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08/06/2018 16:55 | Food

Wiltshire Farm Foods’ new advert celebrates real delivery drivers and satisfied customers.

Wiltshire Farm Foods has debuted its new advert featuring real, hard-working delivery drivers doing what they do best.

The advert features customers going about their busy, happy lives, while enjoying the convenience of meals prepared and delivered straight to their doors. Scenes show the friendly nature of their delivery drivers, as they’re seen talking and laughing with customers as they make their deliveries.

One of the drivers featured is showjumper, sculptor and delivery driver Ben Lee, who has worked for the company for four years. He says that he is enjoying his new-found, small-screen fame and has received lots of messages from family, friends and customers about his TV debut.

“I quite enjoyed it,” Ben said. “We had an email come through saying they were looking for drivers to star in their new adverts, and we had to send a picture. They did four adverts and needed a driver for each one.

“We did a photoshoot in Wales, then did the ads. At first, I thought I had no chance, but I wanted to go for the experience.”

He added that the experience was surreal and that he wasn’t expecting to be recognised by his loyal customers.

“As you deliver regularly to the same people, you build up a rapport and become friends, so I think they are quite proud that their driver is on television.”

Wiltshire Farm Foods was established in 1991 and produces and delivers frozen meals to customers across the UK. With 90% of its meals made locally in Trowbridge, it now has over 75 delivery outlets up and down the country. It’s committed to ethical practices, including using sustainably sourced fish and palm oil and reducing its carbon footprint.

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