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20/05/2018 17:15 | Travel & Leisure

Travelodge customers can now look forward to the option of itsu at any time of day.

Travelodge and itsu have teamed up to widen the offerings on its food options list. Customers can choose from a range of Asian inspired dishes, including noodles, rice cakes and crackers. They can order them any time of day, as long as they are staying at non-Bar Caf Travelodge hotels.

A number of dishes are currently being trialled, including a Satay Udon Noodle Pot, a gluten-free Katsu Rice Noodle Cup, sweet chilli prawn crackers and dark chocolate mini rice cakes. With gluten-free and vegan options on offer, this partnership enables Travelodge to provide delicious food for people with various dietary requirements.

These new offerings are currently on trial in 36 Travelodge hotels, and customers may soon be able to order them online if the trial is successful. Guests can buy them as individual snacks or as part of a meal deal, and Travelodge and itsu have worked together to ensure the prices are competitive.

Travelodge is the first UK hotel to have partnered with itsu to offer its eat beautiful range. The snack and convenience foods are all healthy, which appeals to a huge number of guests who are asking for something nutritious to eat.

Karen Broughton, Travelodge sales and marketing director, explains why the franchise chose itsu. She says, this initiative has been introduced on the back of customer feedback and is also another step on our brand transformation programme to deliver an even higher quality and great value experience to customers.

As more customers request healthy and convenient food on its menu, Travelodge responds with more offerings. In fact, it has already launched the Breakfast Box, which includes cereal, milk, fruit juice and a muffin that guests can take with them and eat on-the-go.

Travelodge was the first value hotel brand to be launched in the UK. It is now one of the most recognised brands and has over independently owned 560 hotels across the UK.

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