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Party Tent Company The UK’s Only Marquee Hire Franchise

Whether its garden marquees or ones suitable for smaller events, The Party Tent Company thrives in this marquee hire marketplace. Our aim is to be the No. 1 solution in this industry. Do not be put off either by our competitors who offer larger marquees and events because we are not in direct competition, this is what makes this business so great to be involved with! Think Birthday parties, garden parties, village fetes, trade shows and smaller corporate events and we fit in exceptionally well.

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The marquee hire company has seen a rise in demand for its products following the relaxation of lockdown.

It’s been an interesting year. In the words of Perry Wilson from financial advice group Stupid Is The Norm, “Home has become the new pub.” Now that restrictions have eased, and outdoor meetings are permitted, The Party Tent Company is beginning to see a surge in business. But this surge goes beyond mid-May, and many are planning well into the future.

After twelve months of adaptation for the UK public, people have seen what they can accomplish at home, and moving forwards, some will continue to choose the at-home garden party over the overcrowded beer garden.

Perry has recently completed 4 hours worth of training with The Party Tent Company, learning how to put up and dismantle the tents. The events franchise, which offers party tent and marquee hire across the North West, is thriving right now, and Perry feels there’s never been a better time to get involved with the Warrington-based business.

Discussing possible investment with The Party Tent Company, he said, 

“There’s a great opportunity here, with Covid coming to the end. This is going to go one of two ways, people will return to the pubs [...] or they’re going to be a bit more reserved [...] and spend more time at home.”

The Party Tent Company offers a range of different tent and marquee options for use in your back garden, but the franchise also supplies tents for larger catering events and weddings. Each tent comes with lighting and a dance floor. When dressed, the spaces are appealing, open, and amazing value for money.

To learn more about sizes and prices, visit The Party Tent Company’s website. To discover the specifics of an investment in The Party Tent Company, visit its Point Franchise profile page, linked above.

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