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In a recent blog post from the specialist system hygiene franchise, customers were invited to become a part of the solution with Techclean’s expert support.

In the words of the IT franchise, “It seems obvious to say that cleaner IT functions better and lasts longer.” Still, according to Techclean, we are “generating around 40 million tons of electronic waste” worldwide, on a yearly basis. To really put that into perspective – that’s “the equivalent of throwing away 800 laptops every second”!

Techclean feels that there are a few different possible reasons for this huge amount of electronic waste. For one, the need to always have the newest thing. For two, the rise in prevalence of a “‘throw-away’ culture” that insists that it’s easier to simply trash something “the second it starts to underperform”. This is a mistake, and thanks to this franchise’s system hygiene expertise, it can reveal that often, “the underlying problem to a slow PC is something as simple as dust”.

Dust! That’s right. 800 laptops discarded every second, when the issue might have been solvable with a quick clean, courtesy of a Techclean expert. Dust build up affects computer performance by causing components to retain heat. With the computer running hotter, it’s then harder “for the internal fans to dissipate heat”, and the computer begins to run less efficiently.

Throwing slow-running computers away and replacing them is all well and good until you begin to consider, as Techclean has, the environmental impact of that decision. In the words of the franchise, “Desktop items are non-recyclable, with millions of tons being thrown away and replaced each year, contributing to 70% of overall toxic waste. But without a build-up of dust and dirt, these items would last far longer and significantly reduce your IT replacement and waste disposal costs.”

Techclean invites readers of this informative blog post to become “a part of the solution”, expressing that, “As the UK’s leading specialist cleaners of desktop IT, we have been helping others to save costs AND the environment for over thirty years. All work is carried out using environmentally friendly specialist cleaning products, following the strictest social distancing procedures.” Find out more about investing with this innovative, eco-conscious franchise network via its profile page, linked above.

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