Kiosk franchise opportunities

Grab and go is the new pattern of buying in the UK - particularly coffee as we dash around! This means retail kiosks are popping up throughout the nation - particularly ones offering food and beverages - at transport hubs, in shopping areas and tourist attractions.

The possibilities are endless, but, in food terms, it is estimated that the British already buy more than £20 billion worth of items from retailers who make it fast and convenient. And, in one survey, 28% of people had breakfast on the move with a grab and go item that month. This huge surge in kiosk catering and sales has largely been made possible by the wonders of modern technology. Both selling and stock control have been digitised, making such compact retail spaces feasible.

If you've ever dreamed of being your own boss, what better way is there to dip a toe into business ownership than a kiosk franchise?

What is a kiosk franchise?

Many successful and established retailers and caterers have realised two things: firstly, creating a network of kiosks is a great way to deliver products to customers at convenient locations, and smaller versions can moved around easily, too.

Secondly, by sharing their proven business model with anyone who wants to go self-employed, they build an even stronger brand for themselves. They offer both the physical kiosk and stock, alongside business management support, and then kiosk franchisees bask in the glory of a respected brand and cash in on their loyal customers.

Examples of kiosk franchises

The choice of franchisers is extensive, including, for example Millie’s Cookies, Dunkin' Donuts, DogeatDog, Waffle Delight and Second Cup. Non-food kiosk franchises are also growing, including ones provided by Nail Kiosks Ltd and Smiley Booth photo kiosks.

The next step to get into a kiosk franchise – literally and in business terms – is to get in touch with us. We can help you grab and go when it comes to the best deal for you.

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Tubz Vending franchise

Tubz Vending

Take advantage of this massive opportunity.

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