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At Water Babies, our aim is to teaching safe water practice and developing children’s swimming skills from the youngest age.

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Water Babies gears up for the new term by launching weekend classes in Ennis, Ireland.

As the new school term approaches, many children’s clubs are also getting ready to kick off another term of their activities. Baby franchise Water Babies is one of those, as its classes in Ennis, Ireland started its 2019 autumn term on the 31st of August with a successful Saturday class.

Lisa Cobbe, franchisee for the Ennis and Limerick area, explained why Water Babies classes are so beneficial for tots everywhere.

“Babies love swimming! It’s one of the few things they can do from birth, and it feels entirely natural to them – as they’ve just spent nine months in the womb! Because they’re free of the restrictions of gravity, and able to use muscles they’d never use until they start rolling, crawling, walking and running, babies love the sense of freedom water gives them. And whilst the emphasis in lessons is often on strengthening the bond between parent and child, swimming from birth is also excellent for their development.”

Those who want to try out Water Babies for the first time can sign up to a free taster class, available at Water Babies classes across the UK and Ireland. With more than 50 franchisees across the UK, there’s bound to be a class near you.

Since it was set up in 2002 by founder Paul Thompson, Water Babies has grown into an international success, with locations in the UK, Ireland, the Netherlands, Canada, New Zealand and even China. Its franchisees must complete more than 300 hours of baby swimming teacher training before they begin operating their business, ensuring maximum safety in each class. Water Babies has grown into such a success that it picked up the 2016 Gold Franchisor of the Year award at the HSBC bfa awards.

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