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With Granite & TREND Transformations, you can have green credentials without compromising on the style and quality you can offer customers.

Access to sustainable and environmentally friendly products is an increasingly top-of-mind concern for many homeowners these days. How the choices consumers make and the impact of those choices on the environment is regular mainstream news. The home improvement sector is no exception. What used to be a secondary concern has now become a deciding factor for a lot of homeowners and sustainability and eco-friendliness has long since stopped being a niche market.

According to a survey conducted by Deloitte on consumer trends in 2020 (source: Deloitte), 1 in 3 consumers claimed to have stopped buying from brands for ethical or environmental reasons. Similarly, the Rated People Home Renovation Report in 2020 reported that 57% of UK residents said that they wanted to be more eco-friendly in the future (source: Ratedpeople). Suffice to say, the majority of customers these days are “keen to be green!”

It used to be that offering customers an eco-friendly option for their kitchen or bathroom makeovers meant limiting your sales to a small range of products. After all, renovating someone’s home can be a messy business and having high-quality granite or quartz worktops could result in a certain amount of impact on the environment from mining and manufacturing. Customers want the best for their home, they also want to be environmentally responsible but that used to mean settling for something less than their perfect new look.

Fortunately, by partnering with Granite & TREND Transformations, there’s no need for your customers to choose between beauty and sustainability. We care just as much about the environment as we do about helping you to create beautiful kitchens and bathrooms. This commitment is built into everything we do – from manufacturing and sourcing, right through to product design and installation.

Every single one of our products is designed with this commitment in mind, so you can assure customers that their choice is not going to be limited by environmental concerns, whatever their taste in colour and style.

Eco-chic has never been so attractive

In fact, we have gone one-step further and are using these green techniques to create products that are even more beautiful than ever before. All of our etherium™ by E-stone surfaces are made from up to 78% recycled materials, including natural granite and quartz reclaimed from quarry sites. By repurposing natural stone into our manufacturing processes, we are able to create exquisite layered effects of colour and patterns that are not only as beautiful as traditional quartz and granite worktops but just as durable and long-lasting too - if not more so!

Even our impressive glass mosaics are made largely from post-consumer recycled glass, which is then processed and combined to make beautiful and colourful displays.

And all of this is just the beginning! With our Top that fits on Top, an innovative overlay designed to fit right over existing worktops and a range of replacement cupboard doors that leave fixtures looking good as new, there’s no need for your customers to start over when they can makeover instead. With Granite & TREND Transformations, you can offer your customers a completely new look without all the mess, waste and disruption of ripping out their old kitchens and bathrooms. Which means less waste going to landfill and less impact on the environment.

With these advanced techniques and sustainably sourced materials, we don’t see any reason why a stunning new look kitchen or bathroom should cost the earth and neither should your customers!

If you are ready to be part of a kitchen franchise opportunity that not only offers customers an incredible and innovative way to renovate their homes but is also leading the market in terms of sustainability, contact us today.

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