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With GCSEs looming, Tutor Doctor has told students how to cope with exam pressure.

There’s no arguing that exams are tough. This month, education franchise Tutor Doctor has published a series of top tips to help students manage the stressful revision period – and, believe it or not, ‘leave it until tomorrow’ isn’t one of them.

Tutor Doctor’s advice for GCSE students has a heavy focus on mental health. You need to make sure that your mind gets the chance to take a break after thinking about all that algebra, poetry and Shakespeare.

To smash the procrastination mindset, Tutor Doctor has recommended that students create a revision timetable to keep their studies on track. Importantly, this must include designated time for social events as well as studying.

That way, students can enjoy much-needed breaks without the guilt that comes with it. The revision period is a notoriously stressful period, so giving your mind a break is important for your wellbeing.

Tutor Doctor has also advised students to help prioritise their workload by using a traffic light system. Each task should be highlighted in red, amber or green, depending on priority, to help students make the most out of their designated revision time.

The tutoring franchise has also encouraged students to regularly freshen up their revision techniques. Switching between mind maps, revision cards and note taking can really help you to stay focused and to make sure as much knowledge as possible is being retained.

Tutor Doctor is a franchise that is expanding fast across the UK. It specialises in offering bespoke, personal tuition that builds a meaningful relationship between tutor and tutee.

If you want to join the tutoring revolution, then you can find out more information about this franchise opportunity here on Point Franchise.

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