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Transworld Business Advisors franchise
Transworld Business Advisors There are business brokers. And then there are Transworld Business Advisors.

Transworld Business Advisors is the business brokers franchise. Our highly-personalised approach, is based on almost 40 years of business brokerage experience and success.

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04/09/2018 14:00 | Business & B2B Services

Get stuck into business advisory services at the most exciting time in a company’s life! Join Transworld Business Advisors and support businesses as they look to find and investigate potential buyers or, on the other side, seek out opportunities for investment on behalf of clients. Build your business on the three foundational core concepts that have led Transworld to success: franchise consulting, franchise development and business brokerage.

About Transworld Business Advisors Franchise

Joining the Transworld franchise, the largest business brokerage in the U.S., enables you to work from home, therefore shaping your schedule to suit your needs while working for an award winning business. Transworld has a state of the art training facility to help develop entrepreneurs, and you can be a part of all of it.

Transactional advisory work is increasingly key

As a Transworld franchisee you will help thousands of entrepreneurs make the most of their businesses. Whether at the outset, putting together a strategy for the evolution of a business to helping businesses when they are ready for a sale, you will be key to the brokerage process.

Join a team characterised by experience and excellence

Joining Transworld gives you the opportunity to join a company with a legacy of high performance. Transworld was established in 1979 by Don, an executive with 30 years of experience at IBM, and his wife Bonnie. Expansion was led by Andrew Cagnetta and Ray Titus. Ray had experience in franchising and his leadership, working with Andrew, led Transworld to massive growth and the company it is today.

Security, flexibility and freedom!

Starting your own business with Transworld gives you the opportunity to have more of a work-life balance. Your office no longer has to be stuck in one place - your office can be your favourite restaurant or coffee shop, a sun lounger by an idyllic pool, even a plane as you travel to far flung locations.

You aren’t going out on a limb without support, though; Transworld franchisees benefit from the experience of those who have come before, including:

  • trained experts
  • mentors
  • full marketing support
  • local field support
  • access to the Transworld brand

A bit about you

Transworld are looking for people with ambition, a desire for flexibility and with an interest in growth and sale of businesses. If this sounds like you, you might want to get in touch.

You will receive support and guidance from Transworld to enable you to run a successful business, but Transworld are looking in particular for ambassadors who are self motivated and energised to represent the company. Transworld expect their representatives to be excited by the prospect of working for themselves, with ambition to grow a secure and sustainable business for themselves and their family.

To make a success of your Transworld business, you should bring enthusiasm, an interest in business life-cycles, local networks or the desire and drive to make them, enthusiasm and desire to make connections and win business, and a growth mindset. You'll be asked to invest some capital as a franchise fee, as a sign of your commitment and in exchange for the support provided.

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