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Veeno The Italian Wine Bar

Veeno is a UK-based Italian wine bar chain

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Veeno shares its remarkable sales figures and provides some insight into how it’s looking out for employees.

Veeno is a UK-based Italian wine bar chain that operates from eight locations. It’s been trading successfully with consistent like-for-like sales growth since March 2019. You can see a full breakdown below:

- 2019 – Sales increase of 11% from last year
- 2020 – Sales increase of 28% from last year

These figures are particularly impressive given that, at the beginning of March, eating and drinking out had dropped by seven percent due to the Coronavirus. Veeno has remained strong despite the challenges the UK hospitality industry is facing. As the above data suggests, it went against the current national trends with an increase in March of 30% like-for-like sales from last year, up to closure, as mandated by the government, due to Covid-19 outbreak

During this challenging period, Veeno is still continuing to employ and pay its team, despite being forced to close all of its sites. And you can still buy its wonderful selection of wines online.

In customer reviews, as well as appreciating the high quality of food and drink they enjoy, guests are quick to say what a great experience they had, thanks to Veeno’s talented team of employees.

Rodrigue Trouillet, the owner and Director of Veeno said: “We will get through these difficult times and build on strong values that will be the foundation for years to come.”

Veeno is being cautious with its approach to make sure franchisees can continue to draw in fantastic profits during this turbulent time. If you’d like more information about the franchising opportunity that Veeno offers, you can view its client page here.

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