Hot Dog franchise opportunities

Hot dogs are huge in the USA in terms of the amounts consumed and size and its no surprise this easy-to-eat snack has travelled across the Atlantic to become a firm favourite with the British. They are now a feature of events, fairgrounds and festivals, seaside resorts and many sports grounds.

Hot dog market expanding

However, hot dogs have recently enjoyed a resurgence and can be found in many other places in the UK too - including restaurants, street food festivals and pop-up food stalls. In fact, by 2021, it is estimated that the global sausage and hot dog market will be worth an incredible $80.4 billion.

This growth spurt has been helped by the new 100% beef, low-fat and even vegetarian versions of a snack loved by all ages. Creative entrepreneurs have also given the humble hot dog a makeover, with gourmet toppings and options to suit a wider range of diners including serious foodies. This all means that hot dog franchise opportunities are dynamic and varied.

Hot deals on hot dog franchises

Gourmet hot dog and burger company Banger Bros, based in London, offers a similar partnership to a franchise for ambitious new startups willing to experiment with world food fusion menus. Rollover Hot Dogs also provides units and consumables to make franchise type food service possible in a wide range of settings.

dogEatdog carts offer a business startup deal, as does and street food franchise The Hot Sausage Company. Empire Dogs is another of the many options.

Easy start up packages

Not only are these highly portable and versatile snacks easy to cook and serve, hot dog franchises are relatively easy to set up and run. You receive equipment and a reliable food supply at favourable rates and business support including training and guidance on stringent food hygiene regulations.

To avoid barking up the wrong tree, get in touch with us to find a hot dog franchise deal to put potential success into the palm of your hand.

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