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Virtual reality franchise EVA launches free-roaming activity at Call of Game in Maubeuge.

Call of Game, which you can find in Haumont in the north of France near Maubeuge, is a popular entertainment complex for both residents and tourists. In the 1,000sqm space, all your gaming dreams can come true. Theres lots of action-packed entertainment, including laser tag, escape games and VR games which is where EVA comes in.

The team at Call of Game have decided to take their VR gaming experience to new heights and have introduced the first ever EVA playground! If youre unsure about what this is, its essentially a free-roaming VR e-sport arena that uses the most innovative technology.

At Call of Game, you can experience the EVA free-roaming PVE (Player vs Environment) game After-H: Legend After Mars. This is a cooperative (first person shooter game) that can be enjoyed by a team of 4- 6 players. You just need to pick your best shooters and you will find yourself in Mars defeating corrupted AI robots. Or you can be transported to a zombie-invaded vessel, where you have to fight them off and do what you can to survive.

Its important to stay hydrated and catch your breath between the adrenaline-packed games. Luckily, you can take mini breaks in the comfortable Call of Game lounge area.

Equipped with a MZ-42 assault rifle, needle sniper or a shotgun, you can compete to beat the global high score.

It was during Paris Games Week (PGW) that EVA crossed paths with Sbastien Demont, the founder of Call of Game. He was instantly blown away by the set-up of the free-roaming platform with a 450sqm arena that was showcasing the first PVP (Player vs Player) game.

According to Demont:

I went with EVA because I want to stand out of the typical Virtual Reality attractions.

If youre passionate about the EVA brand and want to launch the incredible VR experience in your area, click here to learn more and sign up.

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