hire, 20 percent discount on your birthday, a discounted additional driver and discounted GPS hire. Lastly, VIP rewards you with 20 percent off all future hire, a 25 percent discount on your birthday, a discounted additional driver and discounted GPS hire.

3. The Extent of Green Motionís Coverage

Green Motionís award winning franchise system already operates in a large number of countries across the globe, including Chile, Costa Rica, Greece, Cyprus, Ireland, Iceland, Jordan, Italy, Lithuania, Mexico, Malta, Netherlands, the US and, of course, the UK. Green Motion is keen to further its expansion in the UK and Northern Ireland with dedicated franchisees who are passionate about the brand. In the UK, there are currently franchise opportunies at the airports in Cardiff, Southampton, London, South End, Aberdeen, Inverness, Bournemouth, Newcastle, Leeds and Exeter. There are also franchise opportunities in Eastbourne, London North, London South, London West, Hemel Hampstead, Nottingham, Sheffield, Peterborough, Dover, Ashford, Norwich, Leeds, Bristol, Milton Keynes and Northampton.

Green Motionís Franchise Opportunity

If you are keen to be part of the worldís only fully franchised vehicle rental company that is mindful of the environment, then you will need to make a minimum investment of £70,000 and a total investment of £140,000. The franchise fees are £39,500. In return for your investment, Green Motion will provide you with operational support and training. This includes location and business planning, full industry and system training, customer service and total hands-on support. On top of this, there is support with sales and business development in the form of business planning and accounts support, direct connection with global supply partners, insurance and multi-channel direct websites. Head to its client page to find out even more about this innovative brand and exciting franchise opportunity.

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