Runagood® franchise

Min investment
£4,900 +VAT


Runagood® franchise

Fast, Affordable Advice for any Business, Anywhere, Anytime

Runagood® (ie ‘Run a Good Business’) is a unique technology-driven service that uses proven business consultancy and coaching techniques to raise the performance and value of any business, anywhere, but quickly and affordably.

Minimum investment
£4,900 +VAT

Funding support

Total investment
£4,900 +VAT

Franchise fees

Business type

Expected revenue after 2 years

Minimum investment
£4,900 +VAT

  • Operating fee:
  • Advertising fee:
  • Royalty fee:
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About Runagood®

Runagood® technology and training enable its certified AI Business Advisor®s to achieve in minutes what otherwise takes a conventional consultant hours, days and weeks to achieve, and at great cost to the tiny 6% of all businesses that can afford it. S/he can now work on a sustained basis with the other 94% of all businesses that until now were unable to afford consultancy, yet still spend £3000 pa trying to solve problems, unsuccessfully.

Runagood® Partners provide advice on a monthly subscription basis, a model that generates recurring long term and profitable revenue every day of the year, which adds growing capital value to the franchisee’s business.

How does it work?

In the hands of a trained Advisor, all the following can be executed online or face to face in a 30-60-minute meeting for any business:

  1. Performance assessment / healthcheck showing how it compares to the best in its industry sector showing how much is being lost in sales, profits and value.
  2. Summarised in a 20-page download report
  3. Forecast of its future potential performance, value, over time and the feasibility of achieving these
  4. Improvement plans with objectives, key performance indicators and strategies
  5. Action plans ready to implement

An automated process:

The Advisor then provides the client with access to the Runagood® system that now contains their data, in return for a monthly subscription and online coaching as the client starts work implementing the first (of 5000) monthly action plans.
Fees are for the Advisor to decide, but £100 per month is a typical start and with a capacity to handle 100 clients at once (15 minutes each per week) resulting in £10000 per month revenue at reasonable capacity. £200 per month is typically at the upper end. As this is recurring revenue, the Advisor builds themselves a business than can be sold for a capital sum at retirement, which is unheard of in consultancy.

How can I join?

International distribution of the Runagood® service is through the franchising of fully worked out operating formats, software licences, training, partnerships and support as follows:

AI Business Advisor®
Works direct with business owners to analyse, plan and improve their performance and value. Based at home and/or working out of Runagood® Business Centres, secures new business first by converting their existing accountancy clients, then joint local marketing of free Business Dashboard® assessments to secure new clients. Bills own clients direct and shares revenue for Centres’ clients.

Runagood® Area Director
Controls a county-level territory with responsibility for appointing Business Advisors and Business Centres and managing them to secure growing client numbers and revenue. Shares total territory revenue with Runagood®.
Can also purchase exclusive territory.

AI Business Advisor® / Area Director :

  • Training and set up £4900 +VAT for 5-day residential course – all inclusive
  • Annual refresher and new product training £1000 +VAT
  • Monthly software licence and support fee £199 +VAT per month
  • £9 per month per maintenance fee per business added to the system
  • Area Directors may optionally purchase exclusive territory at £1 per registered business in the selected postcodes


Training and support provided

What is included?

  • 5 days residential training (usually in a Spanish castle)
  • Annual refresher and new product training (UK)
  • Introductions to Runagood® Business Centres for collaboration
  • Partner introductions for events eg Metro Bank
  • Business owner introductions
  • Local business and partner databases
  • Weekly coaching support
  • Marketing: templates – emails – ads – slides – national promotions
  • Onsite attendance at local marketing events
  • Unlimited advice


The ideal Runagood® franchisee

AI Business Advisor® franchise 

An individual with organisational management experience and some business knowledge who is receptive to learning the ‘Runagood® (business) Way’. There is a requirement to sell in order to secure new clients and partnerships, not in a heavy way, but with gentle persistence, using the technology in sequence, to develop relationships. You must possess the courage to start your own business but be secure in the knowledge that you are doing so for yourself, but not by yourself. You need a sufficiently influential personality to work easily and patiently with others, and enough compliance to follow the Runagood® processes that get business results. 
This is a full-time commitment, working to an agreed business plan with a support network, building a personal business with a high resale value. So some entrepreneurism needed!

Runagood® Area Director franchise 

An experienced entrepreneur, or high achieving executive, with strong business skills that include marketing, selling, branch network management and training. The principal requirement is to self-start the development of a county by appointing accountants as Business Centres and ambitious managers, consultants, coaches as Business Advisors. Then to manage the network to raise its performance by acquiring and retaining business clients.
This is a full-time commitment, working to an agreed business plan with Runagood® support, building a business with a high resale value.


Runagood®'s history Ltd was formed in 2010 by Duncan Collins with the intention of making practical advice affordable and therefore sustainable for long enough to make a permanent difference to the performance and value of any business, however small.

Taking the very same techniques that he had used over 22 years when government backed strategies with one million small businesses had raised the international competitiveness from 21st to 7th place, he assembled a tech team to automate it all.
His vision was / is that “no business however small should be denied access to good advice”. The application of machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) has made that a reality.

Through 8 years of product development and market testing with hundreds of business owners, accountants, consultants, coaches and mentors, AI Business Advisor® has been perfected.